What is an iOS emulator? and Best iOS emulators

If you want to run the iOS application on your windows, you need an emulator. While doing so your windows operating system acts as the host whereas the iOS application will act as the guest. The job of an emulator is to take commands from the guest and then run it onto the required system which is windows.

The iOS application will work without any hassle even if the application is working on some other system. The reason behind this is that the emulator copies the behaviour of the other iOS platform.

Emulators usually take up a lot of space in the hard disk and require a lot of processing power too thus you have to make sure that your system should have enough of both to perform the required function easily otherwise if will just work too slowly and may crash fewer times.

Best iOS emulators

Here are some lists of the best iOS emulators for Windows.

Ripple Emulator

Ripple Emulator

The Ripple Emulator is a application based on HTML-5 which has the property of converting into original iOS application with the use of PhoneGap, running this application on your windows is a completely different task but the Ripple emulator makes it pretty easy. The reason this is called as a chrome web extension applies here as due to which it emulates many original iOS features to help you to run and test many applications.

This is recommended if you are not a beginner and you want to check a quick test but if you are new to this and just want to check the iOS platform then , this is not for you.

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The Xamarin is among one of the top iOS emulators for windows now a days. If you were searching for something that can develop as well as run the iOS application originally on windows then you search ends here as the Xamarin is the solution!

Xamarin is a very well known as well s adaptable tool which will help you in developing your own native applications using C# ( C sharp) programming language. You will be coding and running iOS applications using C# inside a Visual Studio IDE for all the platforms available namely Windows, iOS and MacOs!



The SmartFace is also very much known iOS emulator.. This emulator provides you the feature of drag and drop option for the interface, so you can develop the iOS application. You can arrange the application on your iphone using just a cable.

On windows you can do the coding on the SmartFace studio application, then you can use a feacture called as the “Device Emulator” so send the written code to any of the connected devices. This iOS device must have the SmartFace application already be installed from the app store for it to work properly.

This is a very successful and trouble-free way to test or run your iOS applications. SmartFace emulator is available in free as well as paid versions.

MobiOne Studio

  • The MobiOne studio is a very simple but efficient application that provides you with a drag and drop interface such that you can run iPad as well as iPhone applications hassle free.
  • You do not need to worry about the turnaround time here because of the Built in design templates availability.
  • This application has the feature of testing on different screen sizes thus makes you get the perfect screen size.



The Appetize is an online available application, which means you do not need to download the application. All you need is to make an account on the website i.e, Appetize.io and then login and upload the required application file, simply start running it on the browser. Another advantage here is that the service offered is free, you don’t need to pay for creating an account here.

The disadvantage in the Appetize is that it does not provide you with any IDE to build up your applications. You must have a stimulator pre build of you application, ready to upload.



You want to test you final launch and say you are looking for a beta test then your search ends right over here.

The App.io allows you to send them a demonstration of your application to the customer, the testing people or the investors for your product directly online without them actually needing to download the application. It will straightly go into their browsers. As soon as the demonstration of your applications ends the user will see a action button which will direct them to your application on the application store.


The RunThatApp is basically a new startup which offers the developers to send the demonstrations i.e small part of their applications through the testing phase.

The RunThatApp provides you with a very easy and minimum time consuming feature that lets you send your application build online. Basically they help you upload your application file, as soon as the files are uploaded you have the opportunity to send a little trial demo version of your application so they can try it before actually buying it. The RunThatApp allows you to stream the application you made so that they can be run on any platforms whether it be a desktop or a mobile web browser.

They are also extremely protected i.e. after the spectator is done watching the demonstration version, nothing is left behind on their browsers history.

Electric Plum Mobile Studio

electric Plum Mobile Studio

The Electric Mobile Studio is known to be very unusual from all the other aabove mentioned emulators. The reason behind this is that it is just a stimulator offering no development functionality. But this stimulator is widely known for testing of your iOS mobile applications.

Some of the Features that Electric Mobile Studio offers are:

  • The application provides you with a very powerful command palette which is easy to manage.
  • It provides you with the direct integration with “browse with” menu.
  • It has integrated web Inspector and debugger.
  • It supports HTML-5 features making your application look gracefull.

With all these features provided by this application you will be right at your home testing the applications all by yourself like a pro.

AIR iPhone

AIR iPhone simulator

The AIR iPhone is basically an iPhone stimulatur which offers you to use the same applications on your windows for free of charge. The AIR iPhone is basically using the Adobe AIR framework technology for its functioning. It is a platform where you can build both the mobile as well as the desktop application using nothing but ActionScript, Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex only.

The AIR iPhone application offers you to run the pre installed applications but there is a limitation on the number of applications installed. This stimulator gives you the feeling of using a firsthand iPhone. There is a possibility that all the applications that are found on the actual iPhone will not necessarily be available on AIR iPhone Simulator.

One thing should be kept on mind before using the AIR iPhone stimulator is that you must have installed the Adobe AIR on your system before using the stimulator.



The “iPadian” is known to be the best simulator for and PC. iPadian offers very much real iPad like interfacing, and this makes it one of the best stimulator for iPads.

As soon as you click on the application(any application) it automatically open up the browser directly and the application suns inside it. So mainly to be straight forward the application is being run on the browser directly rather then the native emulator. Sometime , some users may feel that it does not give the real iOs feeling but as iOS is not an open source platform, building something exactly like the native iOs emulator is quite a pickle and mostly practically next to impossible.

The iPadian is a great applications for the users who want to use iOS but does not actually want to buy it. It gives you the similar feeling of an iPad, thus if you are in search of something like a simple sober stimulator, for beta testing this stimulator will not help you much.

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