The 6 Best Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment


2020’s corona disaster has affected the entire world, and when it comes to a large country like India, the damage is more than imagined. So many people died, so many people lost their job, and so many lost their everything. But still, India is raised again, and so are the country’s people.

Anyway, I do not want to remind you how horrible that year was, but here on this topic, I want to tell you about a completely different matter. Due to Covid-19, many people have lost their job; as a result, they have searched for alternative careers. The article will tell you about some Best Money Earning Apps in India.

The 6 Best Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment

Best Money Earning Apps of 2022-

The list is huge, but here we will discuss only the popular apps that have changed many people’s lives.


In the list of Best Money Earning Apps in India, the first name we cannot skip at any cost and name is Meesho. Meesho is a reselling app that has helped millions of females get on their feet and helped many men start their businesses and establish their careers again. Now Meesho not only allows you to resell its product but also allows you to start selling your unique product to the resellers.

The 6 Best Money Earning Apps Without Investment


Flipkart presents the app to resell products. The app will allow you to share information on your social media site, including images of a product or a group of products. You can also buy products at a lower cost and resell them offline in your stores. In addition, you can buy products in bulk to save the delivery cost. The app is reliable and a perfect alternative for your present career, especially if you are looking for an option to start your business with no investment or only a little investment

The 6 Best Money Earning Apps Without Investment

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is not a typical selling app but a different type of app that will allow you to earn money in return for doing some work. For example, you can earn rewards by inviting friends or participating in contests and surveys, installing apps, and playing games. Though the app is not typically designed to replace your current career, you can earn some extra bucks by playing games and completing tasks. And the whole process is not time-consuming at all. The app has become very supportive for many people during the Corona pandemic as it allows people to earn money while enjoying games and other entertainment.

The 6 Best Money Earning Apps Without Investment


The app is specifically designed for women of India who can not go out and work. The app will help you to start your online store and form a business. You can start your store with zero investments and get help in your business by SHEROES. The app provides different types of Partnership Programs depending on your experiences. The app also provides proper training, mentorship, and support for the users to establish a perfect online store and earn more than lakhs instantly.

The 6 Best Money Earning Apps Without Investment

Google Opinion Rewards

We do not need to prove the legitimacy of Google. And that is why it is one of the most famous apps in India and is used by hundreds of people to earn some extra cash. The survey app will allow you to earn money by completing surveys. To earn money from the app, you have to install the app from the Google app store, create an account, and register yourself. Along with the survey, you can also choose to earn money by answering questions. However, the app is not a reliable alternative, but it can help you earn some extra bucks.


The app is an entertainment platform for gaming metaverses and virtual battlegrounds. The app offers money to the users by playing games, sharing opinions, connecting with other gamers, and forming a community. The app is a virtual meeting ground for gamers where they can meet and participate in different games with friends or solo and earn rewards. The gamers can also earn rewards by participating in quizzes and surveys. The app is reliable but not so convenient for people who do not play games.

The 6 Best Money Earning Apps Without Investment

Final Words

Though there are many alternative legit apps available, and you can earn a good amount of money from them, here we are only informed about six Money Earning Apps in India. All these are reliable, used by thousands of Indians and earned money. Many people have successfully changed their careers and formed businesses using these apps.

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