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Freedom Breakthrough review ?

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Affiliate Marketing is hard if you do not know all the tips and tricks. You will struggle to make money online if you do not know all the processes. For this, we have come up with the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review.

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is a course on Affiliate Marketing by Johnathan Montoya. The course will teach you all the strategies to earn more than $1000 per month or even more through affiliate marketing. The step-by-step guide will let you execute the “plug-and-play” plan and earn huge money.

Through this article, we will let you know about everything related to Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review. And we will also tell you why you should choose Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 by Jonathan Montoya as an affiliate marketer. But before that, we must give you a quick Summary.

Freedom Breakthrough Review

Quick Summary

Name of the CourseFreedom Breakthrough 2.0
Course CreatorJonathan Montoya
TypeAffiliate Marketing Course
Total No of VideoMore Than 100 offline videos
Trial Course3-days trial course
Instalments3 Instalments are available only for $ 597 each.
Refund PolicyFourteen days refund policy is available.

What is Freedom Breakthrough Course?

Freedom Breakthrough by Jonathan Montoya is a digital marketing course that will teach all the small and bold affiliate marketing strategies. The course will teach you the exact process of creating an affiliate ecosystem. Moreover, I can assure you that by learning the process, you will be able to leave your 9-5 job and set up your dream business on the internet.

Throughout the entire Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review article, you will learn why you should choose the course. But before that, I want to tell you why you should consider reading the top.

Now have you ever dreamed of earning money online or ever dreamed of setting up your business? Maybe you have already set up your affiliate business and tried every method but cannot grow your business properly. In that case, you need the right course that will teach you all of it practically with top-notch affiliate marketing tactics. Above all, you need Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough 2.0, which will teach you all the aspects part by part with examples.

The course offers a 3 days challenge where you can take a trial course to see if the course will work for you. The three days trial will help you understand the beginning of affiliate marketing and all the tactics you need to apply.

Freedom Breakthrough affiliate blueprint review

What is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Three days Challenge?

The Creator demands that the course be unique and gives you the exact training you want to learn to earn. Jonathan came up with the idea to share his experiences two years ago and designed the course to share with beginners and those struggling with affiliate marketing.

The trial course only charges $7 for three days. The challenge course will allow you to glance at the entire course. However, there are more surprises for those who will have access to the entire course.

  • By purchasing the 3 days challenge, you will be able to get Training videos of 10+ modules with 10+ videos of each Module.
  • 4 extra video training provided by super-affiliates.
  • You will get a 75% commission for a lifetime.
  • The course will provide weekly coaching calls and personal support.
  • The course will provide White Level Rights so that you can resell the 3 days course and earn 100% profit.
  • The course will give you a brief idea about YouTube Ads.

3 Days Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Challenge-

  • First Day- Basic of Affiliate Marketing and Introduction to Montoya’s Journey- Once you access Freedom Breakthrough 2.0, you will get a detailed introduction to Jonathan and his journey to become successful in affiliate marketing. For example, how he started his business, understood the tricks and strategies of the field, and invented his way to achieving success. He will also provide you with the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and introduce his marketing ecosystem and the tricks that support him in generating revenue daily.
  • Second Day- Step-by-Step Guide to Build a Funnel- The tutorial of the second day will give you a vibe idea of creating affiliate funnels that will allow you to generate sales. Do not worry if you are not skilled or know all the funnel techniques. Even an amateur can learn to create an affiliate funnel effectively. You will get the whole idea of email marketing, automation, autopilot for sales generation, and the ideal products for affiliate marketing directly from Jonathan. The second day’s tutorial will give you a technical lesson that will help you learn the technical details as a beginner.
  • Third-Day- Generate Leads for Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel- The last day is the most crucial. The tutorial will teach you the most effective way to drive traffic for your affiliate business. The entire tutorial is based on Jonathan’s simple method that he had used and still using to generate revenue. Therefore, you will learn to use other alternatives like Facebook groups, Tiktok, and paid traffic on YouTube and Google.

These lessons are available only for $7, and you will learn the most crucial lessons within just three days. Once you are convinced with the entire tutorial, you can grab the entire course whenever you want.

