Note-taking plays a prominent role every day, be it a concise note or the lengthier one. It provides a glimpse of the entire content and organized information. This has become quite comfortable with note-taking applications. It also reminds us of the important messages and events.

As known, Evernote is the most commonly used digital notebook that is simple enough to take quick notes, add text documents, images, audio and can be organized into a notebook. It can even provide handwritten notes. All its handy features made it to be a well-known application for a long time.

But one may feel better moving to another alternative to Evernote because of its bloating feature sets, rising price, change in the privacy policy and premium plans. Thus, here are some best alternative applications that render similar features as that of Evernote.




  • It is one of the best alternatives that allows us to save and sync texts across devices, supporting markdown for formatting text.
  • The user interface of simple notes is much easier than that of Evernote.
  • Its features include note sharing, synchronizing notes with other devices running on big varieties of platforms.
  • Synchronization is provided by third-party software such as nValt and National Velocity.
  • It is a great app for those who want to write without facing any distractions,
  • The platforms that support simple notes are iOS, Macintosh, Android, Kindle.

2.Google Keep:

  • The notable features of this app include color codes for notes, list-based notes, the ability to share your note with others, reminders within notes.
  • It also allows scribbling by hand, recording memos and capturing images.
  • Consists of a completely simple interface.
  • Provides integration with Google’s other services and it can be accessed from any part of the web.
  • It does not have a desktop app, instead one can access notes on the web.
  • It is supported on the platforms: Android, Chrome, iOS.

3. AppleNotes:

  • It is the easiest and complete task management tool that is already available in iOS, iPhones, Mac.
  • With iOS11 update, it can create checklists, tables, pin and search notes, share notes, scan entire documents.
  • IPad Pro users can even draw and take notes with an apple pencil.
  • The only drawback is that it lacks web clipper or snipper as in Evernote.

4. Microsoft OneNote:

  • Unique features include its ability to add web clipping as notes, convert emails into notebooks, add paragraphs, create checklist-based notes.
  • It supports third-party applications like Chegg, Zapier.
  • Every note in OneNote is like a paper in note and can even include audio, sketches, videos in it.
  • Platforms that support OneNote are Windows, Windows phone, Macintosh, iPad, iPhones, Android, Mac, Web.

5. Nevernote:

  • This app was developed by an open-source.
  • Its characteristics include shared notebooks, color-code based notes.
  • It is mainly used to overcome the drawbacks of Evernote which doesn’t support Linux.
  • Platforms that support this app are Linux, Windows, Mac.

6.Google Docs:

  • The main feature of this is it allows collaboration.
  • It creates notes and stores them in Google drive.
  • Provides text-based notes that create presentations, spreadsheets.
  • Google Docs is supported on web-based platforms.


  • Creates the effect of written notes that is the effect of paper and pen.
  • Best suitable for people who like to take note using a stylus or pen.

8. Quip:

  • Consists of a fast and different interface.
  • Offers robust and powerful workflow collaboration.
  • Used to create notes as documents, spreadsheets or team chats and organized them into a folder.
  • Allows reformating notes.
  • Suitable for personal level works.


  • It is a hardcore, simple, user-friendly app.
  • Has a great community built up around it
  • Offers simple outline features along with note-taking capability.
  • It is provided with third-party applications, integration and browser extensions.


  • Completely replaces Evernote and has every feature that evernote has.
  • Consists of the simple interface.
  • It is furnished with tags, passcode locks, text formatting features along with syntax highlighting, live word count features.

Try these variant applications for free and acquire a better note-taking experience as in evernote.

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