PING Router Admin Login is an IP address to enter the router to which the device is connected via a local or wireless network. The entry address differs between the manufacturer and model. is relevant for most routers companies: TP-Link; D-Link; Asus; Zyxe; Tenda; Huawei; Cisco; Qtech; NetGear; ZTE and others. The address and login access, often admin–admin, of the router used is indicated on a sticker on the back of the modem and in the instruction manual. The article will consider the entrance to your personal account and fix connection errors.

Connecting the Router via

If the router is already connected to the computer and is working or working, skip this step and go to the next item. For owners of a new router or reset to factory settings, we will start from the moment when the device is pulled out of the box (and how else did you know that you need to log in at We will decide how we want to enter the router, over a local connection via wire or via Wi-Fi.

Go to the Router through the Wire on the Local Network

  1. Turn on the router in the outlet, and press the on button. Check whether the indicators are lit.
  2. We take the ethernet cable and connect the network card of the computer or laptop with the router.
  3. Waiting for the OS to create a local connection. On Windows, until the creation, a cross will be lit against the background of the monitor.
  4. After creating the connection, open the popular browser: Yandex; Opera; Firefox; Chrome Internet Explorer; Safari; Microsoft Edge.
  5. Enter IP Address in the address bar. Do not get confused with the address bar and the search box in Yandex or Google.
  6. In the window that appears, enter the information specified on the router, often login – admin, password – admin.

Log in to the Personal Cabinet of the Router via Wi-Fi

Access to the login page of the control panel of the router is possible on devices with a Wi-Fi receiver: a telephone; tablet; and on Android OS, Windows Phone or IOS. The main thing is that the router would be able to distribute Wi-Fi.

  • We connect the router to the outlet and turn on the button “On”.
  • if you need to activate a button for transmitting via Wi-Fi, click.
  • on the reverse side of the modem, we look at the network key, often denoted by the SSID, and the wireless network password.
  • In the device being executed, we connect to the WiFi network of the router and enter the specified password.
  • open the browser and in the address bar and then ping
  • personal router account will be loaded, enter access data (admin – admin).

Ideally, go to the settings page of the router. 99% that the readers of this article are faced with a problem that does not allow them to get into their personal account. Let’s figure it out. –Can’t access the login page

Let’s check the parameters before doing complex things and hope that the error has crept in by inattention:

  1. Make sure the computer is connected with a LAN cable to the router.
  2. If there is no connection, try turning on the router through another port. On mobile devices it is easier if WiFi is connected, then a connection to the modem is present.
  3. Look carefully at where the IP address is entered. Enter the required in the address bar of the browser.

Check the address again, – one hundred ninety-two point one hundred sixty-eight point zero point one. Neither a comma, nor a dash, nor the letter “O”. The error options is: “192 168 0 1”, “192, 168, 0, 1”; “192, 168, o, 1”, “192.168.o.1”;

  • Go to another browser
  • clean the cache of the browser from which you are logging in:
  • try temporarily disabling Windows Firewall.
  • when using a firewall or antivirus, temporarily deactivate programs, for example, Nod32, Kaspersky, and Avast;
  • reboot the device and the router;
  • go to the settings of the router at from another device;
  • when connecting to the router with a Lan cable, change the LAN port on the router;
  • make sure the cable is installed in the LAN port and not in the ethernet where the internet comes from.
  • Check that the browser does not use a proxy server. To do this, go to the “Control Panel” Windows “, go to” Browser Properties “. If the proxy is active, disable it and try again.

If nothing helped and no problems were found after the verification, then we will find the problem in another way.

Check Router Availability over IP

  • Open the command prompt and execute the command


  • If the answer is “timed out for the request” or “failed to find the node”, then we try to change the Lan port of the connection on the router, if the router pings and there are no errors, then proceed to set up the network connection.

Network Settings for Access to IP

We proceed to network connections through the control panel, the command line, or through the context menu of the taskbar.

Select the item “change adapter settings” if you logged in from Windows 10, in Windows xp, 7, Vista, 8, the item is called “adapter settings”.

In the window that opens, look for our network connection, click on it with the right mouse button and go to the properties.

Double-click on the item IP version 4 TCP IPv4. Modern routers and providers do not require hard-to-specify data to connect, if the menu is full of numbers, try switching to “get IP addresses automatically” and “get DNS servers automatically.” If the option is already selected, we will fill in the addresses manually.

To do this, we will change the option to “use the following IP address” and “use the following DNS server addresses”. We prescribe the following:

  • IP Address –
  • mask –
  • Gateway –
  • DNS –

Check the access to the control panel, if that did not help, then there are two ways.

Hard-reset resets the settings of the router to the factory settings. Information, including the provider and internal Wi-Fi passwords, will be lost. Repeat the recommendations described above;
call the wizard or hand over the router for diagnosis in the service centre.

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