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JIO always surprises its users with new things; this time, it has launched its latest edition- JioFi Routers or MiFi Dongles. JIO is already recognized as the most popular service provider. JIO has recently launched a separate Broadband Service that users can use on different devices using WIFI. And to give them the full privilege of JIO’s broadband service, it has released MiFi Dongles.

Here in this article, I will present JIO’s two new devices to you and how you can set up the devices using jiofi.local.html with some simple steps. But before that, let us know first what jiofi.local.html is.


What is jiofi.local.html?

JioFi is a portable device that will allow you to experience the fastest 4G internet service in India on your Computer. JioFi can let you experience up to 150 Mbps speed. And to set up the device, you must log in to a private server. And that is jiofi.local.html. However, this private server has a proper IP address which is

What Device Can Log in to jiofi.local.html?

jiofi.local.html is a privet server. And only users who are using JioFi devices can access this server. But JIO always comes with new surprises for its users; this time, it has launched two new portable devices. These two devices are JioF12 and JioF13. Apart from these two, JIO has many different devices like Jiofi4g Router 4G, Jiofi M2s Wireless, JioFi 4G Hotspot, etc.

Uses of Jiofi.local.html

The private address jiofi.local.html configure, sets up, and customizes JioFi MiFi Dongles. You can also use the address to change your User name and Password. Here I will describe both processes one by one.

Now let’s configure the device first.

Configure JioFi-

Unlike other routers configuration of Jiofi is very easy and only requires a few simple steps.

  • Step 1- Set Up the device and open the internet browser. In the URL tab, write jiofi.local.html or, and you will be redirected to the official page of your JioFi router.
  • Step 2- Now click the Login button and put the user’s name and Password on the tab.

All Jio’s device has the same user id and Password. That is-

User ID- “administrator”

Password- “administrator”

  • Step 3- to configure your device go to the “Wi-Fi Configuration”.

The option will allow you to change your Broadcasting SSID or Network Name and Security Key.

  • Step 4- Write down the Network name that you want to display
  • Step 5- Customize other options like sleeping mode, the sleeping mode timer, and the Password.
  • Step 6- Turn on the “Manual” mode and click on Apply.

And your JioFi device is all set to use. Now you can check on other devices if you are getting the connection properly or not.

In case you have forgotten your Wi-Fi password or want to change it for protection, you can also use jiofi.local.html.

Change Password of JioFi Wi-Fi

Changing the User name and Password is a good practice. JIO encourages its users to change their passwords frequently. The practice helps a user to keep safe from hackers. To make it user-friendly, JIO allows you to change your JioFI User name and Password easily. Follow these steps, and you will get it done within a minute.

  • Connect your JioFi to your device from where you will change your user id and Password.
  • Open the browser and type jiofi.local.html.
  • You will redirect to the admin panel of JioFi.
  • Now log in to the admin panel using the default user id and Password.
  • After logging in, go to “Setting”, followed by “Wi-Fi” and “Security key”, and then click on the “Apply” and “OK” tab.

The whole process will disconnect your internet service from all other devices. And to use the server again, you have to connect to the JioFi you have to connect to the device using a new user id and Password.

Final words

As we said, JIO has launched its broadband service, giving you a 4G experience while using the laptop or Computer. But if it is still unavailable in your location, you can use a JioFi Sim. You can get it from any Reliance digital store. And to configure the device, you have to log in through jiofi.local.html.

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