Fixing the error Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix for Samsung or other devices

Fixing the error Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix for Samsung or other devices

Step-by-Step procedure for [FIXED] Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock fix without Deleting Files / Data works on Any Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, J1, J2, J3, J5, J7, A3, A5, A8, C9, E5, E7, etc.The smartphone is the most important and essential gadget for the modern world as people totally depend on it for almost every daily needed service. Though everyone uses it, they don’t have detailed knowledge about the errors they can face operating this smartphone.

One error that can occur on your smartphone is called ‘Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock’ for Samsung and Other Smartphones also. In this error, FRP is Factory Reset Protection. This function protects the phone from any change of the mobile software done without the original user’s permission. Hence if any vital internal change, like installation of new firmware or R.O.M is done in the software of your smartphone, this error can occur. If it occurs, then the message ‘Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock’ in red color will be shown on the mobile screen and the phone will not work beyond this stage. Until the user will not remove this lock, the message will repeatedly come on the mobile screen whenever he opens it.

This message mainly signifies that the old information like Google Id and Password still remained the same on the phone and you have to be fed it up once again you reset and start your phone. This error can be fixed up by following the instructions given below.

The Process of fixing the error Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock fix for Samsung / Other devices

The error-removing fixation can be done in 3 ways.

  • Force restarting process:-If you forcefully start your phone, then the error can be patched up by stopping all the operations running in the background. This can be done by pressing the ‘power’ and ‘volume’ button simultaneously for few seconds. Then the error message will not come again.
  • Recovery Mode Process: If the previous trick does not work, then you can go for this try. You can press the power, home and volume button all at a time for a little longer, then various options will come. You have to choose the ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ option by using the volume button for scrolling and the power button for selecting. After a little while, the process will be over and your phone will start to work normally.
    In this process, there is a chance of losing all the data and setting previously done. In this case, you have to start from the initial process of setting and feeding data to your phone.
  • Odin Usage Process: If both the previous processes fail to work, then you can go for this final try. The process is quite tiring but works quite effectively in almost every case.

The steps of the process are as follows:

  • You have to download the latest version of Odin on your laptop.
  • Then the stock firmware should be downloaded by entering the country name, model number and other particulars, for your device.
  • Now pressing the volume, power and home button at a time enter ‘Download Mode’ in your phone. As the Download page comes on the screen, the volume up button should be pressed for continuation.
  • ‘Run as Administrator’ is to be selected by the right click on the laptop and then ‘Odin’ will be launched.
  • The ‘Odin window’ will be opened on the laptop.
  • Now the phone should be connected to the laptop by using the USB port.
  • Then Odin can identify the phone and add it to its own window.
  • Now you should click on CP, AP, CSC and their according files from the downloaded firmware.
  • For Flashing, the ‘Start’ button has to be clicked.
  • A message ‘Pass’ will be shown on the Odin window and the reboot process will start on the phone.
  • Now, you will be directed to set up your phone again.

So, the above three are the processes through which you can remove the Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix error for Samsung S8, S9, J5, J7, A8, C9, A5, etc. Though this function is made to protect the smartphone from unauthorized access and tampering with its software but is really a nuisance to get out of it if it occurs. One can use these processes to get rid of that because these processes are really tried and tested and very effective.

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