How To Find ATM Locations in GTA 5 Online Game

How To Find ATM Locations in GTA 5:- Playing GTA Game is not that easy. Only a player knows how hard it is to find resources, medical supplies, cars, money, food, and many more. The story of the game revolves around three different criminals- Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Through the game, you will realize how thieves can risk their freedom and life to steal in the Sprawling city of Los Santos. All of them are fictional protagonist characters. And you can choose any of them. Although you are in the game, you can still be caught by the law.

Things Included In GTA-V-

No matter which version you are playing, here we are particularly discussing GTA-V. GTA lets players engage in different activities and missions. All of these activities are inspired by real life and the city. Anything a person requires in real life can be found in GTA -V. But here it is more interesting. Here different requirements ask you to perform different activities. Suppose you are running out of cash. You can participate in some activities like stealing from someone or an ATM. Now Talking about ATMs, one question always appears in the player’s mind- “How To Find ATM Locations in GTA 5 Online?”

Finding an ATM Location in GTA 5-

Before we give you the exact locations of the ATM in GTA V, we want to give you the answer to “How To Find ATM Locations in GTA 5 Online?” in detail. In GTA V, you can find the nearest ATM from where you are standing. Now to point out the location, you have to go to the “Interaction Menu”.

Here from the different devices, you can easily open it. On PC, you must press the “M” key and the “Select Button on PS3. For PS4 and PS5, you have to hold the press touchpad for a little period; if you are using XBOX360, press “Back Button”, and for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, you have to use “View Button”.

Now choose the key or button according to your device, and you will see a drop-down menu on the screen named “Interaction Menu”. Now in the menu, look for the Quick GPS Option. In the Quick GPS option, you will find another option known as “ATP”. Once you click on the “ATM” option, you will see changes on the map. The task will highlight all “ATMs” near your location. Now you can see them on the mini-map that appeared on the right side of the screen. Follow the map and visit the nearest ATM.

Here is the answer to your question- “How To Find ATM Locations in GTA 5 Online?” That is the easiest and fastest way to find an “ATM” near you in GTA 5 online. If you are not using any of those devices or cannot access the “Interaction Menu”, visit the nearest store. Here near the store or inside the store, you will surely find an ATM.

How To Find ATM Locations in GTA 5 Online Game

Why Should You Use An ATM?

Now, if you are an active player of GTA V online, you know that protecting your money is as important as collecting money. Because during the online game, anyone can rob your money by threatening you. However, the best possible medium to save your money from robbers is depositing them in the bank by using an ATM. Again you can rob an ATM if you want to justify the character and show its true personality.

Now, when playing GTA V, you know the game will surprise you several times by providing you with maximum opportunities. You can get A GTA V ATM even if you are not roaming the city. Now it is necessary for the player as well. They accept several missions to earn money, which may make them withdraw money instantly. And only An ATM can help in the situation. Most of the GTA V mission requires the fastest vehicle. To buy a Vehicle, the player has to withdraw money.

You will find all the ATMs in this list in Downtown Los Santos.

Place Of ATMs-

  1. Peaceful Street- The first ATM is located at Quik House and Slaughter, In the Slaughter & Slaughter Buildings.
  2. Vespucci Boulevard- The ATM is located at Lombank Tower.
  3. Vespucci Boulevard- The ATM is located atFLEECELEECA branch.
  4. San Andreas Avenue- It is located at FIB Headquarters.
  5. Power Street- You will find the ATM at the Maison Ricard.
  6. Alta Street- Here Visit the Union Depository to reach the ATM.
  7. Elgin Avenue- Go to the Escapism Travel branch to find the ATM
  8. Strawberry Avenue- At the corner of San Andreas Avenue, you will find the Robert Dazzler International Jewelry Exchange option, where you will find an ATM.

Now that you have found an ATM, you can easily deposit and withdraw your money. However, as we mentioned earlier, the character you are playing here is theft; by nature, he seeks the opportunity to do the crime. One of the quick crimes that players attempt to justify the character is robbing people. Many players search on the internet “How To Find ATM Locations in GTA 5 Online?” only to rob people there.

Why do Player Rob People at the ATM?

Now, robbing people is a quick action to earn some extra cash in GTA V. Though the player cannot make more than 30 to 120 dollars, I believe it is enough to buy some resources. However, robbing at the ATM is not as easy as finding an ATM. But we are fans of GTA V, and over years of practice, help us to provide you with a guide to robbing people at the ATM, just like we did to the question “How To Find ATM Locations in GTA 5 Online?”

Steps to Rob People AT the ATM-

  • Step 1- Use the guide “How To Find ATM Locations in GTA 5 game ?” and locate the nearest ATM location on the map. Now you can follow the map or visit a location from the list. Again, some ATMs are also located at the Xero Gas Station in Pacific Bluffs in West Los Santos. It is located near a bank in Little Seoul in downtown Los Santos. You are free to choose anyone among them.
  • Step 2- Wait until someone returns to withdraw or deposit some of their money. Now be patient while the person is using the ATM. Now, remember though you are on the game, the nature of the characters is the same as in real life. They may doubt your intention if you get too close to them while using the ATM. So, you have to keep an eye on them from a distance so that they do not get nervous and run away without using the ATM.
  • Step 3- Now check if the person has done using the ATM. As soon as he finished using the ATM, try to stand quickly behind him. Follow them so that they take you as a normal person. Now do not rush to rob them. Wait until you reach a narrow lane or somewhere with no one around, especially a policeman.
  • Step 4- Once you are satisfied you the empty road, stand quickly in front of the person who used the ATM. Start beating him or use a gun to shoot him if you have one.
  • Step 5- Now that you have killed the target, you can grab all the cash from them. Leave the place as soon as possible because the cops are roaming around. And they may have seen you killing the man. If you do not want to get caught or lose all your money, grab a vehicle and run as fast as possible.

Here are several other ways to earn a lot of cash on the GTA 5 Game. Here is a list below-

  1. Armoured Car Robberies- If you see any Blue dots on the map, go for it. A car parked in the parking area is parked, and a person with a briefcase is going toward it. Before the person reaches the car, shoot him and instantly get 3000 to 8000 dollars.
  2. Go For a Mission- Now, the game will provide you with challenges to search for a kid’s bike or visit a place full of cops and enemies. By completing the task, you can earn at least 100,000 dollars.
  3. Rob an Infinite Store- You can earn cash by entering a store and shooting the clerk.
  4. Infinite Money– You can get a treasure box with almost 12,000 dollars. You must swim or drive a boat in Paleto Bay to find it. Here you have to dive into the sea to rescue the box.
  5. Infinite Money- Tataviam Mountain has a Sunken Ship where you can find at least 20,000 dollars.

So these are five actions you can do to get more money in GTA V.

Final Words-

Here in the article, we have taught you How To Find ATM Locations in GTA 5 Online?; How to Rob a Person in the ATM, the Location of ATMs near Los Santos, and other methods to earn extra cash. However, we know you do not need any training to play and finish the game successfully. Still, If you are completely new to the game, this guide will surely help you survive in the crime world.

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