8 Way Troubleshoot WhatsApp When Does Not Work

WhatsApp has become a part of our regular life in the past few years. From business to entertainment, WhatsApp provides every possible option. In fact, with WhatsApp Business, you can open your professional account and receive and send money. Now, what if an essential app like WhatsApp stopped working suddenly? Well, this kind of incident has been recorded several times. But does that mean WhatsApp is not a reliable option? No, it is an app, and it can be crushed sometimes.

Troubleshoot WhatsApp

Now I have listed a few reasons that make your WhatsApp stop working. In this article, I will present the eight most common causes and troubleshooting when WhatsApp not working. 

  • WhatsApp Terms and Conditions-Now, according to WhatsApp, if you have not used your account within 120 days, then WhatsApp will terminate your account. Many people use several sim cards and create WhatsApp accounts with those numbers but do not use them regularly. To reduce the number of these inactive accounts and save disk space, WhatsApp deletes those accounts.
  • Irregular Internet Connection- WhatsApp requires a steady internet connection. That is why any disturbance in the internet server can reflect the performance of your WhatsApp account.
  • App Got Infected- WhatsApp’s possibility of getting affected by a bug or a virus is not zero. Many bugs or malware are entered on our mobile and affect the apps. And infecting WhatsApp is very common.
  • WhatsApp is down- Like any other App, WhatsApp faced issues, and the whole server encountered disturbance. However, the report of this sort of incident is less than usual. But it happens two to three times.
  • WhatsApp Taking a Backup- WhatsApp regularly takes backup of all your data. Usually, it happens at a particular time, and WhatsApp allows you to set the timer. But the entire process can delay if your internet server is not working correctly. At that time, you will not be able to use your WhatsApp account.
  • WhatsApp is not Updated- If you delay updating the app for a long time, it can get crushed. Though you will not lose any of your data, you will not be able to use it until the update is completed.
  • WhatsApp Cache- Everything that uses the internet receives caches. Now, these caches often prevent you from using your app correctly.
  • When WhatsApp is Not Opening- For many reasons, WhatsApp can get locked and will not be open unless you uninstall it.

Trouble Shoot WhatsApp Issues

  • Try to be active on your WhatsApp every 30 days. This way, you can make the WhatsApp authority understand that you are still using the account.
  • If you are unsure about your internet connection, disconnect the internet service, wait for a few seconds, and then turn it on. Now, if you are still facing the situation, turn on the Flight mode of your mobile, wait for a while, and then turn it off again.
  • You must use an antivirus if a virus or malware is harming your WhatsApp. An antivirus will remove the bug, and you can open your app again.
  • Now WhatsApp has already faced the server down problem quite a few times. If the same thing happens again, it is better to sit back and wait. But in that case, you are not alone; everyone will face the same situation.
  • Again, When WhatsApp takes a backup, you have to sit and wait for it. However, the process will take only a few seconds.
  • If your app is not updated, open the play store, search the app and click on the update button. Once the app is updated, it will start automatically.
  • If you have to clear the caches, go to your mobile’s “Setting” option and open “WhatsApp.” Now tap on the “Storage & cache” followed by “Clear Cache.” The steps will clear all the caches of your app.

Finally, if none of these methods are working, uninstall the app, restart your device, and start it again. You can open your old account with the same mobile number.

Final Words

Here I have given you the eight most common reasons why WhatsApp not working and troubleshooting each cause. But it does not mean you cannot face the problem for another reason. But no matter what, you can clear the issue with these troubleshooting methods.

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