How to Increase Your Internet Speed

Isn’t it irritating to face a slow internet connection during work? Many people face the same situation during video calls, watching movies, using an app, or even searching for something. But do you know that you can instantly fix your Internet connection’s speed? We have a few instant solutions that you can use to boost your internet speed right away. But before I tell you How to Increase Your Internet Speed, you need to know why you are suddenly facing a slow internet connection.

How to Increase Your Internet Speed
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Main Reason to Face Slow Internet in Different Devices-

There are many reasons behind slow Internet, but it depends on what kind of Internet you use. For Example, if you are facing the same problem regularly, it may happen for these three reasons.

  • Wire Connection- Your internet service provider, may control the speed if you use a wire connection. Or maybe it is happening due to some technical issues or fiber cutting.
  • Wireless Connection- The speed can affect weather disturbances if you use a wireless connection.
  • Mobile Data- There are two reasons why you are facing slow Internet. Either your data pack is over, or there is a network issue.

Now in these three cases, you can best call customer care and report the issue or, if possible, switch the service provider. But if you face a recent slow internet connection that is not frequent, the cause may be hidden in your device.

Trouble Shoot Slow Internet Connection-

Well, why you are facing slow Internet depends on your device. Now I will break the whole section into sub-sections according to the device.

For Mobile Data-

  • If you are using mobile data, then the first thing you can do is check your data connection; if you have enough data left, then switch on the “Flight Mode” on your mobile for a few seconds and then turn it off. This action will fix the network issue instantly.
  • If you still face issues, remove the cache files from your mobile to make some space and clean your browser’s cache. You will see the change in the speed instantly.

For Broadband and WIFI Connection-

If you are facing a slow internet connection while using the broadband and Router, then facing slow internet speed is frequent. Now you can follow any of these options or every option to resolve your issue.

  • Server Issue

First, check the speed of your internet connection. Maybe your internet service provider is facing a server issue. In that case, please wait for a while; it will fix automatically.

  • Router Heats Up

If the speed is average, but you are facing slow internet speed, Switch off your Router for a while. Sometimes the device heats up due to continuous use. After it cools down, you can turn it on again, and your issues will be resolved.

  • Restart Your Device

Electronic devices often face different issues because of other parts. If you are facing a slow connection during use, restart your device. The method applies to any device that has an internet connection.

  • Install an Antivirus

The web is full of bugs and viruses that can harm your device differently. Even some might slow your internet connection by preventing your device from connecting to the Internet. In that case, you need a good-quality antivirus that will remove all the bugs from your device and let you connect to the Internet again.

  • Turn off Antivirus

If you are using an antivirus, having a slow internet connection is very common. Many sites exist with bugs and viruses; in that situation, the antivirus can prevent you from entering that site. You can turn off the antivirus for a while and then turn it on again. But I strongly recommend you not to do that because turning the antivirus of can harm your device.

Many websites force you to use cookies to enter that site. Again, when you do not clear your browser’s cache, it can slow the speed. So, to increase the speed, you have to remove them from your browser.

  • Change Your WIFI Password

These days, everyone is brilliant, and many of them can hack your WIFI password and use your internet connection without your permission. Now, if you are facing slow Internet and nothing can give you the correct result, change your WIFI password and log out of the connection from every device. If anyone secretly uses your Internet, this action will prevent them, and you will get your internet speed back.

Final Words

These are the instant solutions. If you are thinking about How to Increase Your Internet Speed using a wireless connection, follow the same method. But as I said earlier, this will only work if no server problem occurs. But if there is no problem with your server and you still face the issue, then contact a professional to check if your router device is working correctly. But if even the Router is also fine and you are still facing the issue, it is better to change the internet service provider.

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