Viddeyo Review– Host Unlimited Video, Fast Speed

When I watch a video, I probably enjoy the content material, but the hard work behind those one 5 minutes of content takes several days of hard work. Today you and I are here because our knee interest is the same. It is not a five-minute video or the hard work behind the scenes. But it is a matter of security.

As a content creator, I worry about the content that generates revenue. And honestly, popular platforms can terminate my account or block my video without any reason, any time they want. Besides, these platforms are full of people who never like to watch you grow.

But what if you, like me and more than a million video content creators, use a reliable and secure platform at an affordable price? No wonder our interest is the same, and here I want to present to you Viddeyo Review that will probably change your entire life.

Viddeyo Review

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Viddeyo Review: What is it?

Viddeyo is a combination of tools using an upgraded technology to host, share, play, and marketize your product or services. The main purpose of the technology is to host and share unlimited sales videos for your customers and share them anywhere online instantly.

In short, we can say it is a compact tool or a brunch of tools you need to secure your position in the video industry. The package of tools will allow you to host any videos like the client, demo, sales, lead generation, training, course, guidance, and upload on any website. Moreover, Viddeyo will let you boost your customer’s satisfaction by allowing them to watch the videos from any device.

Who Should Use Viddeyo?

Before we go further with this Viddeyo Review, I want to tell you about the people who will benefit most from Viddeyo. See, this is a waste of time if you are not the one who can get 100% benefits from this amazing technology.

The tool is for those doing online business or who want to expand their man-to-man services with the help of the internet. Now you may be a famous trainer or the famous ChaiWala, and people attract to your online appearance more than your physical appearance. Again, you may be a business owner who provides service, or you sell things on an e-commerce site; you need to provide demo videos for your consumers. And the list is not limited to these four types of business.

  • Business Coaches.
  • Affiliate Marketers.
  • E-Com Sellers.
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies.
  • Influencers.
  • Video Marketers.
  • Sports Clubs.
  • Bars.
  • Restaurants.
  • Hotels.
  • Schools.
  • Churches.
  • Coaching Services Providers.
  • Ride Services Providers.
  • All Information Providers.
  • Dentists.
  • Carpenters.
  • Manufactures.
  • Chiropractors.
  • Locksmiths.
  • Tutors.
  • Real-Estate.
  • Interior Designers.
  • Fashion Designers.
  • Jewelry Makers.
  • Lawyers.
  • Gym and Gym Trainers.
  • Makeup Artist.
  • Actor / Actress/ dancers/ singers.
  • Service Providers.
  • Small Food Business Owners.

In short, every business owner who wants to go online and raise their visibility can use Viddeyo. They can host their video, customize them and upload them online.

Over View

Creator-Dr. Amit Pareek (Techperneur & Marketer) Achal Goswami (Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer)Atul Pareek (Entrepreneur & JV Manager)
Price-Personal Plan- $ 34; Commercial Plan- $37
Offers-10% Off
Payment PolicyOne-time Payment
BonusBonuses worth $ 2895
Guarantee30 Days Money-Back Policy
Official Website

Why Should You Use Viddeyo?

If you want to know about the uses of Viddeyo then you have to understand the uses of video marketing. Video is the future of the marketing industry. Analyzes say consumers are more attracted to videos than learning and reading about a product. And the psychology behind this reason is people tend to remember things they watch 10 times better than what they read.

On the other hand, videos are an easier way to demonstrate certain things. For example, if you are a gym trainer or a yoga trainer, you have to demonstrate the moves to your audience, or as a teacher, you have to show an example to your students. The only best medium you connect to your audience or users is a video.

Now, if we have to distinguish the benefits of video, then here is a list-

Benefits of Video Content-

  • Videos boost the sales to almost 80%.
  • Video marketing enhances the web traffic of your site to 41%.
  • Videos influence the result of email marketing by 300%.
  • Users like to share videos they like with their near ones. That means video content can raise your brand’s visibility to 92%.
  • Small and large E-learning industries, even top-rated universities, provide their services through the internet. And the network of the industry is not less than $400 billion for sure.
  • On average, a person watches videos for at least 100 minutes. And from knowledge to entertainment, everything is included in the list.

Now it is just a rough sketch of the benefits. Now I want to return to the Viddeyo Review and why you should use Viddeyo.

Viddeyo is a group easy to use tools that will allow you to enhance your visibility and boost your business to its peak. Large-scaled video industries and platforms often have many restrictions and disadvantages regarding protocols. While Viddeyo offers your platform to upload videos and share them on other websites. But if you are still not sure about the uses, then let me give you three reasons-

Avoid Discrimination on Big Platforms

If you are creating and sharing content on those popular mediums, then you know about their discrimination policies. They can terminate your account anytime they want by showing vulnerable reasons. They can remove your video content and original ideas by showing copyright policies. In contrast, Viddeyo has no such issues. Both you and your audience can beat the algorithm and disturbing advertisements.

