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When you are an online writer and work the whole day and night to create engaging content, you know the value of readers. Two types of readers exist, one guest reader and the other half subscribing. Again, if you are in a selling business, you need to promote your product or services, which also requires subscribers. For this situation, you need a smart assistant to provide you with amazing and qualified templates for your website. This amazing tool has several online features you can use on your website to generate many leads and customers.

Leadpages Discount Code
Discount:Up to 25% OFF for annual plans
Free Trial:14 Days
FREE Plan:Not Available
Price:$49.00-$99.00 per month

How You Can Discount For LeadPages?

  1. Visit Official Website
  2. Choose any of their Plans
  3. Claim your subscription

How to Get 14-Days FREE Trial Offer

Using LeadPages is easier than you can hardly imagine. At first, you have to sign up as a new Member and Then You can get a 14-day free trial from the very beginning. However, there are three plans available on the platform.

  • Visit Official Website
  • Then create A new Account and Get 14 days of a free trial
  • Confirm your email
  • Access Unlimited Features

What is Leadpages?

Leadpage is a landing page building tool you can use even if you are not mater at technologies. It will provide you with many templates relevant to your business. You can easily create a page that will allow you to drag and drop relevant content and images to create an attractive page.

You must pick your favourite template, add some of the widgets, and design it according to your preference. However, there are several features you can receive from Leadpages. And we will also let you know about LeadPages Discount so that you can use them to create and grow your business effectively.

  • Create Landing Pages- As you can understand, the best and the main feature of Leadpage. It is hard to appoint expensive web designers to create a page that will not even be beneficial to you again; any changes will cost you extra charges. But Leadpage is a self-build tool you can use without help from anyone. We do not worry if you are not an expert or even do not know anything about webpage design. With the pre-built template, you can easily build your page and customize it according to your choice. We will guide you on how to create a landing page of your choice by using Leadpaes and how you can use Leadpage Discount and the entire cost of this service. But before that, you have to know about the features in detail. There are several types of Landing pages you can create with Leadpages. For example-
Create Landing Pages
Create Landing Pages
  • Content Landing Pages- Once you create a new landing page in the Leadpages after signing up and applying Leadpages Discount, you will be taken to a page where you can choose from various content landing pages. You can use these templates to promote your white papers, e-books, webinar, contest, and anything related to your business promotion. This step does not require any technical skills. You must choose a template, adjust the content and images, and other promotional things. Then you can link the entire subject with your email marketing tools and publish it on your website.
  • Webinar Landing Pages- Suppose you are hosting a webinar for your followers and consumers and want to publish it on your website but do not know how to create it, then Leadpages is exactly the tool you require. Various templates can help you to create an impressive presentation for your webinar. A few templates will also allow you to put an auto countdown timer, making it more exciting and attractive. This landing page will inform your viewers about the live webinar time. Moreover, once you choose a plane of Leadpages, you can create any landing page anytime, according to your preferences. You can use Leadpages Discount coupons to reduce costs in the initial period. Once your business accelerates, you can easily choose a plane with more features and other benefits.
  • Sales Pages- If you sell e-books, online services, training, tutorial any other services, you can use sales templates from leading pages to create an amazing landing page where your buyers and potential customers can easily find what they are searching for. The templates will allow you to redirect from one page to another. Again, you can provide all the necessary information about your products so that your consumers can get what they need.
  • Thanks Giving Page- Thanks giving or thank you page, whatever you call it, is very important. Let us explain how. A simple thanks show your gratitude towards your clients and build a personal relationship. Thanks for signing up, providing information about services or products is too common. But these thanks-giving landing pages can help you to lead generation and promote your business on social media. You can choose from a previously built template to redirect your viewers to other pages where they can follow you on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, purchase a course from your website, watch a series of webinars, and many more.

These are some Greatest Features Of Leadpages

Now, if you are at the beginning level or still struggling to generate leads, you can easily use a Leadpages Discount, allowing you to use all the features at a lower cost.