Now, you might get interested just like me after the crash course. After completing the 3 days challenge, I got more interested in the entire course and started gathering more knowledge about Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review. And now, I will share with you the knowledge I have gained. And the entire review started with Jonathan.

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya, an affiliate marketing expert, is the “Passive Income Lifestyle” owner. He began his journey two years ago when he quit his 9 to 5 engineering job, and his monthly income was almost $80k per month. But then, unpleasant experiences make him look for other options. And finally, he started affiliate marketing. He then creates the Freedom Breakthrough training course, and he gets huge success. His positive response and student feedback motivated him to help others succeed like him.

In the beginning, he will share his experience, for example, why he quit his job, how he started generating money with affiliate marketing, and how he succeeded in generating more than $20000 a month from his affiliate marketing business.

How does The Course Work?

As we already said, Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 will teach you how to set up a successful affiliate marketing business. And all the effective methods, tips, and tricks to generate deals in no time.

The course’s main purpose is to teach you how to promote other people’s services or products to those who want to buy them online. That means you do not have to take any pressure on the product or the services you sell. Moreover, you will learn to generate passive income online without investing your money and ideas.

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Here is the business idea presented by Jonathan Montoya

  • Step 1– Figure Out Your Interest- A Niche- A niche is a group of people who looks for information or people who look for an opportunity to make money online. Even those looking for personal development are included in this group.

Jonathan, with his excellent guide, will help you to find the perfect Niche for your preferred business. On the other hand, choosing an item for sale is critical. It would help if you were very passionate about your choice. If you will have to find something that you are crazy about. For example, Elon Mask wouldn’t have made Tesla if he were not crazy about cars.

  • Step 2- Creating a Funnel for Sales- A perfect sale funnel is a key to success, and if you master the trick, you will be able to create a flawless sale funnel organized according to your need. Now Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course tells you how to do that effectively with less time. The lesson takes years of experience usually, but with Jonathan Montoya’s own experience, he has created it so that you do not wait for your experience.
  • Step 3- Attract Customers to the Funnel- Once you learn the process of generating traffic from the course, you will be able to attract positive customers to your funnel. And that is exactly what teaches the Freedom Breakthrough course in the third step. It will show you how to create a website that automatically generates free traffic with SEO. Nobody ever told us the secret way to generate leads through Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and other social media or how to get payments from Google and Facebook. But Jonathon and his team will disclose all the secrets.
  • Step 4- Earning Money- The course, according to other students of Jonathan, claims that the course will allow you to earn money for the first month. Once you have learned to set up everything and use the right tricks to lead traffic to your website, you will start earning immediately.

However, learning about the four steps is not enough; we will discuss the models in this Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review.

Modules of Freedom Breakthrough 2.0-

Jonathon has divided all his tricks and tips into 12 unique modules which cover all the aspects of affiliate marketing. And the benefits of the course are more than $11000.

Let us know about the model.

Module 1- The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem-

The Module includes all the elementary things of affiliate marketing. In contrast, Jonathan will show you how to become a full-time affiliate marketer and partner.

The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

He will show you his affiliate stacked Ecosystem that will guide you to get the high-ticket affiliate commissions. I love the course because it shows you the strategy to follow for a long time. The Module includes five videos. They are-

  1. The work of Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem.
  2. A detailed display of the Ecosystem.
  3. Choosing the right Niche that will help you to get high-paying prospects.
  4. The way to select the valuable core offer.
  5. The process to run offers to support the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem.

Module 2- Creating an Ideal Sale Funnel-

It is not easy to identify the ideal affiliate funnel. The affiliate funnel is crucial because it helps you run the business on autopilot. He will also describe to you the importance of building affiliate marketing and collecting Email IDs from the visitors.

 Creating an Ideal Sale Funnel

There are nine videos you will get in this Module.

