IOS Emulator for Android – Complete User Guide

A majority of people are using Android OS because Android devices are quite cheap than IOS devices. To be very honest, not everyone can buy IOS devices. Maybe, due to their high prices but many of Android users want to use ios devices. Not just for the quality but, also there is an issue for Android users that makes them use ios devices.

For example, many applications, games, and software are not released on Android devices but are released on IOS platforms. Sometimes, the release of many applications is delayed on Android devices and at the very moment, they are released on ios devices. Everyone wants to use such apps and games and all those software at the very same time of release. So when this all happens it makes issues and makes the users pissed off.

Some people buy IOS devices but not everyone has the price to pay for ios devices. So, what should the user do? Because everyone who cannot buy an ios device wants to run such apps of ios on android.

But what to do now?

IOS Emulator

Can I run IOS apps on android?

The answer is YES, you can but how? How can we use ios apps on android? The answer is that you can run any ios app on android by using “EMULATOR”.

What is an EMULATOR?

The emulator is a platform which helps to run applications of other OS on your OS like one can run IOS applications, software, games etc on the Android operating system. The emulators create such type of environment that cause those applications, and games to run on your particular device which actually belongs to another operating system. For example the famous games FORTNITE.

This game is basically released on IOS but not on android so if you want to play that game you can install an ios emulator on your Android Operating system and play it without buying an ios device.

There are plenty of other applications you can only use in ios such as Enlight photo fox, cinder, etc. In this way emulator really helps all android users. They can use their desired products without spending plenty of money on ios devices now people may ask many other questions like:

Is there any ios emulator for android? Or is there any ios emulator?

Yes, there are plenty of ios emulators for Android that work on Android operating systems, but there’s a problem that occurs that no one knows about all those ios emulators for android or they may ask which is the best ios emulator for android.

Here we will provide you with the best quality and most useful ios emulators for android so that you can use any ios applications or games on your android devices.

Some of the IOS emulators for android are:



At the very top of the list, we have this IEMU ios emulator for Android devices. This emulator is really a top-notch emulator for your Android which can run any Ios applications, software, or games on your android devices with much ease and comfort.

Its UI is simple and has really less ambiguity so that every new user will surely be using it with no such problem. The best thing about this emulator is that you can use any application or game totally free of cost whether they are paid or free of cost. It works on both rooted and Non-rooted Android devices.

Somehow you have to clear your other background application for the best results.



CIDER is one of the best quality ios emulators for android applications because of its simply clear and easy-to-use environment. You can access everything on it free of cost and with no ambiguity at all. It can run apk files because of its versatile nature. As it is a free ios emulator so one can surely love to download it.

Even the developers tend to check the ios applications on this emulator which makes it more special. You can easily run everything on it because it has no such limitations in it.



The All-in-one ios emulator is simply one of everyone’s favourite ios emulators for android because it will give you the best ios experience among the other emulators.

This emulator will not only provide you with the ios applications but you will get the famous thing of ios which is SIRI. Yes, it’s true you will get a fully working Siri on your Android device by using this emulator, not only Siri but also an ios camera with all of its features and ios music app too. You can find in one ios emulator apk on your web easily.

This emulator will make you feel the experience of old ios versions like 6 or 7 etc. This amazing ios emulator is fully functionally built by one of the members of XDA. Can I use iMessage on Android? You really cannot use the iMessage on your Android Operating system because Apple developers are using a special kind of end-to-end encryption system in their ios devices by using the APPLE servers that make sure of security and helps to secure all the sending and receiving messages from all the IOS devices. As all of the messages being sent are encrypted, the iMessage is only visible to those devices which know the message decryption method.


Appetize io is not any other kind of emulator. It is basically a web-based simulator which works as an ios emulator for Android which means it works on web pages of your android devices.

Like, suppose you want to use ios on your android so simply go on your chrome browser. Write APPETIZE.IO on it and press the enter button after pressing it a page will be loaded which shows you a button named “Tap To Play” after pressing it you can easily be using ios on your android device.

This web simulator will help you to access ios apps without downloading but you have to install it so that you can easily be using such apps. It’s a simple and fast way of accessing ios apps on your android device.

In case, if you are looking for free in-app purchases, you can check our exclusive guide on it.


We have tried our best to explain what is IOS Emulator for Android, and we hope you get it well. Still, if you have any confusion or question you can reach us by commenting, we are always here to have your suggestions and feedback. Looking forward to hearing it from you!

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