Smartphone Buying Guide – Never Go Wrong With Your Smartphone Purchase!

Smartphone Buying Guide:- Hello and welcome to our new article. In this article, we are gonna be talking about five things you should do or consider before buying a new smartphone. Smartphones are an integral part of everyone’s lives it’s a very personal thing in 2022 but some people still don’t know how to pick the best one that’s why I am here to help you to pick the right phone. So consider checking out these things before you invest in something that’s gonna be close proximity to you for the next few years so without any further delay let’s jump right into it

Smartphone Buying Guide

1. Finalize your budget plan

Before I should start giving tips or guides, remember to consider your budget plan for your smartphone. There was a time when only flagship smartphones were good but the budget phones used to suck but now the entire smartphone industry is completely changed because there are new Chinese manufacturers who are offering very good deals in customers budget, so the big players have to come back with good budget smartphones to compete with them. Ultimately we as a customer are the winners here but there are few companies who still use low-end processors and sell it for the unreasonable prices just by showing off their selfie cameras is by increasing screen size and adding a notch display.

So, once you finalize your budget check what’s available in your budget don’t be that guy who goes to a mobile store and asks the salesman what are the phones available in my budget but instead does your own research and goes to the store or get it online. If you go to a store without research and just ask for the best smartphone in the budget range they will not give your best smartphone according to features but instead, they will give you the best smartphone according to their sales commission. As in Nepal if you go shopping and just ask for a smartphone they will never show you MI or Redmi brand smartphones as they get a very low commission on their sales as compared with brands like Vivo and Oppo.

Tips: Keep a lookout on Amazon and flipkart for exciting offers drops

2. Know what you want before you pick a device

These days there are so many phones with striking resemblance in a price bracket even nerds like me get confused but a person who knows what he wants exactly can pick up on this. If you are iPhone fanboy who buys iPhone every year they launch then you’re basically out of this mind-numbingly tedious process of deciding which phone to get and what features you want but android users would like to customize the crap out of their phone.

They should know what he wants exactly, what size display he wants how many megapixels he wants in a camera in what resolution he wants his camera to shoot videos, what camera setup he wants, what chipset he wants how much memory he needs to do his day-to-day tasks easily on his phone or if he wants a device for gaming, camera or other general-purpose and plans accordingly.

3. Don’t stick to a single phone or a brand

I’ve seen people buying Samsung phones in the budget category in-spite of me telling them not to buy it. I’m not telling you Samsung phones are bad but budget Samsung phones are clearly not good they buy it anyway and start complaining that their phones are slowing down in just two or three months then it’s my time to put on my smug face and say I said so!

Just because your friend is using that phone and it’s working perfectly fine for him doesn’t mean that’s what you want. Performance depends on usage he might be using his phone just for answering calls and rarely watching some YouTube videos but you are a gamer and your game on your phone also you download a lot of music and movies so obviously it’s gonna slow down for you so my point is don’t stick to a company look around chances are most of them don’t even know there are good phones and good phone companies which you haven’t even heard. In my personal opinion and according to my usage in all game cameras and other performance, Redmi brands are the best deal with a budget plan but I am not saying its best for all users it depends on your choice and brand love.

4. Mobile processors

This is the main thing you gotta look at for any brand because this is the main deciding factor of a smartphone. Qualcomm Snapdragon is one of the top leading smartphone chipset and processor manufacturing companies. There is also various tier for various budgets, for instance,

Snapdragon 800+ tier is Qualcomm’s top tier processor for flagship smartphones and now there are laptops powered by Snapdragon 800+ series processors but there are smartphone companies who are using 400+ tier processors in mid-range smartphones which are clearly meant for lower budget smartphones and entry-level smartphones. If you are a gamer then you would definitely want to try MediaTek’s Helio processor because it is really smooth for mid-range smartphones.

What do you guys think of this let me know in the comment section below is it fair for companies to charge mid-range price for low range processors and also suggest some of your best brand experience.

5. Compare

In a flagship category, it’s easy to pick your phone because most of them who buys flagship phone knows what they are getting into people who like stock android experience would go for a pixel line of series or go for one plus people who love to consume content in a beautifully punchy over-saturated Super AMOLED display will opt Samsung people who love that closed integrated secured sandbox experience will go for iPhones but people who are trying to get the best out of budget smartphones they are the ones who has to do the thinking before buying because there are so many options out there so you guys who are getting a smartphone in the budget category under twenty or thirty thousand rupees are the ones who has to compare and look out what’s best for you and choose wisely.

Well, that was it! Lastly, I would always suggest to do some research before buying and don’t just go to store and ask them for a phone on your price range. Instead, do some comparison and wait for the best deal.

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