Raistar’s Free Fire ID number, stats

Raistar’s Free Fire ID number, the stats:-The gaming world has become very attentive to users and even new users. The game’s developers introduced various games to them to get their attention.

Free fire is regarded as one of those popular games that’s craziness worldwide. And covered one and third parts of the world.

Free fire allows its users to create content or make a stream of their games and upload it on their YouTube channels.

Raistar is an Indian renowned content producer of Free fire and shares their stream on their YouTube channels. He has millions of followers across the world.

The popularity of this content creator in Free Fire has increased due to the gameplay, which makes the users favour it.

And build up the interest of the users in the game. And has a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers.

Raistar's Free Fire ID number

Indian Free Fire Content

The new generation of India is taking a very interest in the gaming world. And try to create their content and upload their streams on their online YouTube channels. Raistar is considered one of the famous Indian content creators in the Free fire playing a game on the UID number 12022250.

Stats and Ratio of Raistar UID

The stats and ratio are considered an important part of the game, which defines the game’s property and gives information about the ability of the content creator of the gameplay.

The Raistar plays in three modes, including solo mode, duo mode, and squad mode. The following table covers all the possible detail related to the above modes.

Social Media Information
YouTubeRai Star

Stats and Ratio for Solo Mode

Total Gameplay3531
Number of Wins401
Rate of Win11.35%
The Headshot Rate43.46%
Number of Kills10749

Stats and Ratio for Duo Mode

Total Gameplay4489
Number of Wins706
Rate of Wins15.72%
Number of Kills14355

Stats and Ratio for Squad Mode

Total Gameplay16075
Number of Wins2708
Rate of Wins10.62%
Number of Kills52922
Headshot Rate47.44%

The Basics Characteristics of Raistar

It is considered an acceptable renowned content creator by the users. The high rate of gameplay, several kills value, and headshot rate make it sufficient for the users. The following are the basic characteristics due to which this gameplay is accepted worldwide.

Favourable Game

The amazing content by the creator makes it a fair game, and teams work in duo mode and squad mode helps the other users get a high chance of winning plus a killings rate. Raistar UID is favourable due to the sufficiency of the players and creators.

YouTube Channel

Every content creator has a YouTube channel with the help of which they provide the live streaming or recording streaming of the game. And help the other users to understand it easily. It was built in December 2019. Having 1.5 million viewers and just 33 videos have been uploaded yet. When joining the YouTube channel for streaming, the new users are unable to unsubscribe from it.

Monthly Earning

The monthly earnings of Raistar UID are about $1.8K to $28.3K from the YouTube channel, while annual earnings are from $22.1k to $339. 7K.This is a very fair amount for the content creator. This is not a fixed earning from the creator of can be grown-up regularly over time and the increasing number of viewers or subscribers.

Wonderful Game Play

The gameplay of Raistar UID is regarded as wonderful because the character, themes, full gameplay, killing rate, headshot rate, and various game modes provide a wonderful sight to the gameplay. And easily attract users.

Several Modes

The common three modes in which Raistar is played and deemed satisfactory are solo mode, duo mode, and squad mode. The last two-mode i-e duo or squad modes are played in a team and have a useful strategy for the users.

Unique Graphic

The unique graphics used in the Raistar make it more reasonable for the users. The users feel easy and comfortable with the graphics of the gameplay.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Raistar UID?

A. Free fire provides the opportunity to the worldwide content creator to create their content and prompt it on their YouTube Channels.

So, it is the renowned content builder and streamer on the YouTube channel performing its duty as an experienced creator and helping out other new players with the tips and tricks of the game.

2. What Are the Basics Characteristics of Raistar?

A. The basic characteristics of Raistar are bright game display, wonderfully gameplay, several modes of the game, and streaming on YouTube.

3. What Are the Earnings of Raistar UID?

A. The monthly earnings of Raistar from YouTube are about $1.8K to $28.3K. Which is a very fair amount for the content creator.


It is a content creator in the Free fire game, which also provides streams of YouTube uploaded for the other players.

The ID number of Raistar is 12022250. The users can easily join it by enjoying the game’s various features.

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