Review (2023)- Build Your Own LMS Apps

Do you have great ideas and learning techniques but have no platform to share your skills? Or maybe you want to build your app but do not have any coding skills. But that does not mean your ideas and techniques will never come in front of the world. In the post, I will present the easiest way to build your app for your business and brand. Review

It is not about ideas, techniques, or training; you can create your app for anything. For example, suppose you make hand-made soap or pickles, or maybe you have some amazing skin care products and techniques. Now you probably want to share your technique, skills, or brand, but the difficult coding language makes worries. Then this Review is just for you, and so are the services of Review is automated, supportive, and offers the most reasonable price so that you can grow your business through the most upgraded technology. 7500+ creators and 400K users are already using the tool. Moreover, millions of entrepreneurs are competing in the international markets using amazing technology.

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What is is an online app-building tool that will allow you to create your app just like a pro. I believe the question is how a pro builds an app. Before we answer that, let me remind you one thing we live in the 21st century, and anything can happen in this era, even if you want to create your app without knowing anything about coding or building an app. All you need is your wish and willpower.

What is

A pro app creator will not only limit your app to live streaming or answering users’ questions, but they will also take care of many other things. For example, they will take care of the content availability, step-by-step guidance, push notification, better engagement process, community goals, trackers, etc. Now, as a non-technical business owner, you need a professional who will create and take care of all this and much other stuff together. But unfortunately, hiring staff or a company requires a lot of investment, probably half of your budget. While on the other hand, a tool-building app will not only let you create your app depending on your choice but will let you take full control of it.

You are probably thinking about how will help you to create your app. Well, the post is not only about Passion. Io’s features and pros and cons of Rather with Review, we will give you a detailed description of the process of

How do works?, unlike other app-building tools, gives you the training first. You will find a “start creating” button when you enter the website. Now, if you already have enough knowledge, you can start immediately. Still, I recommend you must visit other options first, for example, the “Case Studies”, “Free Webinar”, and “Income Calculator”.

How do works

Now what I specifically liked about is the process they follow. Through our Review, you will learn to create a step-by-step guide to your app using their pre-built templates and techniques. But will not only teach you the easiest way to create your app but also guide you will all the detailed techniques. provides free webinars to teach you the exact technique. In my suggestion, before even choosing a trial version or purchasing the service, go for the webinars. Most of the slots are free to book; real heroes are there who have already used the tool and earned through their app. Moreover, one thing that concerns me more is how to track the record. Many of us use other hosting services, but I am glad to tell you that I do not need any other services because already provides me exactly what I want.

Before I go into further details, I want to guide you with the app-creating process.

Step-By-Step Guide to Build the App

Before I tell you how to build the app, let me tell you that you can create an app for any device. That means you are offering your users a comfort zone to use your app from any device they want.

Steps to Build the App-


Create the Account:-The website comes with pretty clear-cut instructions. You can visit the “Pricing” tab you get a better view of the price and account and choose according to your choice, or you can click on the “Start Now” tab. You can find it on several pages, along with the landing page.

Create the Account

Once you click the “Start Now” button, you will redirect to the pricing page, where you have to choose your package.


  • Choosing A Package:-Choose the package you want; you can also choose the annual plan. Here in Review, I will give you a detailed overview of the prices of the package. You can also choose the free trial version of; usually, the tool provides 14-day free trial. However, often comes up with different policies like 7 days free trial, 14 days trial, 30 days free trial, and many more. Please choose any of them and activate your account.
Choosing A Package


Or you can purchase your pack to make it smoother and steadier. Now fill in all the details and click on the “Get Access Now” tab.

purchase your pack


Welcome, Message- As soon as you click on the “Get Access Now” tab, you will receive a welcome message.

purchase your pack


Personalize Account- You will see a tab “Personalize My Account”; you have to click on it and select the type of account you want. Here the interface of will provide you with three different options. You will have to choose any one of them.

Personalize My Account


Choose the Audience:-Another interface will pop up right after the earlier interface. Now here, you have to choose the number of Audiences you choose. The calculation will also include the list of the email, social media, and subscribers as well.

Choose the Audience

And choose the size of the audience.

And choose the size of the audience


Annual Revenue- You must select the annual revenue in currency. The option will help the tool to choose the currency of your payment that you will get from your customer.

