Top Whiteboard Animation Software

All of us have used YouTube at one point or another. And all of us have at some point come across those funny-looking videos with animations explaining a product, a service, or just a concept.

These are known as whiteboard videos, and it seems everyone loves them.

After all, it explains everything distinctly and attractively.

Now, you might be curious: How do you make such videos?

Actually, there are software products designed just for this task. They are known as whiteboard animation software. These whiteboard animation software products are standard video editors specialized for creating animated videos. 

As with other software though, there are many options in the market right now. Finding the best software for you can get tricky. 

So here’s a list of the top 8 whiteboard animation software we have compiled.

Top Whiteboard Animation Software

Top 8 Whiteboard Animation Software

#1. Doodly

A great whiteboard animation software should be easy to use for beginners but should give professionals enough room to customize their videos. Doodly incorporates that.

Its interface is easy to use, especially with the drag-and-drop features. Creating whiteboard videos becomes easy. There’s also a whole set of images, music, transitions, and features for easy customization.


  • Users can easily use the available royalty-free audio tracks and incorporate them in their videos using the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Users can control the video quality and output details, such as the frames-per-second (FPS) rate, which ranges from 24 to 60.
  • Doodly has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It has a huge library containing different transitions, props, and PNG/JPG files.
  • Doodly is easy to use and customize.


  • Video rendering is a slow process.
  • Doodly requires an internet connection every time.
  • Users can’t record voice-overs in Doodly.

Doodly has two plans: standard and premium. Moreover, users can either go for a monthly or annual payment. With the annual subscription, you get 39% off.
– Standard: $39
– Premium: $69
– Standard: $20
– Premium: $40

#2. VideoScribe

To appreciate how popular and reliable VideoScribe is, one should know that big companies like World Bank Group and BBC use it. 

With VideoScribe, you can create gorgeous-looking videos quickly. Many options are provided in the form of royalty-free music, images, and transitions to make it look more professional and appealing.


  • There are lots of prebuilt templates available, which can help increase productivity.
  • VideoScribe offers you the ability to export videos as image sequences.
  • The interface is built around drag-and-drop functionality, making the software easy to use.
  • One can record a voice-over and insert it directly into the videos.
  • There’s a solid support from the customer support team and development community.


  • Watermarks are put up on videos made in the free version.
  • Editing audio can get tough.
  • Colour and font customization for a single word in a sentence becomes difficult at times.


Users can either pay monthly, quarterly or annually.
Monthly it will cost you $17.50. Going by quarterly, it will cost you $35. The annual plan will save you money as it charges $8 per month only.

#3. Explaindio

Explaindio was built for marketing purposes. It can help you create beautiful videos that attract customers’ eyes. But the downfall is that it is significantly tough to master compared to the other software on this list.

Despite that, Explaindio ensures that new users using drag-and-drop features can still get the best of the whiteboard animation software. 


  • There are two hundred ready-made animated scenes available for use.
  • You can play multiple animation videos at the same time.
  • There are 100 HD images available that can be used for the background.
  • 3D animation support is included. Also, with the help of model customization, users can easily create engaging content.
  • Explaindio is user-friendly; you don’t need any programming experience to use the tool.


  • The software is a bit slow to use. Some advanced functionalities are not included, so expert users might not feel comfortable using it.
  • No trial period is provided.


There are three modes available: one-time fee, monthly subscription, and annual subscription.
The one-time fee costs $497 and gets all the features unlocked. For the monthly subscription, users will have to pay $37 per month, whereas, for the annual subscription, users will have to pay $67 per month.

#4. FilmoraPro

Unlike other tools on this list, Filmora is not a tool exclusive for creating whiteboard videos. It is a general video editing tool used by a lot of professionals. It can get tough to master, but there are a significant number of guides and videos on the internet on how to get the best out of it.

FilmoraPro packs a lot of features that can help create brilliant 2D and 3D videos.