Avoid Decade Old HTML Players-

There is no wrong with HTML. Honestly, HTML is designed to play videos, but it cannot optimize the delivery of the videos. HTML video players often face slow loading and interrupted experiences which often distract and demotivate users and lead them to leave your page. Viddeyo, on the other hand, not only offers your audience a smooth and swift interface and boosts visibilities by letting them access your video content quickly.

Save Money

Now, no online wonder appearance requires money. Even every single step towards your business leads you to a new expenditure. Now honestly, I often look on the internet to find alternatives that will allow me to save my money. Several websites let you use their platform and upload content but charge almost $100 monthly. On the other hand, there are no extra charges that you have to spend on Viddeyo after you purchase it in the beginning.

Easy Process

Viddeyo asked you to do three steps to promote your content on your platform. The steps are- Upload, Customize and Publish. I will discuss the process in detail in the next stage. But till now, let’s concentrate on the reasons. In short, publishing content using Viddeyo is rather easier.

Customer Satisfaction

No matter what business you owe, you need to satisfy your audience if you use video content to promote your brand. But specialists said that delaying uploading can decrease the satisfaction of your audience by 20%. The rate can directly influence your online business. Viddeyo, with its upgraded technology, lets your audience load your content faster than other websites. Again, uploading content is also hassle-free while you use Viddeyo.

Discounts and Money Back Guarantee-

Viddeyo do not discriminate between its users. So, it provides discounts to every consumer. For example, if you directly purchase the tool from the official website, it will provide you 10% discount. And the discount is valid for both personal and commercial accounts. Again, if you are unsatisfied with the service, you can refund your money within 30 days.

Extraordinary Features

There are unlimited features you can use to get the full advantage of the tools no matter what business you are promoting. Again, this tool will work best if you do not own any business but have some extraordinary skills you want to show the world.


The tool Viddeyo is compatible with almost all the leading Video editing software. You can check the names of the software. Viddeyo will let you upload videos without difficulty, even if you use a normal mobile app.

Easy Publishing

Viddeyo will never prevent you from publishing on any other website, landing page, online shop, or membership site. All you have to do is copy and paste the one-lined embed code. Almost all the leading websites are included in the list.

SEO Friendly Channel

As we said, you can create your channel with Viddeyo. It will let you create a beautiful, custom-designed, SEO-friendly channel and an updated playlist, allowing you to control the traffic without any leakage. That means your viewers will not be distracted by other content at any cost.

I have listed only the ten most important reasons that allow me to trust Viddeyo. But honestly, many other important reasons will let you trust Viddeyo. For example, you can create video blog channels or offer your viewer to use light and less data-consuming players. It will give you an ad-free video playlist, and you can go viral by sharing your content on social media. Again, you can push the traffic with the help of the in-built tools.

I think this is enough to encourage you to build a video channel like YouTube or other famous websites. However, here in this Viddeyo Review, I will not only give you some reasons; rather, I want to tell you about all the features of the Viddeyo.

Features of Viddeyo-

Unlimited Videos

Other video websites may let you upload your content on their platform but control your appearance. I mean, they often control the number of videos you can upload. On the other hand, with Viddeyo you can upload as many videos as you want.

Compatible with Any Video Editing Software

I have included this already, but I cannot deny that it is one of the most ground-breaking features of Viddeyo.

Website compatibility

Viddeyo is compatible with any website, including the most famous websites, social media, e-commerce sites, and many more.

Fast Loading and Light Player

The tool provides an in-built player that can be run on any device. That means your viewers will no longer feel uncomfortable or worried about the videos.

On the other hand, late uploading can delay your visibility and affect your sales. Any sales video that buffers/delays can decrease the number of visitors, which directly affects the sale of your product or service. Now Viddeyo, with its advanced tools, never delays loading so that your viewers can enjoy the videos smoothly.

Fast Loading and Light Player Viddeyo

Provide 100% Control

Viddeyo assists you in creating an entire channel. That means you can take full control over the traffic, and your audience will not get irritated by unwanted advertisements. Above all, Viddeyo will let you beat the algorithm and all the competition in the market.

Provide 100% Control Viddeyo

Increase Engagement

No wonder viewers mostly get annoyed with ads. On the other hand, ads-free videos will not only let your audiences focus on your content but also increase visibility along with better engagement. The entire effort of Viddeyo and your creation raise your brand’s sales.

Increase Engagement Viddeyo

Multiple Playlist

The in-built tool of Viddeyo will let you organize your videos according to your choices. You can create as many playlists as you want and upload videos on those playlists. This way, you can present your viewers with an arranged website where they will find anything related to your business with a single click.

Viddeyo Multiple Playlist

Redirecting the Traffic

You may realize many special offers, promo codes, and discount coupons for your audiences to raise sales. But if you cannot lead your audience toward your page, all these efforts go in vain. Viddeyo gives you a website with sales funnel that will allow you to demonstrate your product and services to your audience. And by sharing all these offers and other things, you can redirect the traffic toward your channel.

Lead Generation Templates

Viddeyo, with its Premium Lead Generation Templates, will allow you to capture the maximum leads. Again, the stunning promo and social sharing templates will allow you to monetize the traffic.

