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ClickFunnels reviews – Building Blocks for a Digital Business!

In a world where digital marketing is growing rapidly, numerous people struggle to find genuine ways to pursue their businesses.

Though the market is flooded with solutions, finding the right tools to help a business with targeted growth is pretty challenging.

Are you a Digital Media Marketer and trying to find a feasible way to design business funnels?

Have you tried ClickFunnels ever? Have you read any ClickFunnels reviews? ClickFunnels is a legitimate business marketing software that helps a landing page builder and pioneers an efficient sales funnel. Though it seems appealing and reasonably supportive, there’re plenty of goods and bad associated with the use of ClickFunnels, that we will be discussing in our ClickFunnels review.

Do you want to know more about ClickFunnels? Do you want to figure out how ClickFunnels can help you in this regard and at what expense? Do you want to go through an honest ClickFunnels review? Do you want to know if it is worth spending the money?

This article will mention brief yet honest ClickFunnels reviews to explain how ClickFunnels can work for you. In the end, it’ll help you to decide whether it is worth consideration, specifically for your business or not.

Well, ClickFunnels can be your real cup of tea if you want to turn your site’s visitors into your potential customers.

No more talk; let’s dig deep into the ClickFunnels review to find the details.

ClickFunnels 14-Day Trial

Quick Features of ClickFunnels

Want to read them all at once? Here are the highlights of our ClickFunnels review today. It is undeniably famous, but the highlights and details mentioned in the article below will help you decide how it can serve you and what it means to you.

  • ClickFunnels is an efficient and thorough landing page builder that features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.
  • It offers easy integrations that support mail capturing and payment clearance within the ClickFunnels.
  • The software is designed to offer A/B testing capabilities and is relatively easy to learn.
  • The funnels by ClickFunnels merely work to enhance its customer’s revenue and offer a 2-week free trial to build trust.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is eager to offer easy solutions to businesses, specifically small businesses and entrepreneur setups, to reach maximum audiences and sell their stuff online considering the latest marketing technologies. It creates sales funnels that ultimately decide the whole business plan.

Rusell Brunson, the Founder of ClickFunnels, initially started using these funnels to help himself and his team create funnels for ventures more swiftly and accurately. He found it as a support to compile his week-long work in a matter of minutes.

As they got their hands on ClickFunnels, they soon realized it could prove extensive support for any business and decided to sell the goodness to other businesses through advertisements and ClickFunnel reviews.

ClickFunnels Review

What Are Funnels? How do Sales Funnels work?

Before you jump into the ClickFunnels review and understand the concept of ClickFunnels, it’s crucial to understand the basic sales funnels and how they work for the businesses? In the marketing field, it’s all about turning strangers into your customers, whereas, in the e-commerce field, it’s a step-by-step guideline for a web visitor that leads him to the checkout page.

In other words, you provide your site visitors with enough attraction so they can stay at your page, looking around for different things and checking out, preferably by giving you either direct or indirect sales.

Conclusively, a funnel is designed to attract and psychologically appeal your customers and ensure that visitors end in the payment section. ClickFunnels works the same way but more strategically and more efficiently.

Pros and Cons of Using ClickFunnels for Business

Before moving forward, here’s a detailed ClickFunnels review with an explanation of ‘ClickFunnels’ Pros and Cons so you can understand why it’s worth it and what are the points where you can compromise.

ClickFunnels Review – Pros

Some major benefits of using ClickFunnels are;

● Makes You Money

ClickFunnels exclusively focuses on generating money for its users. Payment processing inside the ClickFunnels is also easy to understand and proceed with. It has made pick-ups quite easy, so you can figure out what you want in a matter of hours.

● Drag and Drop Builder

ClickFunnels work on the idea of ‘marketing made easy.’ Thus, it comes with easy-to-use interfaces and drag and drops builders. Duplicating the pages and saving the templates for future use have been made easiest.

● A/B testing

A/B testing allows you to duplicate a page, make changes, and compare both surfaces so you can know which page is performing better.

● Great Integration Selection

Integrations are probably ClickFunnels’ best feature. It can handle API integrations quite well. Other integrations like payment proceeding and email auto-responding aren’t much of a sweat.

● WordPress Plugin

You can add ClickFunnels pages directly to your WordPress site by opting for a provided plugin supporting convenient working between ClickFunnels and WordPress. The good thing is, that the plugin marks 20,000 active installations with a 4.4-star rating in the WordPress plugin repository.

