(Easy Process) Fix Netflix Error Code m7111-5059

Fix Netflix Error Code m7111-5059:- Netflix is presently the biggest entertainment streaming service that contains a different variety of movies, web series, award-winning Television dramas, documentaries, and more. Each minute approx ten thousand netizens remain attached to this. This streaming service is known for buffering free and advertisement free best quality content but still some problems or errors people can face often. One of these glitches is Error code m7111-5059. This error code comes up with the message written ‘ You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.

How to fix Netflix m7111-1331-5059 error code

REASON BEHIND m7111-5059:

Netflix uses the method of geoblocking which means it will allow showing within a locality only the content licensed by that specific geographical area’s market. Normally Netflix displays this error code when someone attempts to avoid the geoblocking policy. It means one is trying to reach content prevented in his area utilizing any VPN. There are several causes why the error can happen.

  • CACHE: When either the browser cache or memory becomes full or corrupt then this error can happen.
  • PROXY: Using the proxy connection can cause this problem.
  • COOKIES: Corrupted cookies and browsing data can cause error code: m7111-5059 also.
  • VPN: One may face a problem when the VPN or virtual private network is used.
  • TUNNEL BLOCKER: Tunnel blocker is often present inside various organizations. If one is utilizing that on the computer the error may happen.
  • PROTOCOL TUNNELING: If one is doing IPv6 services that are tunnelled over IPv4 the error can show up. Netflix only holds native IPv6 services but if anyone firstly uses IPv4 but tunnelling to execute it IPv6, the program will refuse it.

COMPLAIN OF ERROR  m7111-5059:

The moment Netflix knows any VPN provider is used or the internet traffic is instructed to change direction by proxy the error code comes. Netflix began to investigate if anyone is applying a proxy or VPN to use the Netflix service. Netflix hides some content and shows for some country users and those who utilize VPN to watch all content from Netflix.


Sometimes if anyone is using a VPN previously to reach the unavailable Netflix content then this error code can show up. This means either the VPN is incapable to unblock the Netflix content or Netflix has blacklisted the IP address. following is the list of some VPNs that can give better results to avoid the Netflix m7111-5059 problem.

  • ExpressVPN: To date, this is the best and most efficient VPN. Its servers are really fast and expanded over the world. They stream HD quality content. This VPN has a 30 days cash-back guarantee.     
  • CyberGhost: This VPN is good for newcomers because the apps are easily accessible. This also has a fast streaming speed.
  • NordVPN: It has also a good streaming speed. Its best thing is that it unblocks most of the geo-blocked streaming services.
  • HMA VPN: this is a UK-based VPN, and it also has the power of unblocking the sites. It also saves the usage logs.
  • PrivateVPN: This is known for its ability to unblock a large number of geo-blocked streaming sites. This is not so famous but useful.


There are various solutions to solve the problem m7111-5059

Disable your VPN:

Virtual Private Networks fake people’s network traffic and location by fooling their targeted websites and their ISP. As Netflix does not stream all the contents to all the countries for the copyright problem, VPN is always against its policy of it. Following is the table of VPNs that Netflix blocks immediately. 

  • Netflix
  • Unotelly
  • Torguard
  • Blockless
  • Unlocator
  • Tunnelbear
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Private internet access
  • Hola unblocker
  • Unblock-us

If someone uses these services then it is advised to disable these VPNs and then try to enter Netflix again. Using the previously given listed VPN can help to fix the problem and do not cause any error problem.

 Remove the browsing data and cache:

Sometimes for the temporary data which is present in the cache memory or the cache in the computer or device can cause the error m7111-5059. There are many times it happened that these problems cause browser history or the cookies to get corrupted. The following are the steps of cleaning the cache files for google chrome. 

