Real Racing 3 For PC download the latest version

Which game do you like playing the most on your Personal Computers? Combat, Racing games, strategy, simulation, single-person shooting or some other different games. Racing games are the most widely played game on PCs. Almost half of the gamer love to play racing games on their computers and their gadgets. Most of users love to play games all the time. Even they have installed their favourite games on their smartphones as well. Today we are going to take you on the tour of Real Racing 3 for PC Game.

Real Racing 3 For PC Free download the latest version


Game Intro

EA sports developed the famous game Real Racing 3. It is the third game in a row. The first two games were Real Racing and Real Racing 2. You can also play these games on your PC if you want to. This game has the capability and tendency to allow its players to indulge in the adventures of this game fully. Millions of users play this game.

Real Racing 3 Game has set a new standard for its users when it comes to racing. You can play this game. This PC game has more than 200 million downloads and it’s rising day by day.

Playing a racing game has always been exciting. They provide you with essential thrills and skills to play the game. I bet you instantly fall in love with this game. The game includes 13 tracks and 22 grids of cars. With a total of 116 cars for you to drive and race. These cars come from very famous manufacturers in the automobile industry. Such as Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini are the most famous ones.

These cars can also be upgraded with regular updates available to their users. All these best-performance cars are not available right from the start. You have to earn them through racing with a winning streak on your belt. You are allowed to start the game with basic cars such as Nissan Siliva and Ford Focus. You can also upgrade your first cars in the garage where you can apply different changes to the body, colour, transmission, improve NOS, and so many other features to add on.

This game includes 50 races from the beginning, which provides for different tiers, and each tier has 3 laps to complete.

Game Features

Real cars

There are 116 cars in total available for you to play. But initially, you be allowed to start the game with 2 basic cars. These are the Nissan Silvia and the Ford Focus. You can have real experience of these cars. The game’s graphics are excellent, enabling you to have the real-time experience of driving these cars.

Real Tracks

As we have mentioned earlier, the game graphics are next to real. You can enjoy the tracks that seem to be real while driving your car. These tracks enable real-time gameplay and make you feel like you are driving a racing car on the track. There are so many contestants among whom you have to race and win the race, and you can even stop for the pit stop.


You can race or battle with your opponents in the game. There are multiple teams with whom you can race.


Real Racing 3 PC is a highly addictive game. It indulges you entirely in the game, and won’t let you leave the game quickly. There are numerous obstacles in the game which you have to overcome.


There are more than 50 levels of the game and diverse tiers of the game, and in each tier, there are 3 laps to complete so that you can complete a single race. Apart from that, this game has numerous other levels for you to learn to play and single racing. In it, you practice the game and become an expert in driving cars.


You can play the game in your language. It provides the thrilling experience of playing the game in your local language.

NameReal Racing 3
Operating SystemWindows XP- Windows Vista or Windows 7, 8 and 10
CPU RequirementsAt least 800 Mhz or above
RAM Required256 MegaBytes or above

Installation Guide

  • At first, you download Android Emulator on a PC.
  • Download and install the Android Emulator of Bluestacks. By using Bluestacks, PC/Laptops will work as Android Apps.
  • There is a downloadable link available in the article for you to download Real Racing 3 Apk game hassle-free.
  • After you have successfully downloaded the game.
  • The next step is to install the game. It is self-running software. All you have to do is to allow the installation software, and within a few minutes, your game is ready on your PC.
  • When the application has gone through check and performed its working, your game is ready.
  • Real Racing 3 Apk Games is successfully installed on your PC
  • Start playing and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is real Racing 3 a PC game?
Real Racing 3 is an android game. But you can enjoy playing on your desktop, PC, or even your laptop.

How to install Real Racing 3?
We have mentioned the downloadable link in the article for you. You should not worry about this part.

How much space does Real Racing 3 require?
The game would require approx 716 MegaBytes on your computer’s hard drive. But if you want to enjoy other features, then you should keep in mind the size of approx 2 GigaBytes.


Real Racing 3 PC Game is a downloadable version of Microsoft Windows. Players can play the game on windows 10-7 -8 and even on windows XP. Gamers have the privilege to play the game on their Laptop well. You have top-notch cars to race, with so many laps and adventures during the gameplay. The graphics of the game are substantially exuberant. You have multiple camera modes during the gameplay to enjoy the game. This is a famous game to play, and it is among the highly addictive games. Enjoy your gameplay.

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