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Car racing games have been a smash hit from the day they were released. When Need for Speed Most Wanted was released in 2005, the fans of the series had to commend it for simply being phenomenal. Fast forward to the year 2012, a different game running on the same name has been created but this time, it was made to run on several platforms namely; the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, Android, and even on the iOS. To compare the two games, you need to try it out so you have to download the Need for Speed Most Wanted APK and install it first.

With the Need for Speed Most Wanted APK, you will be able to access the Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012 version which was created by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts in 2012. The game is the nineteenth title in the Need for Speed series and was released in North America on October of the said year. This was followed up by a release for the Nintendo Wii U which was named Need for Speed: Most Wanted U.

Need for Speed Most Wanted APK


The Reception

Need for Speed: Most Wanted was rated greatly by the critics on E3 2012 and was then awarded as the “Best Racing Game” on the Game Critics Awards night. Similar gameplay mechanics were emphasized by some of the reviewers who had access to the game and called it a spiritual successor to Burnout Paradise as opposed to the Most Wanted series from 2005.

IGN, a well-known game critic, rated the game 9 out of 10 and stated that “it’s undoubtedly one of the year’s most exhilarating experiences. Several other game critics have also praised Criterion for creating something fresh and also by setting a standard in open-world driving games. The game basically gives more thrills rather than frustrations thus making it one-of-a-kind and a must-play racing game for all the fans of the genre.

The Gameplay

The game is set in an open-world environment which means that players can freely explore the virtual world that they are in and approach missions of their choosing, rather than playing on a world with more linear gameplay where you have a prerequisite before you enter the next mission. Being a hit back on 2005, the gameplay style is taken on the first Most Wanted series.

The game grants players to select one car and race against other players in three types of events.  One of the events is called Sprint Races which involves travelling from a certain point of the city to the other. The second is called the Circuit race which basically requires players to complete a series of laps in order to win. Lastly, the Speed Runs that count the player’s fastest time to finish being victorious.

In 2005 Most Wanted, police chases were quite exhilarating. The same thing goes with the 2012 Most Wanted version but this time, they could appear in Ambush Races. The player is surrounded by police cars at the start and when the countdown ends, the player has to evade them in hot pursuit as fast as they can.

The TOP 10

Police on duty are designated for certain racing events wherein they deploy vehicles and other sneaky tactics in hopes to put your car to a stop, and then arrest you thereafter. A short list of the top ten Most Wanted racers is featured on the game. When the player successfully defeats the enemy boss and wrecks them, the boss’ car is added up to the player’s roster.

From the well-known city of Rockport, which was introduced on the 2005 Most Wanted version, the events shift to a new city called Fairhaven. The city is a regular city which has a beach and an industrial district as well. The main highway is called l-92 which stretches along the city proper. Races do have a starting and ending point but the player can choose their own route to the finish line.

The Driving Model

The game’s driving model has been termed as “deep, physical, and fun” as it is not more arcade-styled but also pretty far from a simulator though. Real-world vehicles are featured in the game along with other cars such as muscle cars, street racers, and even those exotic cars too. With this, the game has been labelled to have “the widest selection of cars yet”.

All of the cars’ performance could be altered by purchasing certain vehicle upgrades which include inflatable tires, nitrous oxide, transmission and the engine as well. The body works can also be changed as this could enable players to crash into certain obstacles including roadblocks. These changes also allow an even swifter drive, enabling the player to achieve top speeds and of course, accelerate faster.

There is also a feature called the EasyDrive which allows players to modify their vehicle performance on the go, which means even while the car is in use. A great number of the cars in the game are available from the start but are located in certain locations throughout the city.  In order to unlock them, the player has to discover them all.

Why Download the Need for Speed Most Wanted APK?

With the heavy amount of content in the game, it would be best if accessed it through a console. However, the times have changed because the mobile devices that we have now are more powerful than ever. With the Need for Speed Most Wanted APK, you can now access the game straight onto your handheld mobile device.

You need to refrain from downloading from other websites that offer APKs as such because those people behind could steal valuable information from you. So download only from reputable sources and look no further from the Need for Speed Most Wanted APK. With the Need for Speed Most Wanted APK, you can easily share the game with your close friends to enjoy non-stop racing anywhere you want to play.

So forget about those bulky consoles and worry no more because with a single download of the Need for Speed Most Wanted APK, you could play the game with ease.

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