You must select the annual revenue in currency


The Type of Business- Here, you have to select the type of your business. Now you can choose any options or others and mention your specific business. For example, suppose you are a blogger; you must choose others and then put your business type in the empty tap.

Type of Business


Topic Relevant to Business- You will get many sub-options related to your business. The interface is created to gather more information about your business. For example, what type of blogger do you create if you are a blogger? Now choose your preferred one.

Topic Relevant to Business


Describe Your Position- It is time, to be honest with yourself and Choose the right position and select the option.

Describe Your Position


Now, here you have to tell the medium from which you get to know about them.

from which you get to know about them


Select the Course- Here, you will get some free training that will let you understand the process and give a roadmap related to your business.

Honestly, I have encountered many pieces of training, but no one has provided me the opportunity like However, I had to wait almost a week to meet an expert.

Select the Course

Step 13:

Complete Your Setup- Once you are done with the schedule, click on the “Continue” button. Another window will appear with the “Click here for access” button. Now click on the button and set up your app.

Complete Your Setup

From here, you will start creating your app. Now follow these steps to create your app.

Step 14:

Choose the name of your app- Once you have set up your password, choose the perfect name for your app and click on the “NEXT STEP” tab to continue.

Choose the name of your app

Step 15:

Choose the templates- Before you go any further, the in-build tool of will check if the name is unique. Once the in-build tool approves the name, you will be redirected to the next page. Now you will be able to choose empty templates according to your choice.

Choose the templates

Step 16:

Customize the App- You can also choose from scratch. The blank interface will allow you to customize it according to your choice.

Customize the App

Step 17:

Learn the Platform- Here, you will get several tutorials and tasks to understand the process. All these tutorials are free; you can learn them whenever you want. Moreover, all these videos will take only a few minutes.

Learn the Platform

Step 18:

Mobile App- Once you have learned the process, you will be able to input the header, price plan, features, image, and everything you want it to insert.

Mobile App

So, this is it; continue to create your content and upload it to your platform. Isn’t this an easy process? What makes me more comfortable is that is not teaching me the hard coding process, yet I have already built my app for less than $ 100 per month. And you know, what excited me is that I can enjoy all the supporting tools of by paying them small monthly fees. You can reduce the cost by purchasing it for the whole year.

Mobile App

In the next stage of the Review, I will inform you about each type of account’s pricing and annual charges. Pricing Plan & Get Started

I am passionate about because it gives me and many like me the privilege to focus on my content and creation. Here you can have three plans though the features will be the same but the resources will be provided according to the price of the package.

Again, do not think that less amount will cut off the features. will provide the same features as the other two services. The main motto of is to limit expenses because accepting those services you hardly want for your business is a waste of money.

Cost of the Packs:

Pro Plan

The plan, according to, is the most popular, and it is quite fair, I believe because it will save many of their expenses for entrepreneurs. Now, buying the monthly pack will cost you $97 each, but if you buy the plane for the whole year, it will cost you $ 948, which means $ 79/month.

The Pro plan will allow you to have branded apps, 100 subscribers, 100 videos, 1000 push notifications per month, video tutorials, and 3.9% with “PassionPayments”.

Ultimate Plan

According to, the Ultimate plan provides the best value for those already in the business and earning revenues. Now this plan will cost you $ 297 per month though if you buy the annual plan, it will cost you $239/ month.

Unlike the Pro Plan, the Ultimate plan will let you have a branded app, unlimited subscribers, videos, Push Notifications, step-by-step “Expert Freedom” training, Set-up-call, and 3.9% “PassionPayments.”

Ultimate PLUS

Now, this one is the final plan and is appropriate for those who love to create., with its expert team, gives you all the freedom from technical hassle. Because the team will do all the work for you, for example, migrating the contents, integrating the tools, and launching your app within 30 days. Before I tell you about the special features, I want to tell you about the standard features like the other plans.

For example, you will get 5 branded apps, unlimited subscribers, videos, push notifications, step-by-step “Expert Freedom”, setup support, and special features customized for you.

One thing I want to clarify about the plans is that though the other two will give you the 30 days money-back guarantee, the UltimatePLUS plan will not offer you the same. However, I do not think you need the money back police after knowing about the features and the tools.

Anyway, let us continue with Review now; knowing the price is not enough, you have to understand why is best for your new or growing business. Besides, I have not told you the speciality of Ultimate PLUS yet.

Features of

Several features and small tools will let you build your amazing app without hassle.

Let us know about them in short.

