Spyfu Review: Pricing, Features and More

SEO optimization is an essential element that makes your website appear in Google’s and other search engines’ results. Having a great website that is not SEO optimized is not what you want. It reduces the visibility of your brand. Many organizations and businesses do not know about SEO optimization. Or, if they do, they do not have the strategy or the tools.  So, in such situations, it’s important to discuss spyfu review.

For such businesses, the ideal solution is SpyFu, or is it? Today, we will review all about SpyFu to let business owners, particularly small, decide whether SpyFu is for them or not.

Let’s discuss about spyfu review in detail.

SpyFu Review

SpyFu Review: What is SpyFu, and how does it work?

Talking about SpyFu Review is, as you can see by its name, is a spying software. Michael Roberts founded it in 2005.

SpyFu helps you spy on your competitors’ digital marketing strategies to attract the audience and generate high-quality leads.

  • These competitors may be local or international. SpyFu is a keyword analysis tool that helps businesses understand the keywords they should use to appear in Google’s top search results.
  • Moreover, SpyFu also consists of numerous SEO tools that are guaranteed to enhance the visibility of your business.
  • SpyFu is an excellent ad analyzer as well. It quickly analyzes all the ads of your competitors and gives you an in-depth view of their performance.
  • Through this, you can identify what you can do or avoid while creating or posting your ads to make your business grow.

SpyFu review shows that it also provides detailed information about the terms that your competitors use in their search campaigns to earn higher revenue. These campaigns can either be paid or organic.

The software is ideal for young entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to generate leads and earn conversions quickly. The tools have numerous PPC and SEO benefits.

SpyFu Review: Features of SpyFu

There are numerous features of SpyFu. Some of the most popular and effective ones are given in the spyfu review benefits part.

Keyword Analysis

As mentioned earlier, SpyFu is one of the best keyword analysis tools. Let us talk about this feature in-depth.

This feature of SpyFu helps you identify the SEO keywords and then generates a detailed report. This report includes all the necessary information related to SEO organic keywords.

Through this detailed report, you can identify which organic keywords you should use to make your search campaigns successful.

The detailed report that SpyFu generates through its Keywords Analysis tool includes the rank of individual keywords and their value.

  • It also includes how much users use in their search terms and cost-per-click.
  • You can also view what keywords can help your website to appear on the first page of Google.
  • Through the SpyFu Keyword Analysis tool, business owners can view the keywords gained or lost in their value.

The Keyword Analysis tool is one of the best features of SpyFu, which can help your business grow. This feature also helps your business effectively compete against your competitors.

You surely can’t ignore this feature while discussing spyfu review.

SpyFu Keyword Analysis

Website rank tracking

Another crucial feature of SpyFu is that it helps you to know the rank of your business website. Although it is not entirely a tool designed to help you find the position of your website, it can track the current rank of your website.

All of this is done using keywords. SpyFu gives you the option to upload the keywords that you use in your website or want to use in your website.

As soon as the keywords are uploaded, SpyFu begins to analyze those keywords. Through this feature, you can know about the current rank of your or your competitor’s website.

spyfu Website rank tracking

Domain comparison

The most imperative feature of SpyFu is its Domain comparison tool. With the help of this tool, you can find the most valuable keywords that would make your domain appear in Google’s search results.

In addition to this, you can also type in any keywords to know whether your competitors rank for those specific keywords or not.

If your local competitors do not rank for those specific keywords, you must choose some other keywords.

Moreover, the Domain comparison tool also helps you identify the keywords that your competitors rank for. You can also find a universal keyword.

A universal keyword is a keyword that most businesses rank for. Through the domain comparison tool, you can also identify the keywords you rank for, but your competitor doesn’t.

Competitor backlinks

One of the most vital SEO Research tools that SpyFu consists of is competitor backlinks. Through this tool, you can identify what inbound links can help you SEO optimize your website.

Identifying valuable backlinks will help you to increase the visibility of your website.

  • The most amazing part of this tool is that through this tool, you can identify the backlinks of your competitor just by typing your competitor’s domain.
  • Moreover, you can also find the most valuable backlinks among many backlinks by putting in a keyword.
  • Filtering backlinks through keywords will help you get inbound links from websites or webpages that rank for the specific keywords.
  • Moreover, through this tool, you can also identify what links make your competitors stand out.

Through this tool, you can also eliminate junk links to appear on your website or web pages. Junk links hurt the performance of your website and decrease its visibility.

It is one of the best tools of SpyFu, which can help small business owners attract more audiences. And build a strong identity for their business.

The best thing about the backlinks that you receive through this tool is that all of them are from the pages or websites that are top in Google’s search results.

Competitor backlinks

Google Ads competitors

Another splendid feature of SpyFu is its Google Ads competitor tool. It is one of the best PPC tools that help your business grow in the competitive market.  It is a key feature when we talk about spyfu review.

  • This tool allows you to find the relevant keywords that your competitors use in their Google ads to attract the audience.
  • To do this, you have to type the name of the website of your competitor.
  • Not only this, but you can also find how much your local competitors have spent on a specific ad.
  • It gives you the estimated budget. Thus, makes it easier for you to create and publish ads within your budget.

Moreover, you can also use top-level highlights to know the areas where you think a significant amount of work should be done.

