Cider for android and pc is a great tool to connect the goodness of iOS to the android platform. This popular emulator is a very handy tool to run iOS apps on android devices. So let’s talk more about this app.

iOS platform has a superior range of apps as compared to android. There are lots of apps which are the first release of the iOS platform and then android. As an android user, I have faced a time when certain apps are not available on Android, but iOS users can easily download those apps from the apple app store.

It comes down to our preference on which platform we like more. But if you are android users who want to download and install some iOS games on android which is not available for Android, then you are at the right place.

Most of the people in this world are using an android phone whether they like iOS or not. So there is a bright case of many people wanting to run an iOS game on their android device. So today we are going to talk about an iOS emulator for android called Cider.

Cider for android and pc app apk download

Believe it or not, there are many Android users who are dealing with the unavailability of the apps that they want to install. You might also be one of those that’s why you are here. Don’t worry, keep reading this guide and you will know how to run iOS apps on Android.

Cider app is also known as Cider app. But in this guide, we will say “Cider”. This app is an open-source android app that has the ability to stimulate iOS apps on your android smartphone. Although there is some extent of the iOS apps which can run on android apps. I will talk about it later,

Cider app was initially developed as an experiment, but it turned out to a very popular app, and now the developers are consistent with updating the app to enhance the experience.

Cider app is a free android app, so that is one thing that goes off as an average Android user. We like free stuff.

Cider apk for the android latest version

I will provide a link that is 100% WORKING, and the apk version is the latest version. Cider apk is a fairly new app, and that is why it has some disadvantages like it is not compatible with all the Android smartphones out there. It will also not work with hardware like the camera, GPS and some selected sensors. But since the app is freely available, we can compromise on that one.

Recent reports of a user also show that it can also have a security loophole but it is nothing major and you don’t have to worry about. There are already many apps out there with this kind of flaws, but still, people enjoy using it. If you want to take no risk, but still you want to run the app, then you can install any trusted antivirus in your smartphone to remove any kind of harmful element.

Is it important to install the cider app?

Well, the first thing you need to do before installing Cider app is to check whether the app you want to run using cider is available for Android or not. You can also avoid installing any emulator if the app you want to download on your Android device is soon going to be available for android platform.

Android platform is very blessed with the library of apps the android user can download. In fact, there are even some apps which are only available on Android platform. So if you want to download android apps, then you don’t have to read this guide anymore.

Most apps are available on both iOS and Android. You can easily download those apps from the respected app stores. There is no need of an emulator in that case. Cider app is for running iOS apps on the android based device. Don’t expect the experience to be just as same as running an iOS app on an iOS device. This emulator will stimulate the experience which can get close to running an iOS app on an actual iPhone/iPad.

iOS apps are as I have said before superior in some cases. Android provides lots of customization to its users. You can make your android device look like an iOS device by installing a theme or launcher. The app icons and the interface can look just like iOS. But installing a complete iOS app is not as easy as installing an iOS launcher.

Cider for android and pc user interface       

The user interface is great, and there is no app. If you have used any third-party apps before then, you will feel familiar. This emulator has a big library of iOS apps which you can directly install within the app. Note that cider app contains some iOS apps which are also already available on Android. Maybe you can experiment with the app and see how it seems like when you download an iOS app which is already available on Android and compare them both.

Cider app is far better than any other tool which emulates any iOS-like features to the android device. Since this app is open-source, there is no worry about the fraud.

Cider app is compatible with Android version Android 4.2 jelly bean and above.

How to download and install Cider app on Android

Since we are going to download the apk file of cider, you have to enable the unknown source from the settings. You can simply do that by going to settings > Security > unknown sources. After enabling unknown sources, your phone will not restrict the installation of apps from third-party websites.

Here are the steps to download and install app to cider for Android and pc

  1. Using your Android smartphone, open up google chrome and go to this website. This content is locked!
  2. After opening this link to google drive, simply tap on the download button to start downloading the apk file of cider app.
  3. You will get a notification after the apk will get the download. So open the notification of “successfully download”.
  4. Now simply install the app, and the app will be available on your android device.

The link given in the above guide is not the only place where you can download cider app. If in case the link is not working you can try searching “Cider apk download” on your android phone. There are lots of third-party websites which contains the latest version of cider for android and pcas well as the previous versions of the app as well.

Cider app for PC?

It would be a great thing if you can run cider app on a bigger screen. Your windows PC can run Cider app and if you don’t know how then read this guide carefully. Just like you need an emulator called Cider to run iOS apps on android, you need to download and install an android emulator to run Android apps on Windows PC.

This is not only limited to cider app. You can run all the free android apps using a popular Android emulator. There are many great emulators out there, but we are going to use “Bluestack” emulator. If you want to download any other android emulator or you already have an emulator, then it will also work just fine.

Bluestack Emulator

Bluestack is a great android emulator for Windows PC. This emulator is free of cost, and you can easily download this emulator from the official website of bluestack.

  1. Open google chrome and copy paste this address into the address bar.
  2. Open the website and simply download bluestack. The emulator will take some time to download.
  3. Open the setup file after all the files are downloaded. Install the emulator by selecting the destination folder and all sorts of stuff.
  4. Now the emulator will be available on your PC.

Now you can either sideload the apk file in the bluestack emulator, or you can search the app in bluestack android store as well. Since cider app is not available on the bluestack store, you need to download the apk file first.

How to run Cider app on PC

  1. Open google chrome using your PC and download the apk file of Cider app. Here is the link
  2. After the apk file will get download completely open it.
  3. Your PC may ask which tool you want to open this file with. Simply select blue stack emulator.
  4. Now blue stack emulator will open up, and it will automatically install Cider app.
  5. The app will be available in the app drawer of bluestack.
  6. Now you can open the app and install any iOS app that you want to run.

Cider  for android and pc app is a great emulator, and you should definitely try if there is an iOS app that you want to download on your android smartphone