  1. All about an ideal affiliate funnel.
  2. Lead magnet and the reason to get one.
  3. Tips to make a perfect lead magnet.
  4. Select the best landing page software.
  5. How to create a Perfect Bridge Page?
  6. A 6 Figure Funnels and lead magnet personally for you.
  7. Signup for the ClickFunnels Livecast.
  8. How to create an effective opt-in affiliate funnel instantly?
  9. How to create an extremely High Converting Funnel page?

Module 3 – AN online ATM Machine-

The Module is specifically designed to understand all the tricks and strategies of email marketing. The Module videos will teach you about email marketing and all the techniques. The entire model will allow you to learn the automated email marketing process and follow up the existing consumers and new visitors through emails.

AN online ATM Machine

The Module consists of 12 interesting videos on email marketing.

  1. Introduction of email marketing.
  2. Crucial definition of email marketing.
  3. Signup for getting response.
  4. The process to integrate Clickfunnels and Get responses.
  5. How to set up a professional domain email address?
  6. How to add that email id to Get response?
  7. Creating the six-figure email sequence that will 100% work.
  8. Get your emails written for you.
  9. The process to automate email live build and integration.
  10. The process of sending broadcasting messages to your list.
  11. How to secure yourself from spam and how to increase the open rate.
  12. A glance at the next topic.

Module 4- Uses of YouTube

The section will teach you how to use YouTube and generate a large amount of positive traffic. I include these modules in my Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review because I want you to know how people generate revenue from all these social media. Honestly, these parts of the entire module sections made me more interested in Freedom Breakthrough 2.0.

Uses of YouTube

However, the Module will teach you how to generate unlimited traffic from YouTube videos and shorts. Jonathan will tell you the secret to creating engaging content and generating sales for your affiliate funnel. There are 13 videos in the Module.

  1. How to set up a YouTube Channel?
  2. The Ecosystem of YouTube.
  3. How to ensure the success of your YouTube Channel?
  4. Growing the Channel.
  5. The process to optimize the video ranking.
  6. Auto-Optimization of the process.
  7. Key metrics to grow on YouTube.
  8. A perfect script for YouTube according to time.
  9. Click-through rate and the perfect thumbnail.
  10. First 24 hours of velocity tricks.
  11. YouTube analytics tricks.
  12. The YouTube Golden Keywords for ranking.
  13. YouTube shorts.

Module 5- Free Traffic with TikTok-

TikTok has become very famous lately as an alternative to popular social media. And many people, including Jonathon himself, generate leads and affiliate sales successfully for the platform.

Free Traffic with TikTok Freedom Breakthrough Review

There are 12 videos in the model-

  1. The big picture.
  2. The process of using TikTok to blow up the business.
  3. The process of downloading and setting up a TikTok account.
  4. Optimizing your BIO and adding social media handles.
  5. The idea of content- the guaranteed process for growth on TikTok.
  6. How much content should be posted on TikTok?
  7. Editing Videos and Batch Filming.
  8. TikTok Algorithm Revealed.
  9. How to use TikTok to get leads and sales?
  10. The process of creating 12 videos in an hour.
  11. TikTok Live secrets.
  12. Stitches, Duets, and Comments Replays.

Module 6- Free Traffic with Facebook Groups-

Jonathon will tell us the secret to getting the 10x extra profit from the Facebook groups and how to create a Facebook group and build the fanbase for your brand.

Free Traffic with Facebook Groups Freedom Breakthrough Review

The Module includes 10 videos.

  1. Introduction of Facebook Group.
  2. The major elements of creating a group.
  3. How to use a Facebook profile to grow from 0 to 1000?
  4. The process of using Lead Magnet to grow faster.
  5. The best way to use an Algorithm for your benefit.
  6. Writing eye-catching posts.
  7. Saving time.
  8. How to get Social Media Posts written for you?
  9. Numbers are Key.
  10. The Big Vision of Facebook Group.

Module 7- Daniel Chou’s High-Ticket Sales-

The Module is designed depending on Daniel Chou’s expert process to generate high-ticket affiliate sales. Secret strategies have been included in the modules to generate high ticket commissions quickly.

Daniel Chou's High-Ticket Sales

The Modules will also teach you all the tested methods with step-by-step guidance. The method is known as “BAIT AND SWITCH”. It will allow you to get all the traffic and close high-ticket sales with just six easy questions.

