How To Join Team CodeFast in Free Fire

How To Join Team CodeFast in Free Fire :-Playing freefire is not just a time pass but a passion. If you are completely new to the game, trust me, you will be terrified to know that you can play the game with your best buddies. You can create two different teams and compete with each other and enjoy the game on a whole new level.

In Free Fire, you will find a feature known as TeamCode. The feature will let you play with your teammates. If your friends have already created a squad, you can ask for their team code and join the game. Again, if you and all your friends are newly playing Free Fires, you can create your own Team Code.

Here we will tell you “How to Join TeamCode Fast In Free Fire?” and “How to Create a TeamCode Fast in Free Fire?”. You can use both ways to play with your friends and team buddies.

Before you join or create your own Team Code, you must remember that here only four players can play in a team, and only two teams can play against each other. now before we know How to Join TeamCode Fast In Free Fire?” Let us create our TeamCode.

How To Join Team CodeFast in Free Fire
How To Join Team CodeFast in Free Fire

How to Create A Squad?

Before creating your TeamCode, you must change your game mode. You have probably chosen to play solo while joining the game. But to play with your buddies, you need to change your game mode into Squad or Duo. Once you have changed the mode, you can create the code.You can also visit-Free Fire Name Style 2022

Creating a Squad-

Once you have changed the mode, you will see a screen where you have to put six-digit numbers. Now, remember to create an exceptional because otherwise, you will not be able to discriminate your team from others. Now you can invite your teammates to join your squad.

Now a few things to keep in mind before you join the. After you finish the game, you have to abandon the team. In that case, the code will be disappeared, and you and your team will no longer be able to use the code again. Now, what will you do if you have to keep playing the game with your mates? Then you have to follow the same step again with the same code. Well, there is an advantages and a disadvantage to the feature.

Advantage of the Feature-

You can play with your mate using the same code. You will not have to send the code to each member when you start a new game.

A disadvantage of the feature-

Once you finish the game, you must create the same team code again to play with your friends. But if someone wants to fight you in the game and he is your old mate, they can easily join your team using the same code and harm your team from inside, just like in a real battle. Soldiers often placed their spies in a real battle to know about other parties’ moves and techniques. If you use the same code to play a tournament, you can face the same thing. Just remember to change your TeamCode before you join a tournament.

Uses of TeamCode in Free Fire-

Once you have created the TeamCode, the next step is sending the TeamCode invitation to your team members. Here your friends have to follow a few steps. But before you train them on how to join your code, create your team. Remember, the game is exactly like a battle. Here you have to trust your partner to win the battle. And before you create a team, you must be very specific with your friends. Do not share the code with someone you do not trust if you are going to a tournament.

Here ask your friend to choose the instant team option. Now, if your friends do not choose the instant team option, the game will not let them use the code you created. Once the option is chosen, a small tab will appear on their screen where your friend will have to insert the code you have created. Here they have to input the same numbers. Once they input the numbers and hit the right button, they will find themselves right into the game besides you.

Now it is time to know How to Join TeamCode Fast In Free Fire?” I believe you are smart enough. And you have already identified the answer. But still, if you are just like me and have been inspired by your younger siblings to play the game, then you should do what I do to play the game. Now here you are probably not understanding how they are playing games and talking to each other about the same scene, and strategy and enemies then follow these steps.

How to Join TeamCode Fast In Free Fire?

  • Ask your siblings to share the TeamCode they use to play with each other. Once you receive the invitation, follow the next step.
  • Now open the game and change your game mode from solo to squad or Duo.
  • You must click on the “Invite” button.
  • Once you have opened the Invite option, you will see another sub-option named “Fast Team”. Here you have to click on the option.
  • Here, a dialogue box appears on your screen, asking for TeamCode. You will have to enter the same number your siblings provided you.
  • Once you have entered the code, hit the right button on the right side of the screen.

There you have successfully joined your siblings in the game. Now you can fight by standing right beside your team.

Tricks To Join a Famous YouTube Stream TeamCode-

There are three tricks if you do not have a team or your siblings or do not want to create your team. Again, if you want to join a YouTube Stream TeamCode, you can use these three tricks to join a TeamCode and start playing Duo immediately or in a squad.

  • Trick 1- Open Your Free Fire app and select the squad option. Now click on the generate team code button. You will find the button on the left middle side of the screen. Once you click on the generate team code button, you will get an instant code. Now keep memorizing the first three digits of the code. Now go back to the main menu and open Fast team. Put the memorized numbers on the screen and use the last three numbers of a team you want to join. Now the process will take you to the same game that your friends are playing.
  • Trick 2- You can use this trick if you are a YouTube streamer fan and want to join their team. Here you have to refresh the stream before you take any further steps. The step is necessary because the stream is really popular, and the players are pretty active, so I am not sure if you can get a slot open for yourself. Once you refresh the team and are sure there is a vacant place available, you can input the TeamCode. Remember to put the TeamCode properly, or you will not be able to join your favourite team.

(Note that joining a YouTuber stream TeamCode is not so easy, you have to keep refreshing to get a free space)

  • Trick 3- If you see live streaming of a Youtuber and are joining the same team but failed, then follow the step. Once you see that buffering is taking time and delaying your joining, refresh the YouTube stream as often as possible. After two to three minutes, try to re-join again. Now, remember you have to do it every two minutes, and it will let you join the game as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Playing in a Squad-

If you are an active player of Free Fire and you are playing a solo game, then it is time to change your game mode. Don’t you wonder how your siblings and friends talk to each other about the experiences, techniques and battle crafts they have won? Well, Free Fire is that much exciting. If you are a solo player, let me give you some reason to play with your squad. One, it will let you participate with your team. Second It will help you to play a tournament and win a prize. You can join your favourite YouTube Streaming team to play squad with them. In fact, who knows if you can get a chance to meet them in the future.


Now I guess you got the answer to your question How to Join TeamCode Fast In Free Fire?” However, you can still play solo games. Now playing solo games is not that bad. You can master the game by learning tips and tricks and other possible ways to ditch your companions and enemies. And in fact, you can create your own YouTube videos with that. Once you learn how to play it, you can play with your mates and other players.

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