Best Weather Apps For Android 2023


Best Weather Apps For Android:- If you are using an Android device, you know there is an in-built weather widget on your device. But the widget sometimes gets hidden. But before I tell you how to turn it on again. And apart from turning it on, I will tell you the best weather apps for Android that you can use without spending money.

Best Weather Apps For Android

How to Start an In-built App on Your Android Device?

If your weather app is somehow removed from the home screen, then you can use these steps to reopen it again.

Steps to follow- 

Press and hold your mobile home screen for a few seconds. Here all the widgets of your phone will appear. Choose the widget that will show you the weather forecast. Now, turn on the location and tap on the re-load button. And you will get it there.

If unsatisfied with this widget, you can choose a forecasting app. Here we provide some of the most helpful weather apps for an android device.

The Best Weather Apps for Android Devices-

  1. Google Weather App-  

Because we are talking about Android devices, it is better to start with the basics. Google Weather app will let you check the weather instantly. You can check the hourly and weekly forecasts within a second. However, the app source its data from other apps. Now, if you are looking for an app with some basic features, then this app will work perfectly. 

The default app of Android and Google works similarly, so we do not include them in this article. But overall, these three apps work in the same way. And the apps are free.

  1. AccuWeather: Weather Radar- 

If you want to use the best and most accurate forecasting app in 2022, then AccuWeather is what you are looking for. The app has been awarded “Best User Interface and Data Representation” by the World Meteorological Organization. The app provides basic reports of the day-to-day forecast for free. On the other hand, it has a premium version that will allow you to get advanced alerts before the storm. Even if you do not set your app to provide the report, you will automatically get the notification of the warnings issued by the government.

  1. Yahoo Weather App- 

If you are not good at understanding the lines and numbers of forecasts, then you can rely on the Yahoo Weather app. The app has unique features that will allow you to see the image of each weather forecast. For example, if a storm is coming, you will see it in the background. Again, if the weather is going to be sunny, you will see an image of a sunny day. Apart from this feature, you can manually input the name of another city. The features will allow you to see forecasts of other cities as well.

  1. The Weather Channel-

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. Along with regular features like daily, hourly, and weekly records, the app also provides a forecast for the whole day. It means you can check the weather before you get out and prepare yourself accordingly. The app uses radar to show rain alerts, seasonal allergies, flu risk, and even COVID-19. The paid version of the app will erase unwanted ads. However, the features will still be the same. 

  1. Radarscope- 

Now, if you are a professional looking for a more detailed forecast of a particular location, then Radarescope is what you are looking for. The app will give you a detailed radar overview of the specific background presented on the map. However, if you are looking for your location, you can also choose it. Apart from this feature, you can also see all the depressions growing near your or your selected location.

Final Words- 

These five are the most popular apps used by people worldwide. Now, why do you need an app if you think you have a default widget? Let me tell you that the best weather apps for Android presented here not only show you the regular forecast but will also give you alerts of natural disasters.

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