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Sqribble Review:- The value of a book cannot be described in a few words. No civilization has ever grown without books. And books represent the growth of the human mind.

But time has changed, and so does the priority. But the priority of books gets never changes. However, like every other thing, technology changed the appearance of books.

You probably do not understand why I am suddenly talking about books. Well, if you are a writer or a publisher, you know how hard it is to publish a book. Again, because of global warming, we have already dropped the idea of a printed version. And honestly, the ebook has already made it easy for both the author and the publishers.

But creating an ebook is not that easy; that is why I am presenting to all the authors and publishers revolutionary software to create ebooks easily like a professional. Today I will give you Sqribble Review, including all its pros and cons, features, and everything you need to know.

With 50+ designed templates for over 15 niches, an easy-to-use interface, an automated content engine, and a time-consuming service, Sqribble became the book industry’s future.

Sqribble Review

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Sqribble: What is it?

Sqribble is an e-book-building tool that helps an author to create an ebook with all its pre-built templates and layout. The tool helps us to format and design an ebook like a professional. The tool was created by Adeel Chowdhury, a reputed digital entrepreneur because he felt the necessity to have software that would skip his search for a reliable ebook designer.

Technology has changed our lifestyle, and so does our needs. We used to love the smell of new books, but now we love to purchase books on different e-commerce sites. And read them digitally is so easy that people invest in that area more and more.

Now, no matter if you are a fiction writer, a marketing specialist, a professor of the university, or a biography author, you want to publish your book, get it done with Sqribble. Now I want to tell you why you need Sqribble instead of any other ebook creator.

What Sqribble Has?

Apart from all its advantages and features, I want to draw your attention to this List. The List of tools and templates and all other staff that Sqribble has. And there is no way to skip this List in our Sqribble Review.

I have been writing for 4 years, but honestly, I have never encountered any flexible tool like this one. I remember those days when I used to search for an ebook designer who would help me to publish my book on Amazon. I will not lie; I have been scammed by people several times, and honestly, I dropped the whole idea of being an author at one point. But then I started searching for ebook creators, and finally, by the end of 2020, I read about Sqribble.

The entire concept and all these amazing in-built technologies made me so curious that I purchased it and started using it.

Sqribble Review

Special Offer by Sqribble

Before I go any further with my Sqribble Review, I want to tell you about Sqribble’s latest offer. You can get your complete ebook publishing tool at just $67. And you can grab the deal directly from the official website. That means the deal is also legit, just like the tool. But the offer will end soon, so you have to be little hurry.

Anyway, let’s continue with the Sqribble Review. I want to tell you about the benefits of using the no 1 ebook building tool.

Incredible Benefits of Sqribble

Before I tell you about the benefits, you must understand one thing: the tool is not for everyone. Those who deal with writing, eBooks, and whitepapers will only get the maximum benefits. Authors who want to publish their books and publishers looking for digital assistance need this tool. However, the deals and benefits are alluring for everyone.

Easy to Use

The software is so easy to use that you will be able to create an entire book with a few touches. These benefits of technology allow you to focus more on your book instead of using the technology.

Stunning Design

It is time to say goodbye to the arrogant designers who always delay your work. The 50+ Customizable templates and 15+ categories will never let you run out of design.

Quick Creator

No matter what type of electronic document, ebook, report, or white paper you want to create, it will take only a minute.

Automatic Content Engine

The In-built tool Sqribble gives you a choice to skip writing. You can create any writing within a minute with an automatic content engine.

Commercial License

Now suppose you have created a beautiful layout for books, and then you can sell those designs as your creation and earn all the profits, and do not think the entire business is unofficial. You will get a commercial license for this business.

Agency Website

You can create a portfolio and publish it for your agency to meet potential customers.

Agency Website

Sqribble Easy Steps to Follow-

There are so many expensive tools used by the designers who create the layout of ebooks. But those digital tools require proper skills and training. And even if you think about hiring a professional, remember they are expensive too. But when it comes to Sqribble, the steps are easy and quick, and you can learn more about it by watching the demo.

Sqribble requires only three steps- Click, Design, and Publish.

Click on the Template

Choose template designs from the library. Now, these designs are created by the professional designers of Sqribble’s expert team. The designs are professional and can convert professional readers into buyers.