Greatest Features Of Leadpages
Leadpages Discount Code

Create Full Website- 

Leadpage is very beneficial if you create a whole new website for yourself. You can create a homepage and other landing pages and easily connect all the pages to form an amazing and easily accessible website for your viewers or consumers.

Resetting Templates- 

LeadPages builder easily lets you create and add some new features to your website. LeadPages also help you to add widgets and arrange them according to your needs. These services include text, video calls, sharing different social media options, progress bar, timer, webinar launching related information, and many more.

Free Domain- 

Here, you need LeadPages Discount more than anywhere else. A subscription to annual LeadPages services can cost you a little extra if you are new to the business. But if you can use LeadPages Discount coupons for an annual subscription, you will get a free voucher to register your domain for one year. And using this process will cost you less than buying a plan.

Free Hosting

The best part about LeadPages is that it only helps you to create your website or landing pages but does not control your moves. You can choose the self-hosting option for a particular landing page or the entire site. However, if your site takes a long time to load, you can take the charges into your hand. Remember, the less your site takes time to load, the more your site gets traffic and sales.

WordPress Plugin- 

One marvellous feature that LeadPages have, is the WordPress plugin. It helps new owners create and publish landing pages on their WordPress Blog. You can use these features when you have landing pages directly under your domain. It is way more professional and ensures the entire loading process is as quick as possible. However, you can not take advantage of LeadPages Discount Coupons on a particular feature.

Uploading Lead Magnet & Email Delivering Service: 

Uploading Lead Magnets on LeadPages is the easiest action you have ever done. Go to New Lead Magnet, fill in the necessary documents like sender name, sender email id, opening line, download button text, lead magnet file URL and file uploading option, and a text box for an attractive message. After filling all the gaps, you can save it. The entire process can be very beneficial to save your data using a large file. After saving you, LeadPages will automatically send the email to the receiver. That means you do not need an external email service. With the help of LeadPages email automation software, you can also easily generate leads.


The drag and drop building option of LeadPages will allow you to create a pop-up and a lead page. However, you must use the WordPress Plugin or embedding code to add the Popup.

Creating Alert Bars- 

You can add an alert bar at the top or bottom of the landing page. Suppose you can add a signup tab at the top of your landing page. Again, you can use the redirect link at the bottom of the page to lead your viewers to any other landing pages.

Upgrading Content- 

Suppose you want to upgrade one of your content. You can easily insert a pop-up that will promote some of the offers on your website. You have to use LeadPages tools to adjust any pop-up.

Recording Webinars- 

LeadPages will allow you to place a live webinar that people can watch directly from your website. Even pre-build templates of LeadPages will let you promote recorded clips of your webinars.

Lead Generate- 

Lead Generation is the most useful feature you can effectively use to grow your business. You can use the LeadPages tool to encourage people to sign up to receive emails. You can also generate leads through the text messages option available on LeadPages.

Comparison of Landing Pages- 

If you are unsure about your favourite template and not sure about its effectiveness, compare your landing page with others. An A/B split testing feature of LeadPages will allow you to do that easily.

One-click Lead links- 

This feature of LeadPages allow the subscriber to sign up for other lead magnets by proving them a single-click link. Because this process does not require new subscribers to provide their contact details, it is very famous as it saves subscribers time and effort.

Billing Options-

You do not need any external service provider to create a payment landing page for the payment gateway and billing option. In bullied payment landing page of LeadPages will let you connect to your receiving account. It is easy to build and effective. At the same time, LeadPages will guide you through the entire process, so you do not make any mistakes.

