– Admin Login [Authorized] – is the mistyped version of which is the default IP address to gain access to the admin panel of your router.

If you use the mistyped to gain access, then it will navigate to an invalid URL. To gain direct access to the admin panel of the router you need to make use of a private class of IP address which can be achieved by entering in your browser.

People often mistype the IP address with its going wrong. First, you need to type to access the router admin panel not only that If you forget your wifi password or want to change the Name (SSID), Address or change any other details of your Wi-Fi router which can be easily done by entering this Ip address.

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Not working? Try –

Easy process to log in to

We have made an exclusive guide that will help you achieve the goal in no time and you can thank us later in the comments below.

  • Navigate to the browser and enter the following URL in the address bar. URL: or
  • Avoid using the IP address as you will land on the wrong webpage.
  • You will gain access to the login page of your device manufacturer.
  • Enter your default user Id and password. ( Default Username: admin and Password: password )
  • You have access to the admin panel of the router.

Note:- Mentioned user name and password are the default. If you have already changed your login details then you need to enter them. but if you forget your username and password then you can easily recover. Just visit and Recover Router Username and Password

What Are and Router Admin Login IP Addresses? gives the admin access to the owner of the router which can be achieved by signing in with the default username and password credentials. However, most of the time we face an irrelevant webpage while searching the IP address.

This is primarily because you must have mistyped the actual IP address with an incorrect version which is Having understood this, let us have a look at the process to gain access to the admin panel of the router dashboard.

To gain access to the admin panel you need to ensure that you are connected properly with the router settings and the process is extremely simple to follow.

To gain access to the router you need to either ask the manufacturer to either provide you with the default credentials or you can try some of the usernames and passwords gathered by our team from the list below;


Default Router Username and Passwords

Brand NameUser NameLogin IPPassword
US Roboticsadmin192.168.1.1admin

Word of Wise: In case you are not trying to change the credentials for the 1st time, then the default credentials will never work and you need to seek help from the manufacturer support team.

If you have entered the correct login Id and password, then you will immediately gain access to the admin panel of your router dashboard and then you change the default password for security reasons.

In case you have left it unchanged then hackers can easily enter into your internet network and this might cause huge damage because they will gain access to all the sensitive information that you have access to such as other passwords and bank details.

Also, while setting the password make sure that it is unique and strong with uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers and special case characters such as! @#$%^&* etc.


What is is one of the private IP addresses which can be repeated in different networks. Unlike public IP Addresses, which have to be unique in the entire gamut of network devices across the world, private IP addresses have the requirement of being unique only in their own network. , They can safely be repeated in yet another network.

In this guide, we have listed various issues that people face related to IP address connectivity and their resolution to make the job simple for you.

Change in the Default Gateway Admin Access Address

If the default router admin gateway access IP address is changed from to some other IP by the manufacturer, then you won’t be able to gain admin access with this IP.

In this case, the best resolution would be to get in touch with the service provider and ask them about the changed IP so that you can gain access to the router settings quickly.

Typo Error while entering the IP address

Many users often encounter typo errors while entering the correct IP address. Some users enter www or HTTPS before entering the valid URL in the URL bar and encounter various errors.

Many others mistype the correct IP address as which is not the correct IP address as it contains 4 zeros instead of 3 which lands you on the wrong URL.

Therefore, to resolve this issue you must ensure that you are entering the correct information so that you do not land to the wrong webpage instead of the admin panel of the router.

Common Remedies for most of the issues

Most of the users often prefer to reboot the router and then try again with the IP address as it sets back to the default settings and users can access the desired webpages without any technical hassles.

Often people encounter problems while browsing some specific web pages which may be due to a shortage of connectivity in the peak hours. Try to remove the cookies from your web browser and then check if the issue persists.

You have complete access to the default settings where you can factory reset your device as this will bring back all the default settings in your devices which might have been misconfigured at any stage.

First, remove the router from any connected power sources and then go to the router configuration option. Locate the reset button at the back of the router and press it for around 5 to 10 seconds to initiate the process.

The router gets reset as soon as the lights in the front side of the modem start to blink and you can get assured that now this will work perfectly fine without any issues.

Pro Tip: Factory Reset is not the preferred option and must be implemented if the issue is not resolved by any other methods. 

Once the factory reset process is complete then it will Restart the Device and restore all the default settings such as Network Name, User name and MAC filtrations.

Once the process is over then all the previously connected devices will have to be connected again as they will lose the connectivity such as laptops, TV or mobile phones.

If none of the above solutions works for you then you must call the manufacturer and get the help from a technician to do the setup for you quickly. This is a very easy job and the consultation will not be too costly at all.

Users search various keyword which is the default IP address to gain access to the admin panel of the router but users searching many wrong keywords on google like-

  • 10 0.0.1
  • 1

For this reason, users cannot log in to their router. before logging into the router, you must check whether you are logging in with the correct IP address. Always use the Ip address to login router.

What are Advanced Wireless Gateway Settings?

The default security settings are set to WPA/WPA2 for the wireless gateways and this is the best option available in the market as of now. The old version of the security system was very vulnerable.

This system is extremely safe against hacks and other attacks due to its advanced security features. It gives you the accessibility to configure your device from the wireless settings directly.

To block access to restricted websites you can establish parental control or also choose to set up a firewall option for safety against hacking or other illegal stuff. Other available options include bandwidth control, IP & Mac bidding or port triggering.

It would be a wise thing to set your device on Auto Update mode so that whenever any new security modes are launched you would gain immediate access to them. In case, it is not provided by the manufacturer then download it from the internet.

You may also choose to manually update it if automatic updates are displaced for your device. Just check for updates on the internet every 3-4 months and update the files.

Some of the common mistype for the router IP addresses are listed below

Incorrect: 10.0.01
Incorrect: LoginCorrect: login
Incorrect: adminCorrect: admin

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is it possible for me to gain access to the router admin panel?

Yes, you can enter the router admin panel if you know the admin user id and password. If you have not made any changes then you can directly enter using the IP address from your browser.

How to change the default admin settings for Comcast routers?

If you have a Comcast router and you want to change your router default settings, then first enter the URL: in your browser search section and then input your default login credentials to make changes to your Comcast admin router settings

How to reset all the router settings without any technical support?

It is extremely easy to reset all the default settings of the router. All you need to identify is the Reset button usually located at the back of the router and then Press and Hold the button for 5 to 10 seconds to reset the device completely. However, it must be the last choice as your router will lose all the previously stored data.

Is it possible to change the default password of the router?

Yes, it is a very important security option to change the default password of the router which you can do by navigating to the router IP address admin panel. Inside it navigate to the settings and click on the “Change Password” button. Enter the old password and the new password for the complete verification

How to check the router settings via the command prompt?

Open the command prompt by pressing cmd + Run and then enter ipconfig followed by entering to process the command. Navigate a bit down and look for Wi-Fi or Ethernet option where you will find the Default gateway. That will be your router and the number available next to it will be the IP address of your router.

Conclusion is a very common mistype that is often recommended by the Google browser as well due to its high frequency of usage but if you have read our complete article then you must have understood that the correct version is

We hope that the article will help you gain access to the admin panel of the router dashboard using the default private IP address without any issues or errors and help you do the needful at ease.

Still, if you face any difficulty while making changes in the admin panel of the router then you can always RESET the router device to ensure that all the settings are back to default options.

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