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Towelroot Apk v5, v4 & v3 2018: Towelroot is the application that allows the mobile phone with ease. Towelroot is an android app. This article will cover all about Towelroot apk. In one sentence if we will try to summarize this topic then we can say that Towelroot can easily root your android device. With just a click on this Towelroot app, your Android phone can easily be rooted.  But to know more on this let’s go into the depth of our topic. Check more details about Towelroot V3, v4, and V5 in the below sections.

Download Towelroot apk v5, v4 & v3 - The latest version

Towelroot is on among those one-click rooting app available for Android devices. All devices compatible with this app can be rooted in just one click.  In order to harness the facility of one click root access, the compatible device must be of Android Gingerbread and above.


Download Towelroot apk v5, v4 & v3 – The latest version

In this Android era, if your Android device is not rooted then you are definitely a step behind. Well, what is Rooting? “Rooting” a device means the addition of more functionality to the device. If you root a device means now you can install many apps on your device, which you can’t do if it is not rooted. For Ex. on a rooted device, a wi-fi hacking app can easily be installed but the same is not possible in case of a non-rooted device. So after describing the insights of rooting and non-rooting of an Android device, let’s again jump to our main topic Towelroot apk.

Towelroot is a free Android rooting software. This is available for all on the market. This software is developed by Geohot and is a simple and lite root apk. Hacker Geohot extracts the weaknesses from the Apple Device called it iPhone and therefore this app is guaranteed work perfectly. Towelroot v3 apk is not found in Google Play Store as it did not follow the rules and guidelines of the play store. Hence you can find this app available on online web sources.

First of all Why it is Towelroot apk and not a Towelroot app? The answer is you can’t get all the amazing apps on Google Play Store. And same for Towelroot app. In Google Play Store we will not find this amazing app. So eventually Towelroot apk comes in demand among people.  In this article, we will discuss Towelroot apk latest version v5, v4, and v3.

Best features of TowelRoot apk

Here we are sharing the best features of Towelroot apk which will definitely make you fall with it.

  • This is completely free of cost. If user want then  can pay some amount to the developer
  • TowelRoot is one of fastest one-click root application available
  • This apk is lightweight as well as efficient
  • It can root all types of popular android device
  • This is literally very easy to use

Steps to install Towelroot apk for Android Device

Installing TowelRoot app on any android device is same like we install other software. But still, we share some steps that you can follow while installing TowelRoot apk on your Android Device.

Download Towelroot apk v5, v4 & v3 - The latest version
  • At first download Towelroot.apk.
  • Before downloading this app, check the memory usage of your device.
  • Now follow the steps. First open Settings on your device, then go to Security and then  Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Then open the Download files on your device and check the Towelroot apk file.
  • Now Tap on install.
  •  Open once installation is completed

How to use Towelroot apk for rooting the device?

Now it’s the time to take some cool steps once the installation of Towelroot is done. Not all Android devices those we use are rooted. So before downloading any rooting apps, the user should first read all the instructions. There are many rooting apps in the market that are causing damage to the device. So downloading of Towelroot makes a healthy competition to such apps. This amazing app will let you root your Android device easily.

  • First, download the Towelroot apk
  • Now open the application by simply clicking on its icon
  • Then hit on its  “make it ra1n” button
Download Towelroot apk v5, v4 & v3 - The latest version
  • After a few second it will notify you
  • One most important thing is that if your phone restarts then your phone is not fit with Towelroot apk.
Towelroot v3 apk free download for Androids

There are thousands of user daily who use this app for rooting their devices. But still, there is no proper platform for this app where the user can get a latest, updated and working version. As of now, Towelroot v3 apk is the latest and only version that is working for all phones.

Towelroot v3 apk free download for Android – The latest APK for Android

In early 2017 Towelroot V3 APK was released that added a lot of new phones to its family. Earlier released v1 and v2 were unable to root a lot of Android phones. Rooting of Android phones with Towelroot v1 and v2 led to frequent updates of the OS of the Android which was creating a lot of messes with the software. So fixing all these problems Towelroot v3 apk came that is suited to all Android platforms. Below we will describe all the step by step procedure of downloading Towelroot v3 apk.

Features of Towelroot v3 APK

If you are an Android user and want to root your device to make it free from the company’s restriction, then Towelroot is a perfect choice. Here are some features of this rooting device.