Google Ads competitors are one of the best tools of SpyFu, that can help small businesses build a solid Google ads strategy.

You can earn higher revenue. It is an important point to discuss while talking about SpyFu Review.

SERP Analysis

An in-depth SERP analysis is also one of the useful features of the platform. Through this SERP analysis, you can appear on Google’s recommendation list for the keywords that you rank for.

SERP analysis also helps you identify what elements make a specific keyword valuable and what degrades it.

It helps you identify what you should do to target your audience and get them to click on your website.  You can’t ignore this feature if you are looking to discuss SpyFu Review

You can also view some of the websites having more than one result. Then you can spy on these websites by using some other tools of SpyFu.

These websites can be of your competitors or any other website as well. SERP plays a crucial role in making your website visible to your target audience.

SpyFu Review: Benefits of SpyFu

SpyFu has several benefits. Some of the most useful and highlighting ones are specified below.

  • PPC keyword suggestion

One of the best benefits of SpyFu is that it helps business owners identify the best PPC keywords to generate high-quality leads. PPC keywords are the paid keywords that businesses use on their website.

The tool which gives PPC keyword suggestions is Google Ads Advisor, a built-in tool of SpyFu. Through the suggested PPC keywords, business owners can increase the visibility of their brand.

Through this tool, you can view the ad timeline and total cost of an ad. All of this helps you to effectively engage with your target audience by optimizing your Google Ads.

You can also know about the buy ratings, through which you can optimize your keywords and boost your sales.

All of this is effective for both small and large business owners as search algorithms are constantly changing.

And if you do not have the essential tools, you can reduce your website’s ranking.  You need to make sure you understand all these features while discussing spyfu reviews.

  • List builder

Another benefit of SpyFu is that it helps you to know every detail of different companies through the list builder option.

With SpyFu’s list builder, you can view details such as companies that spend most on Google Ads. You can also know their monthly budget.

In addition to this, you can also view the companies that generate the majority of the organic traffic. You can also view what companies have a solid online presence.

In addition to this, you can also view the keywords with the highest Cost Per Click.

Most expensive keywords pertaining to different areas or fields can also be viewed. All of these insights can provide business owners an opportunity to renew their digital marketing strategy.

It is one of the best benefits that SpyFu provides to its users.

  • Cost-effective

The primary benefit of SpyFu is that it is cheap. There are three SpyFu plans. They are Basic, Professional, and Team.

The basic plan is $39/mo. Which costs you about $33/mo., if you choose the annual plan. The professional plan is $79/mo., which costs you $58/mo., if you subscribe to the annual plan. The Team plan is $199/mo. (annually), and $229/mo. (monthly).

All of these rates are quite satisfactory, and with the features that SpyFu provides, the plans are inexpensive. It means you can earn a higher ROI while investing low.

  • It helps you implement a perfect SEO optimized marketing strategy

All of the insights that you get through SpyFu help you implement a perfect digital marketing strategy. With an in-depth analysis of your competitors, you can optimize your marketing plan according to SEO.

All of this helps you to target your audience effectively. Plus, generate high-quality leads. With SEO optimized marketing strategy, you can attract customers from all over the world.

And can convert your potential customers into leads which helps you boost your sales.

  • Professional and reliable customer support

With all the features and benefits that SpyFu has, the prime benefit is that it has user-friendly customer support. You can contact the platform through your phone from Monday to Friday between 6 A.M to 5 P.M.

You can also resolve any queries through live chat and email. One thing you must know while contacting SpyFu is that it takes the team of SpyFu to get in touch with you after 24 hours.

So, there is no need to panic as the team will surely get back to you.

SpyFu Review: PROS of SpyFu

The software has many pros for small businesses, in particular. Some of the pros are listed below.

  • User-friendly landscape – The platform is user-friendly. You do not need to be a tech-savvy or a tech nerd to use SpyFu. The layout is dynamic and easy to use.
  • Accurate data – The majority of the insights that SpyFu provides are authentic. The stats are accurate as well.
  • Thousands of organic keywords – SpyFu allows you to get your hands on the world’s most popular organic keywords. It helps you to grow your business.
  • Data is easy to interpret – The platform displays all the info in terms of stats, Venn diagrams, graphs, and charts. This type of data is easy to understand and saves time.

SpyFu Review: CONS of SpyFu

SpyFu has a few cons as well. Some of the cons are listed below.

  • Limited resources and training about how to use the software. But the platform is easy to use, so it is not big of a problem.
  • SpyFu does not support site crawling and content analysis.
  • SpyFu sends many emails to its users, which can annoy them.

Spyfu subscription cost

Spyfu makes sure that its prices are competitive in the market and affordable for the users as well. So, it provides some amazing pricing plans which are as follows:

  • The Basic plan starts at $39 per month and you can get it for $33 per month if you pay annually.
  • The Professional plan starts at $69 per month and you can get it for $48 per month if you pay annually.
  • The Unlimited plan starts at $129 per month and you can get it for $68 per month if you pay annually.

While the prices are already amazing here, Spyfu also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

Pricing monthly
Pricing monthly
Pricing Yearly
Pricing Yearly


The above-specified is a detailed SpyFu Review. Make sure to search SEO-optimized keywords using SpyFu. It will provide you with good results.

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