Total Gaming AjjuBhai Uid Number, lifetime stats

Free Fire is considered the world’s most popular video game. It has advanced features of fighting skills and weapons.

This game allows the users to enjoy the game by using several game features. In this era, it covered one-third of the world’s total population and is crazy about it.

Furthermore, experienced players of the Free Fire have introduced their YouTube channels and live streaming of the game.

This helps the users understand the game’s basic skills and acknowledge the recent upgrades.

Ajjubhai UID is also considered one of the famous content creditors, and YouTube streamers have millions of fan followers on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Free Fire ID is 451012596, which is examined as a remarkable Od due to its high rate of killing and damages. His real name is Ajay, but he got popular with the name Ajjubhai.

Total Gaming Aka AjjuBhai Uid Number,

Successful Streamer

Ajjubhai UID is assumed to be a successful YouTube streamer who has a million subscribers and a billion viewers. Many new users follow his YouTube videos for bitter understanding. And are very useful to them.

Stats and Ratio of Ajjubhai UID

The stats and ratio show the potential and capability of the ID. He played in three modes, including solo, duo, and squad modes.

Each mode has its killing rate, winning numbers, and ratio of it. The following tables are in detail information about these three modes.

Solo Mode Info of Ajjubhai UID

Total Matches880
Winning No76
Winning rate8.63%
Killing No2237
K/D ratio2.78

Duo Mode Info of Ajjubhai UID

Total Matches1587
Winning No299
Winning Rate18.84%
Killing No6200
K/D ratio4.81

Squad Mode Info of Ajjubhai UID

Total Matches9302
Winning No2414
Winning Rate25.95%
Killing No34138
K/D ratio4.96
Average Damage per Match1535

Social Media Details


The Basics Characteristics of Ajjubhai UID

Ajjubhai UID is the content creator and YouTube streamer who provides information about the popular game Free fire and shares essential information through his live streaming.

The following are some of the basic characteristics of the creator.

Free Fire ID

Ajjubhai UID performs its task on ID no. 451012596 in the Free fire. He has a very fantastic record of gameplay.

This ID user is regarded as multi-talented because of its successful role in all the modes.

Wonderful Commentator

He is not just considered a talented player of Free fire, but he is also an excellent commentator.

His commentary on the YouTube videos provides basic knowledge about the game. And the new users enjoy it.

Because of these characteristics and ways of sharing information, many users follow him every day on their other social media platforms.

YouTube Channels

The famous YouTube channel name ‘Total Gaming’ began in December 2018 and had 14.3 million subscribers and 1.745 billion viewers worldwide.

Ajjubhai channel is famous for its fantastic content creation and the proper way of providing information through commentary.

Gameplay Modes

There are three famous modes in Free fire to play their games, including solo, duo, and squad modes. Ajjubhai UID is also played in these three modes and has various stats and ratios.

The users enjoy all these three famous modes of the creator. The convenient creator has created different streams, approximately 900+ videos related to it.

Amazing Gaming Skills

He has impressive skills in competing in the game. From the values of winning rate and milling ratio, the users can get basic information about their skills and talent level.

Free fire is not being played as quickly while it needs the extraordinary skills of the players. The content creator has impressive skills in competing with other members in three different modes.

Game Display

The game’s display is supposed to be a fantastic display or graphics. The creator serves his unlimited efforts to make his background more attractive and appealing to other users.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Ajjubhai UID?

A. Ajjubhai UID is a famous Indian content creator and YouTube streamer. He provides unique content related to the Free fire universe, trains other users, and delivers skills about the game.

He has 1 million subscribers, while his viewers’ numbers are billions. Many new users worldwide followed him due to his different skills in gaming and considered him their leader.

2. What Are the Basics Characteristics of Ajjubhai UID?

A. Every content creator is famous for their stats and ratio and the characteristics that differentiate their content from others.

Ajjubhai UID no is 45viewers has fantastic graphics, millions of subscribers, and three numerous modes of the game solo, duo, and squad modes.

3. How Does It Help the Users?

A. The users can quickly learn the skills related to Free sure gaming and how the users should achieve a high rank in the game. It will also help you in establishing your capacity in the game.


Ajjubhai UID is considered an Indian popular content creator and YouTube streamer with about 14.3 million subscribers and approximately 1.746 billion viewers. The Free fire ID number of the creator is 451012596. He is a young and skilful player.

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