  • First, one has to open the chrome icon on the desktop. A new window will open and then ‘ three upright dots’ will be seen at the top of the right side of that. Clicking on that a fresh dropdown menu will arrive on the screen.
  • There will be an option called ‘more tools’. Taking the mouse pointer to that option will reopen a sub-list.
  • On the sublist, there is a  ‘clear browsing data’ button. Selecting that a new setting page will open up. On the new page, a remark box will come holding the name ‘clear browsing data’ shown on it. Inside that box below the’ basic tab’ choose the ‘last hour’ as an option for the ‘time range field’.
  • Checkmark the ‘browsing history’, ‘cached images and files’, and ‘ cookies and other site data’.lastly, selecting the ‘clear data’ option the process will come to an end.        

Proxy connection deactivation:

The second reason for this Netflix m7111-5059 issue may be accessing the proxy connection. Basically, proxies are used by the institutes or the small range of ISP’s that attempt to run all the internet traffic to a restricted IP address. therefore one can easily deactivate the proxy connection by following the ways.

  • Pressing Windows +R, one has to write ‘inetcpl.cpl’ in the dialogue box, and then it needs to hold the enter button.
  • There is an option called ‘connection’, selecting that a ‘setup’ button will come. Once one clicked on that a dialogue box of ‘LAN settings’ will open at the screen.
  • There the ‘proxy server’ option needs to be unchecked and then save the settings.
  • After completing this process opening Netflix will not show the m7111-5059 problem.

 Deactivate the IPv6 Protocol:

Sometimes the ISP or the internet service provider gives the IPv6 connection. It can cause the error code: m7111-5059 as Netflix does not support the IPv6 connection it only supports the IPv4 protocol. So, if they can provide an IPv6 connection the problem can be solved. The process of deactivating the IPv6 for windows 10 –

  • Like the previously discussed Proxy connection disabling process it needs to press both the “Windows + R’ same time and the dialogue box will open up.
  • In the box type ‘ control panel’ on the blank space beside the ‘open’ option, and click on the ‘ok’ button.
  • A new window will come having the name ‘control panel’. In that, there are many setting sections. One of those settings there is ‘network and internet. Clicking on that a fresh page will come in which there is a ‘network and sharing centre’ option. Selecting that on the page a link called ‘Change adaptor settings’ option will be there. Another new page named ‘network connection’ will come after choosing that.
  • From the page, it needs to select the active network adapter, and then clicking on that pop-up menu will appear. After tapping on the ‘properties’ option, a dialogue box of the picked network adaptor will open up where a full list of all the adaptor items will remain.
  • From the given list the IPv6 option needs to be unchecked. Then restarting the computer will resolve the error problem. One can start Netflix and can see that the issue has been solved

 Get in touch with both ISP and Netflix:

If the problem m7111-5059 still gives a headache and does not resolve with any of the discussed ways then one can contact the ISP or internet service provider. The ISP sometimes utilizes the ‘ DNS rerouting ‘ which can cause the glitch. When anyone is not using the VPN or any proxy then only this process can be helpful. If the internet service provider also failed to help then contact the Netflix Helpline can be the last solution. For that going to the ‘Netflix help portal’ two options will be found. One is ‘call us’ and the other one is ‘start live chat’. Explaining the situation and the problem to them will help it out.

Free VPN disadvantages:

Using a free VPN will help nothing but can cause more problems for the glitch NETFLIX ERROR CODE m7111-5059. Free VPNs have a very little number of servers, whereas Netflix has identified and excluded most of these servers in most of the circumstances. Therefore free VPN will mostly be unable to unblock Netflix, and if somehow the issue gets solved by the free VPN still it creates trouble in streaming. Other than this,  free VPNs do not give surety of safety and security. 


Netflix error m7111-5059 is a common problem and these are the various solutions discussed. Most of the time before contacting the Netflix helpline following the steps the obstacle gets solved. Netflix is very famous and many people regularly remain hooked up to this every day. Therefore glitches obviously seem an obstacle to entertainment. The given ways are easy to prevent the error from happening. Each of the discussed steps is a unique solution to the problem. One can enjoy the streaming service happily again after fixing the problem with the help of this article.

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