Towelroot v3 apk free download for Androids
  • Towelroot apk is a very easy rooting software. It does not need any expectation on it.
  • It requires very less space in your device, nearly 100 kb
  • It does not need an internet connection with PC once it is downloaded
  • It can root any Android device

Steps to Download Towelroot V3 APK

Users familiar to APKs can easily download and install Towelroot APK. But we are sharing some simple steps about its installation process for those who are not aware of this.

Towelroot v3 apk free download for Androids
  1. Download the latest version of Towelroot V3 APK compatible with your mobile.
  2. Before starting the downloading process don’t forget to go to the settings to enable the Unknown Sources
  3. Now open the download link. it will ask whether your device wants to download or not
  4. Go through all the instructions. Now run it.
  5. After that click Next then  Finish it. Now enjoy your device with Towelroot v3 APK installed on it

Steps to  Root  with Towelroot v3 APK

Rooting any Android device with Towelroot v3 is very easy. It may be any version of Towelroot apk, steps of rooting is same. Here are some simple steps that will help you while rooting your Android device with Towelroot v3 APK.

Towelroot v3 apk free download for Androids
  • Once Towelroot v3 apk is installed on your device search it on your device’s from all Apps.
  • When you open it will open a screen saying “Make it Ra!n”
  • Before proceeding for rooting your Android device keep the back up of all your data in it.
  • Once you completed these, just click on “Make it Ra!n” and your device will be rooted after few minutes only.
  • Once the rooting process is complete you will have the root access

One of the best parts of  Towelroot v3 is that it won’t show you the error “device notcompatible with Towel root” issue. Moreover, Towelroot is the best Android rooting software. One need not be expert in rooting if using Towelroot. Rooting without any issue is only possible with Towelroot apk.

Towelroot plays a very vital role in case of rooting of devices. It not only root your android device, with just tapping a  single click it can also non-root the device. So all we can do with Towelroot apk is root and unroot. The devices that towelroot apk supports are Nexus 5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy s4 and Sony Experia.

Towelroot latest apk free download

In the current Android era Towelroot is the best one-click rooting app for Android. One of the most famous XDA developers Geohot developed this software. All the Android phones using Android 4.4 KitKat operating system or versions before that can easily be rooted with Towelroot apk. So if you are using Android of 4.4 KitKat operating system or any version before that can download Towelroot latest apk and root your device easily. This article describes details on Towelroot latest apk free download.

Towelroot latest apk free download

It is true that Towelroot does not support some newer Android versions. But it is still one of the most popular Android rooting software. So if you have an Android device and you want to get full access on this without any issue, then Towelroot is the best app that you should download.

Towelroot latest apk free download

Towelroot has undergone testing with Samsung Galaxy as well as Nokia devices. It works perfectly with all these two devices. The renowned developer, as well as hacker Geohot, has developed this app. He guaranteed to make out the best quality of this application. In order to use this excellent as well as useful app all you need to do is just download the this application and install on your device.

Towelroot latest apk free download

Towelroot Features

  • Towelroot is a simple one-click application: This is a very simple one-click rooting application. All you need to do is download it, install it on your Android device. Then click on “Make it Ra1n button” that is given inside the app
  • Lightweight App:  This is the smallest rooting app. Its size is nearly 100 kb. But if we talk about ts working capacity, then it’s fabulous.
  • Can root all Android device: Rooting of all Android phones that run on any Android version between 2.2 and 4.4 is possible with Towelroot apk. Rooting of AT&T and Verizon Android devices are also supported with Towelroot apk
  • Rooting with Towelroot does not need an internet connection: Towelroot apk’s functionality does not require an internet connection. It can also work smoothly without an internet connection.

Steps to download Towelroot apk

Downloading and installation process of Towelroot apk is very easy.  But still we are sharing some easy steps that will make your downloading process easier.

Towelroot latest apk free download
  • First of all download the Towelroot v5 apk file from the official website
  • Before the download stars make sure you have enabled the “Unknown Sources” from the settings
  • Now open the download link and allow the download process once it asks for permission
  • Accept all the terms and conditions. Finally, run the apk file
  • At last click on next and the finish. Now enjoy your device with Towelroot v5 apk.

How to root your device with Towelroot apk

First of all download the complete Towelroot v5 apk on your Android device before rooting.

  • After download process is complete launch the software on your device
  • The installation process will start automatically
  • Once the installation process completes open Towelroot apk
  • Now find the “Make it rain” option on the app, click on that and your device will be rooted within a couple of minutes


If your device is compatible with Towelroot apk then it will be rooted within a couple of seconds. After the rooting process is over, you need to reboot the device. Just click on the reboot option to restart/reboot your device.

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