If you ever used public wifi hotspots you might be aware of the struggle of using the slow internet, Wifi in public places is open and connected to so many devices at the same time even in corporate offices the wifi network gets damn slow because it probably linked to some other peoples too. Here is the solution to your problem, WiFiKill APK it helps you in killing the connection of other devices connected to the same WiFi network and stops them from joining again by taking control over the whole system. The process is pretty easy, WiFiKill.apk not only lets you see the other devices on the same network but allows you to throw them out of connectivity as well.

Why would you need WiFiKill when you have an active wifi network, Well the bandwidth of every wifi network is limited to some point and in that case, If multiple people demand a bandwidth it will be distributed among them. The one with the finest devices or closest to the router would get the maximum bandwidth while the other gets the minimum. The speed of connection gets slow with an increase in the users, WiFiKill is the solution. Using this app, you can easily kill someone’s connectivity right from your mobile devices anonymously.

According to a survey people who have a fast internet connection are happier than those who don’t have one. WiFiKill isn’t a hacking tool. It is just a great work of code that makes your Power WiFi user. It can interrupt the connection between any device and wifi connection with the same network though you can use it anywhere from a neighbour’s wifi to a coffee shop it can work with any wifi network from which your device can connect. WifiKill iOS is a rumour that is under development and will be released soon.

WiFiKill requires a rooted android phone to work. You can easily root your phone without Pc by downloading Framaroot for Android.

  • ES File Explorer Pro APK

Download WiFiKill APK

If you are planning to kill or cut out someone’s WiFi connectivity, then you are at the right place. Download WiFiKill apk to eliminate any device connected to the same network as yours. You can easily cut the connectivity of people by tapping abutting in your android phone. WiFiKill Pro is a kind of fresh application when it comes to some black hat ways to increase WiFi speed, Follow the below step to get WiFiKill on PC and Android below. If you facing any trouble click here to resolve

  • Before installing this app make sure to allow Unknown Sources. Go to Setting > Security > Click the Unknown Sources to allow third-party apps
  • Install WiFikill.apk from the above download button and install it
  • WiFIKill APK has two versions available here – WiFiKill V1,7 and WiFiKill V2.3,2
  • You can download any of its version WiFiKill V1,7 or WiFiKill V2.3,2 both works the same
  • Wait until the downloading is finished
  • Run the application and use it on any WiFi Network

Key Features of WiFiKill APK

  • Once you run the WiFiKill.apk, it grabs the information from the network and shows you the devices connected to the same network as yours.
  • WiFiKill has two features that are Grab and Cut
  • Grab: Grab the info of devices connected to your network
  • Kill: Interrupt the connectivity between those devices and Wifi by just tapping a button
  • WiFiKill Apk requires Android 4.0 or above to work correctly
  • It requires a rooted device
  • It can be operated on tablets as well.

How to use WiFiKill APK

  • Step 1- Open the app on your Android phone
  • Step 2- Tap the play button (►)
  • Step 3- Grant the root permission for using WiFiKill APK
  • Step 4- Grab all the devices connected and kill them to cut the connectivity
  • Step 5- Enjoy the fast speed

WifiKill Pro Apk Latest Version

WifiKill Pro is a beta version app with more advanced and enhanced functions. You can control the network of any WiFi using just your Android phone, and you have the power to remove unwanted users from the WiFi you are connected without asking anyone. Tap the download button to download the beta version of WiFiKill APK

WifiKill without Rooted Android Phone

We all have a problem using the shared WiFi connection. Now you can quickly grab and kill people’s connectivity and use that connection all alone anonymously. You can use this app for the Unrooted android phone as well just follow the guide below.

WifiKill for PC & Mac

Since you are new to this app, WiFiKill is available on Android, iOS, Pc, and Mac. Now you can be a WiFi Power-user by using this application on your personal computer or laptop. It allows you to get control over the connected WiFi network and helps you kick out the user from the WiFi network. If you have missed using the WiFiKill Android version, Download it now. WiFiKill for PC needs some technical setups to work to check the below guide.

Bluestacks is supporting the high graphics apps on PC. It is the best emulator till now. To download this app on your PC, you can go to the blue stacks homepage.

Here we are sharing the important steps to download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC.

  • Wi-Fi kill app user needs to visit the official link to Bluestacks.
  • If you find the official link to the emulator, you can click to download the emulator.
  • Make sure to free enough space on your PC.
  • Download the app
  • Once the software is downloaded click on install
  • Now you are ready to use Bluestacks for WifiKill

Just install the WiFiKill app in your blue stacks emulator and run it without any hurdle you can cut off any connection without letting people know about it.

WifiKill for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

The slow WiFi speed is frustrating. It is tough to ask your friends or people on public hotspots to disconnect their network so you can get some speed. With WiFiKill you can cut out any user’s connectivity without letting them know about it, You can easily get the info of devices connected to your network. WiFiKill app is now available for Mac and iPhone as well. Now you don’t need to worry about the little bandwidth though you need to install WiFikill for iPhone. Install the App before proceeding further.

Final Verdict

When it comes to killing someone’s wifi connectivity WiFikill is the best. There are many more alternatives to WiFikill though none of them work like a WiFikill pro. Feel free to Mail us