● All in one

ClickFunnels helps you to keep things fully in control, centralized, and easy to use. It’s more like a jack of all trades as you can build your page, order and create forms, and trigger emails all under one roof. It saves the user a lot of money undeniably.

● Reasonable Value

Even if you go for a lower-tiered account, it undeniably is a smart investment. A startup account also offers pretty decent features. If you plan to target 20,000 visitors with over 100 pages, the ClickFunnels Platinum isn’t too much to ask.

ClickFunnels Review – Cons

Though ClickFunnels isn’t error-free, it saves its users from a lot of hassle and headaches. Some issues with using ClickFunnels may be;

● May Feel Expensive

ClickFunnels is comparatively expensive, and you have only two pricing options. There aren’t any package customizations, and you get what you pay for. Still, this limitation is fairly negligible as everything is purposeful.

● Customer Service is Questionable

The customer support service isn’t highly skilled, maybe. Usually, people complain that the staff is fine with basic questions, but as they tangled complex questions about advanced features, the answers were not reliable.

● Templated Similar Designs

Probably this isn’t directly related to the ClickFunnels but with the community. As ClickFunnels offers a set of the template with customization, people tend to use almost alike templates. The increasing ClickFunnels’ popularity through many ClickFunnels reciews is leading to excessive ClickFunnel-y designs floating all over the internet. It’s affecting diversity!

● ClickFunnels’ Changing User Experience

ClickFunnels keep on changing the way their software looks and works. The dashboard, the way of new page creation, funnels, buttons, and pricing options – everything keeps changing, reducing the user’s compatibility with the software.

● Too Simple

ClickFunnels reviews say that the ClickFunnels is too simple to operate, but not every user agrees. ClickFunenls is designed to be simple to use, and thus the criticism of being too simple doesn’t make sense.

Who is ClickFunnels for?

As explained earlier, ClickFunnels is a perfect sweet spot for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. Though anyone can make the best out of it, experts say those, as mentioned earlier in legitimate Clickfunnel reviews, can get the maximum benefit.

ClickFunnels comes with a specific pattern and variations that may be highly favourable for some and, at the same time, least functional for other businesses. Here’s a general consideration of the businesses that can benefit the most, as per the data from various ClickFunnels reviews
● The consultants are either travelling agencies, Visa experts, or Study Abroad.
● Speakers, Professional Service Providers, and Coaches.
● E-commerce and network marketing entrepreneurs.
● Setups that offer B2B services globally.
● Businesses that sell and work with books and content.
● Anyone is offering an innovative product and independent ventures.

There are plenty of pre-made funnels highly oriented and easy to use for above mentioned and many other industries. If not, you can always start with a blank funnel for customized ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels reviewers say it’s highly recommended for any business eager to maintain an appealing landing page.

ClickFunnels Price – How much is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels Price


Have you ever wondered how many funnels are clicked? Well, as far as price is concerned, ClickFunnels provides two pricing plans:

1. ClickFunnels Standard Plan
2. ClickFunnels Platinum Plan

ClickFunnels standard is available at $97 for a month, and the Platinum plan comes in at $297 for a month.

Here’s an amazing thing; you can avail a 14-day free trial to experience the services since you get saved from instant to pay the plan right away.

The buyer gets two months of free services for an annual package, which is $997 for ClickFunnels standard and $2,997 for Platinum.

Perhaps, there could be a massive ‘no’ of numerous people. The scenario can happen when people compare ClickFunnels to another overlapping yet non-identical app through ClickFunnels reviews and other reviews, mentioning that those apps begin at £25 on average.

Apart from packages, you can keep ClickFunnels’ effective service and excellent Clickfunnels reviews in mind that seem more efficient and credible.

However, the significant difference between a premium and entry-level account is based on the offers as the standard plan avails the funnel builder, some main services, and certain limitations on the number of pages (100), visits (20,000), custom domains (3), and only some of the full list of features.

On the other hand, both plans also provide unlimited contacts, A/B split tests, unlimited members, all advanced funnels, and some other commonalities.

Long story cut short, the standard ClickFunnels plan essentially carries the core feature of ClickFunnels and highlights of ClickFunnels reviews. Contrarily, the platinum packages are the cornerstone tool ClickFunnels that offers two more services — Followup Funnels and Backpack so you can make use of the ultimate set of ClickFunnels features.