Click on the Template

Instant Content Creation

If you are running out of time and need to create content as soon as possible, then Sqribble is the right choice. With the in-built content engine, you can fill your ebook with thousands of selected articles from your preferred niche.

Instant Content Creation

You can also upload a word file and let Sqribble do the rest of the work. You can also scratch and write the content like the traditional process and upload it on Sqribble to create your ebook.

Customize the appearance & Publish

Now it is time to pick the theme and colors, customize the headings, titles, format and front, and all other customization you want. And when you are done, hit the “Generate” button. And you are all set, and your book is on the internet.

Things you can avoid with Sqribble-

Now publishing a book is not easy; you must do many things you never wanted. But with this digital tool, you can skip doing a few things. They are-

Searching for a Good Designer

Designers are great at making a unique design for your book, but it is hard to find a good designer who will give you exactly what you want.

Time Management

You will never have to wait to publish your book according to someone’s else schedule.

Money Management

Designers are expensive; we all know that, and with Sqribble, you can skip spending that much on a single book. With affordable prices, Sqribble will let you design as many ebooks as you want.

Skip Typing Content

With the inbuilt content tool, you can trust Sqribble. You can create hundreds of contents and skip the hard work.

Skip Hiring Writers

Many of us hire writers to write content because we never manage to do so many things alone. But honestly, that assistance charges more than $ 500. But because you can use the in-built tool of Sqribble, you can skip spending that much money.

Avoid Installation

Installing software is hectic and consumes a lot of your valuable time. Again, the complicated process of installation process requires technical skills as well. Sqribble lets you skip the process and start working with the ready-to-use icon. Moreover, the tool is compatible with any Computer and Operating System.

Avoid Publishers

Another major issue while we publish a book is the unnecessary demands of publishers. You can avoid them and publish your book and enjoy all the revenues on your own.

Avoid Publishers

These reasons are enough for me to trust Sqribble and avoid human assistance. However, there are several other reasons Sqribble does for us; that is exactly what we will discuss in our next section of Sqribble Review.

What Does Squabble do for Us?

Well, I already told you that the publishers, authors, and those who often require digital documents get the best benefits of Sqribble. If you belong to the same field, you can get many benefits from Sqribble.

Publish Directly

When you open the Sqribble dashboard and click on the generate button, Sqribble will directly create your e-books online. Once done, you can open it online, share it with people, share it on other platforms, and download it directly on your computer.

Creating a List Quickly and Effortlessly

If you are trying to create a list, then you know how complicated the procedure is. Now Sqribble, with its built-in tool, you can create a lead magnet, ebook, or sell report. It will instantly boost your conversions and create a list of potential readers according to the niche.

Designs You Book

It is not only about designing a book but also about creating an amazing book that will engage your audience. A cover is really important for a book. Readers need something attractive, and a cover is the best option to do so. And for that, you need an expert like Sqribble.

Designs You Book

Gives Your Master Piece a professional look-

Sqribble avoids simple-looking books; instead, it uses vibrant-looking attractive designs and expert technology so that you and your book or paper get the readers’ full attention.

Gives Your Master Piece a professional look-

Content Writer

Not only the author or the publisher, even if you are a blogger, you know how hard it is to write content continuously. People often hire content creators and pay thousands of dollars to take some assistance. On the other hand, Sqribble will let you create content instantly without spending a single dollar.

Content Writer

Automated Table

Sqribble will automatically create a fully customized table of contents. The designed table will allow your readers to experience a compact and clean overview of the table. And you can customize it whenever you want.

Automated Table

Auto Headers & Footers-

Sqribble will instantly create a header and footer for your ebook. For example- it will directly add contact details, logos, brand name, and other necessary things that usually a professional-looking book includes.

Auto Headers & Footers-

Automatic Numbering-

Sqribble will save you time and automatically number all the pages that belong to your book. The number system will help your readers find the pages to start reading from where they left off earlier.

Automatic Numbering

Easy Technology

Sqribble is an amazingly easy tool with its drag-and-drop options. With a simple drag-and-drop option, you can upload content on any page, customize the layout and design them. And these customizations do not require any technical skills and coding.

Easy Technology Sqribble

Design Unlimited Pages

One of the best features of Sqribble is the “Plus” button, which will allow you to insert as many pages as you want.

