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With it having the title of No Limits, clearly is trying to portray how chaotic the street races and police pursuits would take place. Need for Speed No Limits is created to be a free-to-play racing video game for Android and iOS users out there. It was developed by Firemonkeys Studios and was published by Electronic Arts in the twenty-first installment of the franchise. The game is the second of the franchise catering to the free-to-play title and also the first one that was originally made for mobile devices to download the Need for Speed No Limits APK now.

Unlike the previous installments of the franchise, No Limits is purely made for mobile users rather than adaptations from several platforms such as consoles and the Microsoft Windows PC. This phenomenal street racing video game was released on September 30, 2015, and received by with public with mixed reviews.

Need for Speed


The Gameplay

The game has a heavy focus particularly on racing on the streets, customization of the vehicles, and of course on evading the police. There are different gaming modes to choose from and one of which is the Campaign races which serve as the game’s story mode. There are also the Car Series races which require certain model cars in order to participate and win rewards in-game along with the Rival Races as well.

The player could also participate in special events within a limited time setting. In these events, the player would be loaded with a special car to race with. If you happen to run into one of these events, you have to do your best to win because if you do, you could keep the loaned car as it would serve as your reward for winning the said competition.

The Variety in Customization

Despite not being created for the consoles, as it gives developers wider ranges for special customization due to its massive hard drives, No Limits still excels in this field. Certainly, there are No Limits to this mobile game as players could customize their wheels, body kits, widebody kits, wraps, and of course the paint jobs too.

Special unique cars that were acquired from the time-limited events, along with Ferrari Cars, unfortunately, could not be visually customized though. Despite that, the player could seek performance upgrades as this could massively boost the overall performance of the vehicles to be driven on.

The Special Events

On October 7-12, 2015, the first-ever time-limited special event was held in collaboration with famous American rapper Snoop Dogg. Players were given a shot at trying out the Ford Shelby GT500 with a specially marked “Snoop Dogg” decal. The player could then use the car as an entry for the Muscle-Off street racing tournament which was organized by the Renegades group. A rerun of the event commenced on November 2015 and November 2016 as well.

The Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 franchise was highly successful and in relation to that, a special event was run on October 28 and November 2, 2015, that featured the game’s main antagonist, Clarence “Razor” Callahan. Players were given the chance to race using a BMW M4 with a livery off of the BMW M3 GTR (E46) based on the 2005 Most Wanted game. The event was introduced by an undercover officer named Officer Rivera who had hefty knowledge on Razor’s past and hopes to keep him out of Blackridge for good. A rerun of the said event was held on March 2016 and January 2018.

A special event called “Xtreme Racing Championship” was held on November 25-30, 2015. It followed the story of the player who was participating in the eponymous racing competition. The player has to team up with Ken Block, who is a professional rally driver who was permitted to use the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn. From there, the player would face off against a street racing crew led by Ivy’s Flaming Skulls.

Celebrating along with Real Worldwide Events

Celebrating Christmas would be incomplete for those players of No Limits, which is why a special event was held on December 22-27, 2015. This special event was called the “Lamborghini Accademia” as players were loaned an awesome Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4. The participants were to navigate through thick snowy locations with the assistance of Bob Natale and his Little Helpers crew to aid in the series of races. For those who missed the event, it was rerun on the following year still on the same month.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, an event took place on February 8-13, 2016. Players were given a shot to test the Jaguar F-type as they were accompanied by Trippa and his Monkey Crew. Participants would also receive an exclusive gameplay feature called the “Aura” making this event extra special. The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 is a sports car of the Nissan Skyline Range and by restoring it through a series of races in the span of five days, the player has a chance of owning this awesome vintage car. This event commenced on June 19, 2016, and a rerun was conducted on August 2017.

Why download the Need for Speed No Limits APK?

One special thing about this game is the special events that they frequently hold. As players are given the chance to own outstanding vehicles from different eras is quite thrilling for any car racing enthusiast. With the Need for Speed No Limits APK, you will be able to play this phenomenal game straight onto your mobile device.

Without a shadow of a doubt, your close friends would surely love this game so if you have the Need for Speed No Limits APK, it would be easy for you to share the game through either Bluetooth or other means of the file transfer. Share the love of racing because the Need for Speed No Limits APK is a must-have application on your mobile smartphone. The Need for Speed No Limits APK only contains the necessary files needed for you to install the game so this file is essential for you to have along.

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