Comparison Between WhatsApp And WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus has attracted a lot of talk these days. Are you pondering on the comparison between WhatsApp and Whatsapp Plus apk? In this content, you will discover how WhatsApp Plus differs from the original edition. On this note, you will be able to make a decision if WhatsApp is worth making a switch. WhatsApp for Android has a modified version and it is designed by Rafalete, a Spanish developer in 2012. This modified version is simply called WhatsApp Plus which has become the talk of the town. The application remains free for use. However, it has a user license that is equivalent to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has a blue icon and the level of using the program remains unexplainable, either legal or illegal. The truth is that using the app remains simple to install and works well. However, using the modified version does not require de-installing the original WhatsApp. Is it worth removing the original WhatsApp for something new? For this reason, it is expedient to explore the functions of WhatsApp Plus.

1. New Emoticons Added:

One of the biggest differences in the comparison between WhatsApp and Whatsapp Plus is emoticons. WhatsApp has been discovered to have a reduced number of emoticons when compared to WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp+ has a new addition emoticon called smileys from Google Hangouts.

2. Visual Themes Added:

The appearance change of WhatsApp is the primary reason for creating or inventing WhatsApp+. WhatsApp Plus can alter the overall look of the original application or program. The process can be achieved by simply selecting new visual themes or styles. Users can always install themes directly from WhatsApp+ for free. You will find over seven hundred themes that can be sorted by date, version, name and downloads. In the case of the original WhatsApp, you will not find any similar solution. The Plus themes have the ability to alter the background of the texts, colors of the bar, the bottom of the contact list and the chat platform.

3. Keep Your Last Status/Connection Away:

One of the primary features of WhatsApp+ for years has been keeping away the last time of access. It often betrays the user’s visibility in WhatsApp. Nevertheless, this feature or function will have to be paid for if you want to use it. With this feature, nobody will be able to know what you discussed with the last user. It is all about keeping your visibility safe from strangers.

4. Edit Settings And Appearance Of Everything:

WhatsApp+ has no fewer than six menus for editing settings and appearance. You can find detailed information about this great feature that WhatsApp+ unleashes.

  • A. Color of launcher icon
  • B. Colors and size of widgets
  • C. Disabling of functions such as animations and voice notes
  • D. Size and appearance of pop-up alerts
  • E. Size and header of contact’s image
  • F. Size, color and header of chat images

5. Edit File Sharing Options:

WhatsApp+ has another great option that enables you to alter the size limit of sent files from two to fifty megabytes. There are as well options to maintaining the quality and size of videos and images.


With WhatsApp+, users can show phonebook images and hide contact profile pictures on the chat screen. WhatsApp Plus can help to alter the size limit of files sent from two to fifty megabytes. In WhatsApp Plus, the media sharing default limit is fixed to sixteen megabytes and can as well be increased to fifty megabytes. This innovative feature is a huge comparison between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus that has an uploading limit that remains only at twelve megabytes. Top-notch images are minimized in little size and quality in the original WhatsApp, the new WhatsApp+ doesn’t encounter such issues.

Users have the opportunity of sharing their images in original size and resolution. With WhatsApp+, you can keep away your online visibility with a single click. It will help you to chat with other users in offline mode. 

WhatsApp Plus remains the best option if you want to personalize the appearance of WhatsApp and have control over items such as sending pictures, notifications and just to mention a few. Is your quest to wait for improvements to WhatsApp or change to WhatsApp Plus? With the comprehensive explanation in this article, you will be able to make the best decision, time and again.

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