How to use Play Store For iPad

The Google Play Store is a very popular market to download the various types of Android devices it is offered for free on most of android devices. If you are using the older version of the iOS devices and the iPad, then chances are that your device would not have come with the pre-installed Google Play Store app.

Play Store Download For iPad
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Accessing Play Store the easy way

  • Open the Safari browser on your iPad and type open app You will be taken to the app market.
  • If not, you can search for it in the search engine box and tap on the first link that you get on the screen.
  • You will be directed to the open app market page. Here, you will see the screen dropping down with a click option. Click on it and then add it to your home screen. The app will now be added to your home screen.
  • Locate the downloaded app on the home screen and then tap on it. Once you are on the new app home page, tap on the search button and then type Play Store in the search box.
  • You will find a lot of lay store links on offer. Choose the Google Play Store icon link and tap on it.
  • You will be directed to the install app option page. Tap on it and give it a few minutes to get downloaded and installed on your iPad.
  • After it has been downloaded and installed, tap on the home button on your iPad and then tap on the new app that you have downloaded to rename it as Google Play or Play Store. Then click on the add option in the top right corner to get it renamed and located on the iPad’s home screen for easy access.

Now go back to your home screen and then click on the Play Store icon to start accessing the apps on the Play Store. But, this is in the original Play Store app and is just a simple and easy way to access Google Play Store on iPad.

Moving your iPad from iOS to android

There are many who would love to make use of the Android options on their iPad devices. This is officially not possible and both are two different operating platforms. If you are able to jailbreak your iPad, you will be able to install Android on the iOS and also run the Google Play Store and get access to millions of apps on offer. Jailbreaking your iPad is not a safe option, but is the most tried and tested option when it comes to switching from iOS to Android.

If you do not want to take the risk of jailbreaking your iPad, then you can also look for the favorite Android apps suited for iOS versions and download them from the Apple app store. But, these options will be limited and you might not be able to find the app that you are looking for.

Steps involved in installing android on iPads

Jailbreak your iPad

There are many jailbreaking options on offer online. You need to pick and choose the best jailbreaking tool, download it on your iPad and follow the instructions on the jailbreak process to easily make your iPad to accept Android apps.

Install Bootlace

The Cydia has to be launched in order to install the Cydia. You can find Cydia on the home screen of your iPad device.

Launch the Cydia from your home screen and once in tap on the Manage option.

  • Here, you need to look for Source’s option and then tap on it. Locate the edit option and then click on the Add option.
  • A repository needs to be added and this is the
  • Tap on the Add source option and the Cydia will start to work.
  • After this, you just need to tap on the repository that you have added and then the Bootlace will get installed on your iPad.

Run Bootlace

It is time now to work on the Bootlace and leave Cydia alone. If you do not find Cydia on your home screen, you need to restart your iPad. After you have re-launched your iPad, you will find the Bootlace app on the home screen. Allow the Bootlace to download on the device and then patch the kernel. After the download is complete, you should once again reboot the iPad and give it time to restart.

OpeniBoot installation

Once again, you will need to launch the Bootlace and look for the OpeniBoot option. Find it and tap on it and then tap on the install option to get it downloaded and installed on your iPad. Wait for a few minutes for this process to complete.

Download and install android

After the OpeniBoot installation, it is time to locate the iDroid button. Tap on it and then tap on the install option. Wait for a few seconds or minutes as the iDroid will take time to customize for the iPad device since it is an Android OS. After some time, it will get downloaded and installed on your iPad. It might take some time for the download and installation hence be patient till the process gets over.

Download Google Play Store

After the Android is installed on your iPad, you can enter it by taping on the Android icon and then searching for Google Play Store to download and install the app on the iPad.

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