AS Gaming’s Free Fire UID, stats, real name

AS Gaming’s Free Fire UID, stats, real name:- Firstly, the users could just play games and complete their tasks. The game was restricted for entertainment purposes, but now, everyone is busy earning money in this modern era.

They introduced new ways and sorting for earnings. In every existing app or game website, they find a path for profit.

Many of the users last were playing Free fire, but no one could earn money, while today, the young generation makes it an earning source by creating content for the game on different IDs and uploading that content on their YouTube channels.

For example, AS Gaming UID is also a content creator ID available in Free fire and has millions of subscribers and viewers on YouTube.

The creator of the ID is Sahil Rana. He belongs to India and is considered a young content creator on YouTube.

He has millions of fan followers around the world. He shared his unique content related to the royal battle in the Free fire and provided different techniques to the viewers about the gameplay.

AS Gaming's Free Fire UID

AS Gaming Free Fire ID

Every content creator has a specific gaming ID that is regarded as their identity, and other users can quickly join them by trying the gaming ID number in their accounts.

So, as with other AS Gaming UID in Free fire is 169525329, and the name of the gameplay is A_S Gaming. The users can easily search it out for their learning techniques about the gameplay.

Stats and Ratio of AS Gaming UID

It has a very excellent record of playing games. The creator plays their competition in three different modes. These are solo, duo, and squad matches, and the stats and ratio of the gaming play are given below.

The users can easily comprehend it by understanding the below data about the game.

Solo Mode of AS Gaming UID

Total Matches2100
Winning No.229
Winning Rate10.90%
Killing No4411
K/D ratio2.85

Duo Mode of AS Gaming UID

Total Matches2122
Winning No.281
Winning Rate13.24%
Killing No.5666
K/D Ratio3.08

Squad Mode of AS Gaming UID

Total Matches6915
Winning No.1039
Winning Rate15.2%
Killing No.17343
K/D Ratio2.95

The Basics Characteristics of AS Gaming UID

Every gameplay creator has the characteristics that d differentiate AS Gaming UID from several other game players and content creators. The factors like streaming, game display, and many more are discussed below;

YouTube Channel

Popularize their Free fire gaming ID. The first attempt by the creator is to create a YouTube Channel with the help of these channels.

They provide live streaming or offline streaming of the games to the users. Many recent users follow them for learning the skills, and thus it got famous through it.

AS Gaming UID also has a YouTube channel with 219 videos related to Free fire battles and has 461 million subscribers and a total number of views are more than 310 million views.

The creator launched this channel in January 2019, and these three years, it gained very great fame. And become very common among users across the world.

Other Social Media Accounts

The founder AS Gaming UID has several other social media accounts that would be helpful for the new users to contact or follow for further information.

The creator shares all the details and information about his games on his social media accounts. By following him, the current users can quickly inform themselves.

YoutubeA_S Gaming
2 Youtube ChannelA_S Army

Fighting Skills

Watching all the streaming available on his YouTube channel defines the fighting skills of the creators. The battle he overcame by using a particular strategy could benefit other users.

Several Modes

The famous three modes of Free fire are available in AS Gaming UID, including solo, duo, and squad modes.

The creator has played games in all three modes, and on his YouTube channel, various videos are found related to all these modes.

Wonderful Graphics Design

Commonly, the creator uses an outstanding graphics design for the game’s display. Which makes it more attractive while performing tasks in it. The graphics he used can attract new users quickly and is very appealing to the sight.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is AS Gaming UID?

A. It is a content creator ID in the Free fire. The founder of the gameplay is Sahil Rana, who belongs to India. He is a young and skillful creator with a YouTube channel with 461 million subscribers and 310 million views.

2. What Is the Ranked of AS Gaming UID?

A. The ranks of AS Gaming UID is discussed in the following table;

Net Gaming play21
Ranked Seasons18
No of Winning4
No of Killing41
K/D ratio2.41

3. What Is the Importance of AS Gaming UID?

A. The new users can quickly become a part of the team and establish their skills by playing a fantastic battle with the experienced player.


AS Gaming UID is a famous content creator in Free fire and has a YouTube channel where the creator provides basic information about the gameplay.

The videos are related to three popular modes, including solo, duo, and squad modes, and have very outstanding records in all these modes.

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