Lead Generation Templates

Easy to Use Templates

The Best feature of Viddeyo is its easy editing tools. You can customize all the templates with the floating editor without knowing a single word about coding. The Drag and Drop option will let you create attractive templates for your funnels.

Easy to Use Templates

Performance monetization

The Performance monetization tool will allow you to analyze each video’s performance to understand whether your content engages the audience. These analyses also improve your marketing strategy and appearance.

Performance monetization

Connection with Tools

Viddeyo can be connected with any tools to boost your business. You can connect them with the in-built tool of Viddeyo and send a series of short previews and personalize emails to your new leads according to your strategy.

Connection with Tools

Make Your Videos Attractive

With the help of Viddeyo, you can make your videos more attractive and eye-catching so that you can enjoy the attention of your viewers.

Make Your Videos Attractive

Mp4 Video Format

The editing tool of Viddeyo will let you upload the videos in Mp4 format. Now, the Mp4 format is crucial because all sorts of devices can support the Mp4 format. The format is light and loads easily.

Mp4 Video Format

Security Protocol

In most cases, people pay an extra amount to get SSL certificates. But Viddeyo will provide you with the same secured SSL Encryption without any extra charges.

Security Protocol

All-in-One Dashboard

Viddeyo dashboard will provide an all-in-one platform to manage your entire business. For example- you will be able to manage the courses, clients, customers, and all other things in a single dashboard.

All-in-One Dashboard

No Domain & No Hosting

When you sign-up for Viddeyo’s services, you get the choice to avoid expending your money on any other Domain and hosting services. Viddeyo will cover all your needs. You will no longer need the assistance of other costly services.

No Domain & No Hosting

24/7 support

The Expert team of Viddeyo will provide support and assistance whenever you want.

No Skills Required

The easy drag and drop interface of Viddeyo will not ask you to learn any coding, designing, or other technical skills.

Regular Updates

Technicians and engineers always look after the tool and modify it to give you the best result so that you and your video channel never face any lagging. The service provider regularly updates your channel and all the in-built tools.

Training and Tutorial

If you are worried about your limited knowledge, Viddeyo has the best things for you. The experts and pro users’ step-by-step guidance, training, and tutorial will give you clear ideas about the whole concept and uses of the tools.

User-Friendly Interface

The easy and user-friendly interface is perfectly fine for non-skilled users and newbies. Moreover, Viddeyo will never scam you into spending your money on complicated services. The easy drag and drop services will allow you to avoid online tricks.

I am sure these features will make you curious about Viddeyo and all its services. We have almost reached the last section of Viddeyo Review, and now I want to tell you about another crucial point.

Plans & Price

The features are not enough to give you knowledge about all the benefits of Viddeyo. Several companies out there will provide you the same features or less than what Viddeyo provides but charge more than $100 per month. On the other hand, Viddeyo gives you the full privilege with hundred of advantages and benefits but only ask for one-time payments.

The Plans are simple and divided into two parts.

Viddeyo Personal

Viddeyo Personal plan lets you host up to 100 videos with 50 GB bandwidth per month, 10+ domains, and more than 30,000 visitors every month with just $34 only and free bonuses worth $2255.

Viddeyo Commercial

The Commercial package will let you host unlimited videos, unlimited Bandwidth, 50+ domains, unlimited visitors, a commercial license, and all the key features. The plan also provides free bonuses worth $2255 with only $37.

Viddeyo Price

Both plans are valid for a lifetime, which means Viddeyo will not ask you for any more charges for a lifetime. It will not ask you to pay any charges for any unnecessary services. All the services you need to run your online business are included here.

Bonuses and Offers

I have already told you about the amazing offer of Viddeyo that will reduce your expenses by 10 %. But I have not told you about the exclusive bonuses. These bonuses are known as Fast Action Bonuses.

Live Training

This is the first bonus you will get by purchasing the plan. The training will let you launch, sell, and market your product without hassle. However, the bonus is limited to the first 1000 buyers.

Live Training

Free Access to OPPYO

Viddeyo will not only assist you in creating your video blogging channel but will also help you to grow with amazing platforms like OPPYO. With OPPYO, you can build any landing page, host, manage, and share high-quality videos from the same dashboard without any technical hassle.

Free Access to OPPYO

Auto Video Creator

You may be using a pro version of a popular video editor, but Viddeyo will provide you with a free subscription to Auto Video Creator. Auto Video Creator is one of the most famous editing software for creating commercial videos.

Auto Video Creator

Advanced Video Marketing

Viddeyo will provide this bonus gift package, allowing you to discover all marketing strategies to build a successful online business.

Advanced Video Marketing

Content Syndication

It is a series 0f 40+ videos that will teach you how to create and publish your video content like an expert.

Content Syndication

Animation 4K Stock Videos

These unlimited 4k stock videos are perfect for making your videos and previews look more interesting for your audiences.

Animation 4K Stock Videos

Final Words

All these bonuses are valued worth $2895 that you can get with a Viddeyo. On the other hand, you can also upgrade from a personal to a professional account with Viddeyo and get your commercial license. I have not included many features in this Viddeyo Review, but if you can get all the knowledge from the official website.

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