→ Number and more numbers are part of the internet browsing, and many of them are ignored because they do not make any sense or have a reason for being there in the links, or e-mail.

What few know is that nothing of numbering has its usefulness, especially to guide the surfers into the waves of the internet.

The numbering may already have been present at some point while you were stirring in your computer, or even on a device mobile (smartphone or tablet). But, what is this number?

  • Login Admin – Router Network

What mean these numbers?

The is what we call IP address, that is, it works as a lease to a specific page or also how to identify a router. This numbering is essential for those who wish to make settings in your network and WiFi connection.

It is valid to note that if you are going to use the IP to access any page, this needs to be typed extremely correct. Each number and point should be in the right place, otherwise you will be sent to a search or to a nonexistent site.

How to use the IP to enter the setup page

The IP can be used to enter the setup page of your router. It is possible to make various changes such as the WiFi password or the band that you will be providing to each machine connected on the network.

The options are endless, but it is necessary to know about the subject to modify the options more complex.

To access the settings area, simply digital the IP address in the browser and identify the login. Generally, the manufacturers of routers, leave as the default account, the following access data:

• Login: admin
• Password: admin

Give preference to access the settings page through the browsers trusted, and most popular, such as Chrome or Mozilla. This tip is so that you will not have problems to enter the site from the IP, because not all browsers have support for the programming in question.

It is important to say that the computer must be connected to the network that you want to do the modifications, preferably with a network cable.

How do you know my real IP

In spite of to be one of the more IP used, this may not be the address to access the settings of your router. In these cases it is necessary to identify which numbering proper, and for this there are two paths.

The simplest way is to search for the IP on a label on the device itself the router. Manufacturers generally indicate this information next to the login, this is often the pattern already indicated.

There are cases in which the label no longer exists, so it is necessary to resort to a PC that is connected on the network to know the IP number. To use this path, simply click with the right mouse button on the icon network (WiFi).

When you choose the option “Network and Sharing Center” a window will open with the network that is connected, click it, and then click “Details”. The IP will be next to “IPv4”.