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Looking for information about Samsung TV Plus. You are probably here to know whether or not Samsung will charge you for their streaming service. Here I will present to you today all about Samsung TV Plus. But before that, you must know What is Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus

Samsung Company introduced Samsung TV Plus in 2015. The company provides the service in 24 different countries. The streaming service will allow you to watch the news, entertainment, movies, web series, live shows, and many more. In short, Samsung TV Plus transformed your typical device into a smart tv from which you will be able to watch different things just like you do on your TV.

Samsung TV Plus

Where Can You Get Samsung TV Plus

Now Samsung TV Plus is already present in your Samsung TV and Samsung Galaxy device. However, if you are not using the Galaxy series, check if your device is compatible with your device; however, if your Android 8.0 or higher, the Samsung TV Plus is already on your device.

Features of Samsung TV Plus

If you think this is just a regular streaming app like others, let me present the features of The Samsung TV Plus.

  • No Device Is Required

The Samsung TV Plus is already present in your device and TV, so you do not need to buy any device.

  • No Download is Required

You will find the app of Samsung TV Plus right on your mobile, which means you do not need to download it from anywhere.

  • No Fee Required

The service does not require you to buy any device or download any app, so you do not need to pay any download fee, subscription fee, or other charges.

  • 200+ Channels

Samsung TV Plus Has more than 200+ channels, requiring no subscription or other charges to watch. The news channel, Local News, Entertainment, Crime & adventure, Games Shows, Sports, Food, Home, Travel, Reality, Latino, International, Comedy, Gaming, Kids, Science, Nature, Sci-Fi, Horror, Movies, and Music all are included here. And you will be able to see the list of each section separately.

  • Easy Interface

The Samsung TV Plus will automatically start when you open the app on your mobile. It will give a list of your favorite contents. It means you can start watching the videos right away. Again, depending on your choice, the app provides several new suggestions.

  • No Sign-Up Required

Samsung TV Plus does not ask you to sign up. No matter where you watch shows, it will provide you with free services. However, you can still sign in with your Samsung account, allowing you to open many necessary features.

  • Service Provided in 24 Countries

Samsung TV Plus is available in 24 countries. They are Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the UK, and the USA.

Samsung TV Plus

How to Download Samsung TV Plus?

Before you download the app, you must be sure that Samsung Plus TV is compatible with your device. The Samsung TV Plus can be used on Android 8.0 and above. However, the app is pre-installed in Samsung TVs and Galaxy Series. However, you can click on this link- (Samsun TV Plus) to check if your device is on the list

Once you know about it, you can visit the Samsung galaxy store or Google Play Store to download the app or click on this link. (Samsung TV Plus App)


Does Your Samsung Plus TV requires Internet?

Yes, the app provides a streaming service; without the Internet, it is impossible to provide the service. Even if you watch it on Samsung TV, you must connect to the Internet.

Can I Sync My Samsung TV Plus app to Samsung TV?

The feature is not included yet; however, you can watch the same show on both devices using Samsung Discovery.

Final Word

You are probably curious if Samsung TV Plus will restrict your access according to location. But I believe you have already read the article and understand What is Samsung TV Plus and you have also realized that Samsung never discriminates among its consumers.

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