Module 8- Joshua Ong and his high-ticket sales with Facebook organic-

Joshua Ong is a super successful affiliate marketer who makes six figures of income with his Facebook profile. Now using different heavy strategies is common. But generating a six-figure income using a Facebook profile is attractive yet secretive that people like us do not know. And this is probably one main reason I am accounting for this Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review. The model includes 20 videos.

 Joshua Ong and his high-ticket sales with Facebook organic

They will tell you all the secrets of attracting sales using traffic without SEO, without investing in tools, expensive software and ads.

  1. Introduction of Joshua Ong.
  2. Introduction to his secret process.
  3. Psychology and mindset of success with Facebook.
  4. The cycle of success.
  5. The power of momentum.
  6. Branding you Inc- Setting up the profile and funnel.
  7. Deleting inactive and unnecessary audiences.
  8. Adding ideal client.
  9. Daily method of operation.
  10. Limitless content Strategy.
  11. Video content strategy.
  12. The value of the framework.
  13. Engagements algorithm.
  14. Facebook posting strategy.
  15. The power of Facebook stories.
  16. High intention, low attachment.
  17. Lead generation with Facebook groups.
  18. Outbound strategy
  19. Follow-up Strategy.
  20. 5 Pillars to close high-ticket sales on FB messenger.

Module 9- Creating an Affiliate Website Asset-

If you are not into video content, this Module is designed just for you. Many people love blogging; you can drive free traffic and generate leads from that traffic.

Creating an Affiliate Website Asset

15 videos include-

  1. Website asset introduction.
  2. Find a domain.
  3. Start the website and lockdown the domain.
  4. Backend tour of the website.
  5. Deleting slow plugins.
  6. Installing essential plugins.
  7. Installation of WordPress theme.
  8. Creating a blog post.
  9. Creating categories.
  10. Adding legal pages.
  11. Adding Menus.
  12. Creating an “About us” page.
  13. Information about Widgets.
  14. Creating email forms and popup forms.
  15. Creating the website like a professional.

Module 10- Featuring Nathan Lucas-

Nathan Lucas is the master of Google SEO use. He knows exactly how you can use Google SEO and get organic traffic without spending a single penny. He will describe the process of generating high revenue in affiliate commission. So, if your budget is a little tight, then the Module is designed only for you.

Featuring Nathan Lucas

There are 12 videos.

  1. Introduction of Nathan.
  2. Reason for blogging.
  3. Understanding the process of search results.
  4. Search traffic buyer intent.
  5. Search informative traffic Intent.
  6. Finding the best keywords and siphoning traffic from the competitors.
  7. Generate endless topic ideas.
  8. Crafting perfect blog post.
  9. SEO keywords to include LSI.
  10. Generate leads from your blogs.
  11. Automate and outsource your blog.
  12. On-page SEO.

Module 11- Paid Traffic with Google Ads-

If you are looking for a process to generate traffic instantly, Google Ads is the best choice. The Module will inform you about Jonathan’s strategy.

Freedom Breakthrough Review Paid Traffic with Google Ads

The Module has 11 videos.

  1. Introduction to Google Ads.
  2. Installation of Google Ad Pixel.
  3. Keyword Research.
  4. How to run a search campaign ad?
  5. How to run retargeting ads on Google?
  6. How to run YouTube ads?
  7. YouTube ad custom placements.
  8. Creating a custom audience to retarget.
  9. Analyzing the data in Google ads.
  10. Scaling Google ads.
  11. Copy my exact ads’ safe landing page.

Module 12- Launch Jacking

The final Module is designed to make you learn an unusual tactic to promote your offers that are not launched in the media yet.

Launch Jacking

It has eight tutorials.

Final words

You will get these twelve unusual modules once you purchase Freedom Breakthrough 2.0.

Though I have not included the bonuses and other offers in my Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review, Jonathan releases many offers just to appreciate and encourage its followers. So, if you are also looking for an option to quit your job and start affiliate marketing, this is your chance.

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