who has their routers and internet access needs to pay attention to some factors. The configuration is an essential factor and most routers work with the number Although there are also other addresses that are essential to be spoken here as well.

In general, the process is very simple, fast and most routers teach you how to do everything. However, there are doubts and many times even money is spent to be able to do this process. But through this post it will be possible to learn how this should be done, as this is the main objective.

It is common to have many routers that come with an installation CD or even the option to go to the website and download the program. However, it is always more interesting to have the opportunity to learn how to configure manually. After all, knowledge is never too much, so now is the time to get right to the point.

What is

The is also known as IP address, the number of IP version 4 (IPv4) is a 32-bit number aproximamente essentially written in four bytes, having a representation in decimal format, for example, 192.168 .1.2.IP addresses can also be used when referring to networks and also to an individual host. It should be noted that a network address will have a host identification field, so the bits will be equal to zero.

In general, this explanation makes it possible to understand the reason for various numbers. It is important to have this information to help you understand even the configuration. In fact, it should be noted that this is very useful information for everyone who is in doubt about it.

What Is For?

Before showing more about it is necessary to highlight its main functionality, as it is always interesting. Nothing better than quoting and giving all the information you need on this subject. Therefore, most internet devices will be “D-Link”, that is, they are from the same company that manufactures them.

Therefore, the system is almost always the same and the facility to configure is very great. The always have the need to have an Internet Protocol to be confugrado properly. And at that point there will be support to help with this configuration, in this case it is

It may seem funny, but many associate it with, that is, with an Internet Protocol that will have the last two numbers inverted. This confusion is common and is part of the whole process. However, it is also important to note that they are not the same and have many differences.

However, in fact, it will serve so that the D-link devices can be readjusted correctly. In addition, will also allow varied preferences regarding privacy to be shown as well, which is always very advantageous and will help in this whole process.

These configurations with the same Internet Protocol can be made even on modems. However, it should be noted that it is not appropriate to write the IP number manually. Since the chance of making a mistake is always very high and it can hinder the process and delay the configuration a lot.

The final tip is to copy and place, if the number is just copy and place. After that, everything will be configured in a more assertive and fast way, avoiding the famous waste of time. In addition, everyone must know how to take advantage of the benefits and avoid problems that hinder the configuration process.

How to use

In order to be able to use the router’s IP correctly, it is necessary to know the sequence of numbers that apply to this model. It doesn’t matter much whether it is at home or elsewhere, as it will not matter that much. Nothing better than configuring below how to do it, see:

  • Step 1- Enter the IP in your browser and open the router’s login page. Now just enter the username and password that were registered by the company that manufactured the router.
  • Step 2- The router’s configuration interface changes a lot depending on the model, however, they should always contain the following sections: LAN, Wi-Fi, security and extra features, search until you find the LAN configuration;
  • Step 3- On this same screen, you will have some options like the subnet mask and the DHCP server. Confirm that DHCP is enabled and check your network’s initial IP. If the number ends in “10 ″ (as in, it will mean that you have from 2 to 9 to do the correct assignment of computers that need a fixed IP;
  • Step 4- In the Wi-Fi settings, look for the terms “SSID” so that it is possible to change the network name, and “security” or “network key” to customize the password.
  • Step 5- Search for the wireless distribution system and make sure that Bridge Mode (or bridging) is disabled – unless a modem is connected to a wireless router.
  • Step 6- Access the security or administration option of the router to set up a new username and password for it. Try to confuse it with Step 4, as it is not a password for the wireless connection. Here, what you change are the credentials to access the network settings.

What are the most used Ips?

It is essential to always point out that the main IP number is, however, there are variations. It is very important to show that ip like IP: and are actually variations. This should be clear, as it is common to have several doubts and people can often be left with doubts. However, by following the steps above it will be possible to configure in a very secure way. The main purpose of this post was precisely that, that is, to provide you with the information. It is essential to learn how to configure manually, as it is the most effective way to avoid some problems.