How To Hack Free Fire ID: Hack Free Fire Account

Being a Free Fire player, you may have thought about hacking someone’s trendy ID or whose rank is higher than you. Higher ranked players have a great Guns, Costumes, and Diamonds collection. They have the supply you dreamt of.

If you also want to hack someone’s ID, you are lucky to be here. We will tell you how to do a Free Fire Id Hack and recover Your Free Fire Id HackedWe will share some excellent tips & tricks with you. So read till the end to learn how to hack your favourite ID or recover your hacked ID.

Is Free Fire Id Hack Real?

Yes, Free Fire is a 100% working hack. It is a fantastic hack for users who want to hack Free Fire accounts. We have various Free Fire Id Hack given below, step by step. 

With these hacks, you can efficiently and skillfully get someone’s account.

Below are different hacks, for example, Free Fire Id Hack, Free Fire Diamonds Hack, Free Fire Costume Hacks and Free Fire Gun Hacks.

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Steps for Free Fire Id Hack – 2022 Edition

Free Fire fixed all security problems in the latest update, so it is difficult to hack any Free Fire Id, but we will share with you some super easy Free Fire Id Hack 2022, which are as follows:

  • 1. Click the link below to open the Free Fire Id Hack webpage. Then you need to obtain the Gmail ID/ Facebook ID whose account you want to hack.
  • 2. Once you get the Gmail ID/ Facebook ID, it will be easier for you to get their account without any problem. Then enter the Gmail ID/ Facebook ID on the webpage you opened from our link.
  • 3. Now, you will get the OTP (Verification Code) on your Gmail ID/ Facebook ID, copy the code from Gmail ID/ Facebook ID, paste it on the given box on that web page, and wait for a while.
  • 4. Then, change the ID password to get total access to that Free Fire account.
  • 5. Now link that Gmail ID/ Facebook ID with Free Fire to open their Free Fire account and wait for a while.
  • 6. After some minutes, the ID you want will be opened. Great! Isn’t it too easy!

Note: –Hacking someone’s ID is not a good idea, so try to avoid these account hacks, but If you want more diamonds and weapons, we have a fabulous Free Fire 50000 diamonds hack. The link is given below.

How to Recover My Free Fire Hacked ID?

  • If someone has hacked your account, then don’t be upset because we are here with incredible Free Fire Id Hack Recovery. You can recover your ID in minutes using this recovery method, so follow these steps carefully.
  • So if your Free Fire account was connected to your Facebook account or Gmail account, then you can quickly recover it. First, come to the linked report, Gmail or Facebook. 
  • Click on the option “Account Login” so a screen will appear and put your Gmail/ Facebook ID on it, then an opportunity for your password will occur, but as you didn’t know the changed password so you will click on “Forgotten Password?” When you click on it, it will ask you for the recovery email you may have given when you sign up the Gmail.
  • Now they will send you a code {OTP} for verification, and then you will get an option for entering the new password. This time enter a unique and robust password that No one could break.
  • Hurray! You Got your Free Fire Id back. Enjoy playing your Free Fire game and defeat your every enemy.

How to Prevent Free Fire Id Hack?

You may take some precautions for your Free Fire Id because hackers have developed numerous ID hacks. Here are the tips to avoid your Free Fire Id Hack. Take care of your ID if you don’t want to lose all your Free Fire progress.

Avoid sharing ID passwords with anyone, even with your close friends, because if your friend’s ID is hacked, then there is a chance of hacking your ID too.

So, avoid sharing passwords. Secondly, you should make separate passwords for different social media accounts and make unique passwords so the chance of a Free Fire Id Hack will be lesser.

You also should connect your ID from any of your Gmail or Facebook accounts because using the Guest ID is risky; it can be hacked easily, and the Guest ID cannot be regained. So if you lost your Guest ID, there is no way to recover it. Even Official Free Fire has told you that Unlinked ID cannot be restored.

Pros & Cons of Free Fire Id Hack 


  • 1. You can get any ID you want
  • 2. Easy to recover your faces ID
  • 3. 100% working hack
  • 4. Cost-free hack
  • 5. No risk in this hacking


  • 1. It’s not good to hack someone’s account
  • 2. Someone’s privacy is interrupted
  • 3. You may lose your progress

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is This Hack Useful?

A. Yes, this is a 100% working hack. You can quickly get an account you want to hack.

2. Is There Any Risk in This Hack?

A. Many other hacks which are done by a third party app are very risky because the Free Fires security system can detect any hack or third party app, but this is different. This hack is not like others as you are not using any third-party application, so there is no risk.

3. Can We Recover Free Fire Id Hack?

A. Yes, you can quickly recover your ID by changing your linked account’s password.

4. How Can We Prevent Our ID from Hackers?

A. You should make a unique and strong password and not share your passwords with anyone.

5. How Does It Works?

A. You just need to gain the linked account of the Free Fire account you want. Then the link we have given you will help you have or recover your ID.

Bottom Line

Above are some fantastic tricks and Free Fire Id Hack by which you can get access to any Free Fire Id you want without any risk. We have also shared techniques for recovering your ID if it is hacked. I’m sure that these tips & tricks will help you a lot. So if you find it useful then share it with your friends too.