Live Streaming App

The app you build through will let you host live streaming. Now Live stream will let you not only avoid competition but also connect with your audience directly and monetize your content.

Preview of Live Streaming

If you see YouTube, you know how influencers and content creators show their previews through short videos to raise the audience’s interest. But will not only allow you to have your private platform but also let you design and create a preview of the program, and you will not face the algorithm.

Convenient Uses

Unlike other platforms, an app will let your audience save and download the videos for later use. You can offer your customer a perfectly flexible platform that can be consumed anytime, anywhere with any internet connection.

Create Fun Exercise, Calculators, And Worksheet

Now, you already know that engaging an audience is not an easy task. You have to take care of so many things. For example, the in-built tools of will let you host exercises for your audience to raise their interest in your content.

Build a community

The app you create through will let you create your community where you can communicate with your audience. These activities will also help you learn more about the audience’s desires.

Push Notification

Push notifications will not only allow you to attract the audience but also help you to engage with the audience without depending on the email.

Follow the audience’s performance

Now insists on building an app that will let you track the audience’s performance. That will help you to keep in touch with them and build a personal relationship.

Audio Content Creating Tool

Now Video may help you to engage your audience. Still, audio content will motivate your audience and allow them to listen to your words during their work.

Portable Calendar

The app will let you build a custom calendar that will notify you about your upcoming live shows so your audience can book the slot for themselves. Even you can provide 1:1 training for your students and audience.

Fast Process

Usually, an App needs a lot of effort and time, but with the help of, you will be able to create your app within a few steps. Moreover, the ready-to-use blank template will allow you to create your unique app with a few touches.

Drag & Drop Interface knows that not all business owners and content creators can understand the complexity of coding and app building. That is why they have created an easy drag & drop interface so that you can use it according to your choice.

Automatic Payment Option

The best tool gives us is the payment get-way option within the app. Your audience will not have to pay the bills or fees elsewhere. With a single touch and click, your users can pay.

Special Features for Ultimate PLUS

As we said earlier in this Review, we already told you that has something special that will allow you to follow your passion. The technical team members of will take care of all the technical stuff and launch your app within a short period.

Fast & Cheap

The special plan will allow you to launch your app 12x fast than any other app-building tool. On the other hand, it will allow you to invest 9x less money.

App Launch

The technical team will do all your work and launch your app, including the content migration and integration of the tools, within 30 days.

Concentrate on the Audience

The team will save all your effort so that you can create the best content for your audience without diverting your mind.

Marketing Tools

The members of will design all your marketing strategies. The team will develop your image and create an attractive sales page.

Who uses

6000+ Creators from almost 150 countries trust and created amazing private platforms, including big brands like BUSINESS INSIDER, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, CEO MEDIUM, Disrupt, THE DANLOK SHOW, and many more. But if we have to be specific about the user, here is the list-

Coaches & Trainers

Those who have already created content and sold online courses and skills can use the tool and get the best benefits from


If you are an instructor, you can use several exceptional tools to guide your audience and track their progress personally.

E-commerce owners

E-commerce is the next big platform for those who want to earn online. The will allow you to create the perfect app for your buyers. The e-commerce business owner can get the best benefits from the mobile app.


The agencies that provide services like app building, webinars, online business, digital marketing, courses, and surveys can get amazing benefits through the tools.


Money Back Policy

What makes more comfortable for a new user is a money-back policy for the pro and ultimate plan holders. The Policy provides the security and reliability of the website and the tool and helps the users build their app without insecurities. If the user is unsatisfied, a single email to refund will let you get all your money back.

FAQ for

Is there any demo available?’

The website will provide a demo of the complete tool and its advantages. You can click here to find the demo directly.

How Many courses can I create?

You can create unlimited courses with the help of You can find examples of others who have already used the platform and created multiple courses.

Does apply any extra charges?

No, there are no hidden charges applied by But you must remember paying an extra $25 to launch your app on Google Play. But if you want to launch your app for apple users, you will have to pay $8 per month.

Are there any reviews from users?

Many users have used the tool’s services and provided a valuable response. If you want to get the exact idea of how work, then you need to see their reaction.

Final Words

Several websites and app-building tools will let you build an app, but only a few will allow you to create an app compatible with all devices. Again, the amazing pre-built templates and techniques will allow you to customize the app easily. I hope this Review will let you decide if you are ready to take the app’s assistance.

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