How to Get Free Fire V Badge Using Code

Free Fire V Badge: If you are a player of Free Fire, then you would know how important is Free Fire V Badge Code is. As every Free Fire player has dreamed of this, most of the users asked me for it. I’ve tested various ways to get a V Badge Code, so I’m going to share the best trick of all.

V Badge is the desire of every player because it is the key to becoming a popular player of Free Fire. As I tried so many tricks, I came up with the most useful trick to get the Code of the V Badge.

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What is Free Fire V Badge Code?

Basically, it is a badge given by Free Fire to special players. Mostly those lucky people are the content creators or those who have joined their partner program. Some people have achieved it after winning many tournaments. 

Free Fire V Badge Code is like the Identity of pro players. So if you want to become a popular player, you can earn it by winning many tournaments, which is very difficult. But we are offering you a free badge, so read till the end.

Is This Trick 100% Working?

Yes, getting Free Fire V Badge Code with this trick is 100% possible, and this hack really works. You simply have to copy the given Code to your account, and you’ll soon get a V Badge. Amazingly you’ll get your Badge without winning the tournaments.

How to Get Free Fire V Badge Code?

You can get Free Fire V Badge Code in different ways. You can get it by joining their partner program. If you are a famous content creator or a popular gamer, you can request a V Badge from Free Fire at Gmail/Email, so they will give you a V Badge.

If you can’t join their partner program and are not a famous content creator, you should play tournaments. You should win more tournaments to get the V Badge which is very difficult, but some people have done it.

There is another way to get Free Fire V Badge Code; without getting into trouble. You can simply get the Code from our website, and it is given below. You don’t need to join any program or win tournaments because the technique we will use is free from any struggle.

Steps of Getting Free Fire V Badge Code

Below are the simple hacks by which you can easily generate a V Badge on your ID. So carefully read and don’t miss any step:

  • The Code is [b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0000], so go now and copy that Free Fire V Badge Code. Once you have copied the Code successfully, then open Free Fire.
  • Log in to the account you want to add the Badge. After logging in, go to the lobby and open your profile.
  • After clicking on it, a small pencil will appear on your profile picture, so click on it.
  • When you click the pencil, a new screen will appear; you can see a box there.
  • Now paste the copied Free Fire V Badge Code in the box and click on the “OK” button; wait for a while and then leave the game.
  • Open free fire after a little longer and go to the lobby. Hurray! You can see the V Badge on your profile.

The Key Features of Free Fire V Badge Code

The Free Fire V Badge Code is useful for a FF player. It is a dream of every Free fire user to get a V Badge on their profile. This Code amazingly generates the Badge on your profile photo without any risk. If you want a V Badge, there is no better strategy to do it. 

Instant Badge

By using the Free Fire V Badge Code, you can instantly get a badge, and as compared to other ways, this is the most instant option for getting the Badge.


There is no risk because everyone has to put the Code for getting the Badge. The difference is that we are providing you those Codes, which are not provided by Free Fire.

The Best Option 

Getting the Free Fire V Badge Code from our site is the best option among all the others. Other methods may have some risk, but this trick is risk-free.

Easy to Generate

Anyone can easily generate the Code, and we also have given the above steps for getting it. So this is the simplest and safest option to get the V Badge.

Pros & Cons of Free Fire V Badge Code


  • 1. Safest way to get the V Badge
  • 2. You can become a popular player by getting this Code
  • 3. It is the identification of pro players
  • 4. Your ID will be more valuable
  • 5. You will get more diamonds and a reward


  • 1. Impossible to get it by winning tournaments
  • 2. Only those content creators who have above 100k subscribers can get this

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Can Get Free Fire V Badge?

A. Only the person who is given the Code can get a V Badge. Although from our website, anyone can get a Free Fire V Badge Code. 

2. Is This Trick Safe?

A. Yes, this trick is the safest compared to any other method of getting a V Badge.

3. How Many People Have This Badge?

A. Only 400 people from the Indian server have this Badge. You can also be the one, so get that Code now.

4. How to Use This Code?

A. You can copy this Code and paste it on the signature box of Free fire, then you’ll soon get a V Badge on your profile.

5. Is This Important?

A. This is very important for becoming a pro player, especially for streamers or content creators. The Free Fire V Badge is the Identity of an expert player.

Bottom Line

If you also want to be a pro player, you should have this Badge. You can easily get the Free Fire V Badge Code here. Just copy & paste the Code and enjoy your Badge. It also includes some rewards like diamonds, etc. Please share this article with your friends and family if this article is helpful.