14-day free trial leadpages

LeadPages Plans

  • Standard Plan- This plan will work great for you when you are completely new. Several services fall under this plan. For example- Website builder for one site, unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and conversions, unlimited traffic & leads, Free custom domain with an annual subscription, free hosting, mobile-friendly site and landing page templates, lead notification, technical support via chat and email,40+ standard integrations,1-on-1 quick call, advanced HTML export, WordPress Plugin, Collect payment from 3rd party like PayPal, Shopify, etc. All these services will cost $37 a month; however, with the LeadPages Discount offer, you can reduce the charges and enjoy the same services. This plan is especially great for lead generation.
  • Pro Plan- Since you want to scale your business now, you should buy this plan. Several extra features are available, and the features we get in the standard edition. Here you will get the assistance of 3 site builders, unlimited landing pages, pop-ups and alert bars, unlimited traffic and leads, free custom Domain with an annual subscription, mobile responsive site templates, lead notifications, technical support via phone, chat, and email, 40+ standard Integrations, 1-on-1 Quick start call, online sales and payments, unlimited A/B Split testing, advanced HTML export, WordPress Plugin, Collect payment from 3rd party like PayPal, Shopify, etc. All of this will cost $74 / month. All tools of Leadpages will be provided to sales, test, and optimize. However, just like standard or pro plan holders, they can also reduce their charges with the help of LeadPages Discount.
  • Advance Plan- It is better to connect with the LeadPages customer support team to customize all the services to serve the clients better. However, we can make a list of regular services, for example- 50+ website builders, unlimited landing pages, pop-ups and alert bars, unlimited traffic and leads, free custom Domain with annual purchase, free hosting, mobile-friendly site templates, lead notifications, phone tech support, 40+ Standard integrations, 1-on-1 start call, online sales, and payments, unlimited A/B Split testing, five sub-account including pro, HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce,  connect additional domains and websites. All these services are customizable it can be purchased for 299 dollars a month. However, the price can be varied depending on the services. LeadPages Discount coupon is applicable here as well.

For most business, the owner standard plan does wonder as it generates an unlimited lead, provide unlimited templates for landing page, pop-up, and alert bar, provide free hosting, and even unlimited traffic. Moreover, several LeadPages Discount codes reduce the charges from 32 to almost 20 dollars. You have to find the best one.

However, more than one site needs a Pro plan to host and connect, in case you also have more than one website. The pro plan provides a few more features than the standard plan, for example, text campaigns, email trigger links, and online payments with Stripe integration. Though the cost is a little high, the services are worth it. Several LeadPages Discounts are here to get you all the services at a lower cost.

Advance can be started from almost 299 dollars and extended to 321 dollars depending on the services. Therefore, these features are best for greater agencies and businesses. Several features are there to manage the campaigns for the consumer.

Therefore, to save money, you should perch the annul plane no matter what plan you get. The annual subscription will provide you with a free domain and reduce your cost way more than you can imagine, especially when you have an option to apply LeadPages Discount Code. Moreover, in every case, you will get a trial period to understand whether the plan benefits you.

The process of Create Landing Pages-

Before you go for any plan, you must begin by signing up. Then you will see a tab “Create New Landing Page” on the top right side. Click on the tab, and you will see a pop-up for a different landing page. Choose the required one and go for the templates. You can also use a blank page and customize it according to your preference. Now, after you choose a template, click on it, drag it and drop it. Here you will be able to see how your landing page will look on mobile or desktop. Click on the “Use this template” tab and follow the steps as asked. Now edit the template, customize all required fields according to your choice and click on the publish button. In this step, you can first test your blog post or publish it on your domain.

LeadPages Discount Coupons-

There are several LeadPages Discount coupons available on the internet. We have tried various coupons to get the right one for you. However, using these LeadPages Discount coupons for annual subscriptions is better.


Suppose you do not know how to activate LeadPages Discount coupons and a free trial. Then follow this lead- go to leadpages.com→ go to plans template→ choose the annual button→ to choose a plan→ click on the tab “Start for Free” → Set your account and fill all the fields→ select payment method→ click on “Start My Free Trial” tab. And there, you have successfully started your free trial.

After 14 days, you will be asked to pay for your subscription, and You will find an “Apply code” options bar in the payment link. Just put your favourite LeadPages Discount code on the bar, and you will see that the amount has been reduced from your bill. Just pay the rest using your preferred method and use LeadPages Services.

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