What are the Basic Features of a ClickFunnels?

Overall, ClickFunnel’s Features are solid and provide typically everything a user may need in the meantime. It features a largely intuitive service provider and makes sure to offer good control—for example, the integrated management system and template editor.

Well, it’s a whole world inside, and here are the basic features of ClickFunnels in our ClickFunnels review;

● Webinar Funnels and Auto Webinar Funnels

Webinar funnels are proper marketing and sales tools that aim at converting visitors into leads, followed by generating potential buyers from the leads automatically. Once a visitor signs up, he is landed on the “Thank You” page, followed by attending a live (Webinar Funnel) or recorded (Auto Webinar Funnel) webinar.

● Hangout Funnels

Hangout Funnels help with Google Hangout Series and are good for SEO purposes when a site struggles to get ranked.

● Order Pages

As the name indicates, Order pages are a site’s attractive pages displaying products with appealing and easy-to-understand interfaces.

● Upsell And Downsell Pages

Upsell pages appeal to a customer to select a more expensive product, whereas down-sell pages are contrary to upsell. It suggests a cheaper one to ensure visitors at least purchase something.

● Sales Funnels

A sales funnel uses all the possible marketing tactics like emails, articles, videos, and landing pages to make sure a visitor gradually comes closer to active buying.

● Membership Funnels

Membership Funnels work to generate site members. It’s a funnel that starts with capturing a member-to-be and ends up making them active members.

● ClickPops

You can add additional pop-ups using the ClickPops tool of ClickFunnels. Pop-ups can be added on external websites or funnel pages.

● ClickOptin

With ClickOptin, your visitors can click a link provided in the email to opt into your site’s funnel instead of directly reaching your funnel’s opt-in page.

● Priority Support

Priority support helps a site collect email addresses from the visitors so it can send invitations, offers, webinars, and other marketing stuff lately.

● Priority Template Requests

A priority template request allows the site to filter and target urgent issues and emergency action plans.

● Custom Domains

ClickFunnels allows you to handle custom domains that you’ve purchased from any hosting site other than ClickFunnels.

● A/B Split Tests

A/B Split Tests is another distinguishing feature of ClickFunnels that compares two different versions of an email, a web page, or any other marketing asset so you can see and analyze the performance differences.

● Email Integrations

When you opt for ClickFunnels’ Platinum Membership, you can integrate one, two, or three SMTP services that allow you to create and send emails within every funnel.

The list of features is long – you can benefit from the Optin Funnels and All Advanced Funnels to extract the best out of your business. You can also Share Your Funnels as a whole if you choose ClickFunnels as your business partner.

Is ClickFunnels Easy to Use?

The answer is yes! If I say, ClickFunnels is extremely user-friendly, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Yes, the most appealing thing about ClickFunnels is its easy and straightforward use, as mentioned in many ClickFunnels reviews. You neither need much money nor a lot of experience to pursue this tool to boost your career as a digital marketer.

It is enormously a great factor that will provide you with comfortable use; moreover, evaluating ease of use is quite integral and useful.

ClickFunnels is absolutely a simple way to create funnels that are tough to make on your own. All parts of ClickFunnels are quite easy to get the hang of and are also explained in our ClickFunnels review. All the core features and basic features of ClickFunnels are simple to manage.

A coherent menu makes everything comfortable to get into all parts of your funnel managing procedure- you can easily select desirable templates.

Though it’s simplest to use, you may require some understanding for email integrations and payment proceedings; still, it isn’t complex.

Ultimately, ClickFunnels isn’t something absolutely simple, and that makes sense because, after all, it’s a business tool and deserves to be a little complex. The good thing is, it’s overall properly streamlined as it offers an intuitive user interface and tends to upgrade and change things more often. The best part, as mentioned in the ClickFunnels review before, is that you can get a 14 days trial and get your hands on it before paying for your plan!


The digital market is growing rapidly, and for survival, it is crucial to be one step ahead always. Businesses are using marketing and sales funnels for so long to reach their targeted sales, and it usually takes them too long to design. ClickFunnels cuts short the struggle and designs the funnels that can turn strangers into potential customers for you.

The features are quite promising as discussed in detail in our ClickFunnels review, the software is designed to be simple to use, price packages are worth every penny, and there aren’t any major issues with using the ClickFunnels as an ultimate marketing buddy. It’s a legitimate one-stop solution for plenty of digital marketing needs!

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