Design Unlimited Pages on Sqribble

Small Detailing

Sqribble allows you to add small details to your book with simple clicks. For example, adding images, icons, headlines, font, style, backgrounds, and bulleting are included in the List.

All these things require thousands of extra dollars to publish your book. And if you are lucky enough, you will compete. But it will only happen if you do not use Sqribble. But if you are using Sqribble, you will be able to do all these kinds of stuff by only purchasing Sqribble.

Talking about purchasing Sqribble in the next section of the Sqribble Review, I will tell you about the price, the plan of Sqribble and the special offers.

Price of Sqribble

If you think that Sqribble offers many services and saves your time, effort, and money, they will surely charge a few thousand dollars. But honestly, it will cost you less than $100. Yes, the starting price of Sqribble is $67, and the software comes with multiple bonuses.

Price of Sqribble

Plans of Sqribble-

Because Sqribble only offers one-time purchases, it does not come with other plans. When you purchase the tool, it will give you relevant offers, like adding extra templates and Sqribble master classes, which may cost you another $100, but they are also one-time offers. You will get several free bonuses along with purchasing Scribbles.

Free Commercial License

If you are a digital marketer tired of your job, you can start your digital agency for ebook creation and publishing services. The demand for this service raised by 60%, and it is time to start your agency. Moreover, there is no need to pay any royalty to Sqribble; you can buy the tool from Sqribble and use it to provide services to your clients.

Client Management Dashboard

Sqribble comes with an all-in-one client dashboard; you can add the details of your new client to that dashboard and manage projects according to the schedules. And the dashboard is customizable.

Feedback Engine

There is a client feedback tool present in Sqribble. The client feedback tool makes it easier for you to send the most liked templates and designs to your potential customers. It will allow you to grow your business faster than you can imagine.

Now the process is simple. Create an ebook, share the auto-generated link with the clients, get clients’ feedback and suggestions, and upgrade your design according to your need.

Free Agency Website

Sqribble even offers you to create your professional agency. That is why Sqribble will let you build your portfolio and high-quality website. That means you will take a step ahead toward your digital agency. Creating a website requires thousands of extra dollars and professional help, but Sqribble lets you do this without spending any extra. In contrast, you can customize and design the website according to your needs.

I think these bonuses are enough to make you take a step toward your dream business. But it is not ended here. When I purchased the tool and started taking the tutorials for the first time, I could not believe how beneficial the product was. Sqribble not only guides you through designing your book or helps you to set up your agency, but it also helps you to create a perfect setup for your business.

Maybe you are curious now about the topic. When I started writing Sqribble Review, I did not realize that Sqribble had this type of bigger plan. Well, let me introduce you to their plan.

How will you get clients with Sqribble?

Remember the bonuses that Sqribble gives you to set up your business, but Sqribble does not provide only bonuses. Sqribble gives you a perfect strategy to help you to start your business and generate leads.

According to Sqribble, hundreds of clients want to hire an ebook creator and publisher and spend money. They want you to pay to format their books and turn them into professional ones. Anyone can use Sqribble, but many busy people spend money to do the job.

But how will you find those clients?

  • Once you search for an ebook formatting job in Upwork, you will get hundreds of jobs; just bid for those jobs and get them done with Sqribble.
  • So many people post for these types of jobs every day on Craigslist.
  • Get a potential client on the Marketing Forums, where people are ready to pay instantly to publish their ebooks.
  • Linkedin is another popular platform for freelancers to get this sort of job. Even the large skilled companies are also looking for freelancers to do their job.
  • Fiverr is a potential platform where individual people share their needs.
  • And a new name is included in the List: Facebook group. Post your portfolio there and get jobs.
Price of Sqribble

Even with the Sqribble sharing option, you can directly share content and templates on Facebook, Slideshare, and Pinterest to meet potential customers.

Sqribble Review

Final Words

In simple words, if you are an author, publisher, or service provider who wants to create an ebook or a portfolio, then Sqribble has everything for you. And what is more interesting is you do not have to pay more than once to get the service. On the other hand, if you want to quit your 12 hours job and start your own business Sqribble has everything to give you the support. I hope this Sqribble Review has given you some valuable information. We value your time; we want you to get real information about a product.

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