  • A built-in screen recording tool is available.
  • An automatic stabilization feature is included, which can help you create professional-level videos.
  • There’s lots of room to edit, with the ability to tweak mid tones, shadows, and highlights.
  • Working with audio is comfortable. Audio editing, sync, and correction tools are also available.
  • Distort and warp features are provided to make your videos more customizable. 


  • To export video, one has to create an account.
  • Some transitions look a bit unprofessional.
  • It jumps back between the local and online software.


There’s a free version available for download, but it will have Filmora’s watermark on it.
For the paid version, users can either choose a one-time fee of $149.99 or the annual plan at $89.99. No monthly plan is available for FilmoraPro.

#5. Renderforest

Renderforest is quite possibly one of the easiest-to-use tools on the list. It offers users prebuilt templates and videos to get started. It also offers a whole array of animated objects and tool kits that help users in their customization.


  • You can use commercial music in your videos.
  • Renderforest provides users with tons of high-quality music and professional video footage.
  • Its user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • With the free preview, users can make amazing videos which they can download for free.
  • Lots of animated scenarios are included to help with 3D animation.


  • Video uploading can get slow.
  • Users cannot work offline on the software.


There are five different subscription plans to choose from:
– Free
– Lite: $6.99 per month 
– Amateur: $9.99 per month
– Pro: $19.99 per month
– Agency: $49.99 per month
All the above plans are for annual billing. For monthly billing, the charges go up. There’s also pay per product model, where you have to pay for making individual videos.

#6. Animaker

Using Animaker is easy because of 1,000 templates specific to each niche and genre. There’s also a whopping 100 million stock pictures and videos to choose from, which allows for easier creation of original videos.


  • Editing in Animaker gives you the ability to see the changes in real time.
  • Building amazing characters is possible using Animaker’s offering of 20 facial expressions, 15 facial features, and 10 accessory slots.
  • With the auto-sync feature’s help, users don’t have to worry much about the audio-and-video sync.
  • It offers a wide range of infographics that can be used.
  • Many screen effects, camera effects, and quality transitions help put a professional touch on the videos.


  • There’s a limit on the number of video exports, even with the paid plans.
  • Previewing the video while editing can make the software lag.
  • It can get slow on old laptops and computers.

Try Animaker now!


Users can choose between four different plans:
– Basic: $10/month
– Starter: $19/month
– Pro: $39/month
– Enterprise: Custom
All of the above plans are annual ones, with the monthly ones charging significantly higher.

#7. Vyond

Vyond makes sure that users can create their very own standout videos. It offers a lot of video effects, characters, and movements. 

Users also can upload their custom music, logos, and fonts.


  • Timeline features are built in so that users can control each asset.
  • Object replacing is included. If an object is replaced with a new one, the new one will automatically take the formatting of the old one.
  • Users can create amazing videos for email marketing campaigns.
  • There’s an extensive library of custom logos and texts.
  • There’s also an extensive library of case studies and how-to guides and videos that can help you use the tool effectively. 


  • It takes a good amount of time to get the hang of the software.
  • Compared to other tools on the list, Vyond does not provide a lot of customization features.

Grab Vyond now!


There are four different plans to choose from: essential, premium, professional, and enterprise. All four plans can be billed either monthly or annually, with the monthly one being more expensive. 
It is also interesting to note that Vyond has one of the more expensive plans compared to the other software on this list.

#8. Adobe Animate

If we’re talking about video editors, no doubt Adobe will have one of its products on the list. 

Adobe Animate is a brilliant tool that gives users a lot of power to create good-looking whiteboard videos. It offers a lot of flexibility, which provides room for customization. This sometimes makes it hard to use. But once adapted to the interface, Adobe Animate rewards users appropriately. 


  • Users can share animations directly on social media platforms.
  • There’s a lot of videos and images that can be imported from Adobe’s stock library.
  • Users can easily optimize their animations to fit specific sizes and resolutions.
  • Making 2D animation is easy using Adobe Animate.


  • No motion capture feature is included. Users will have to do it manually. 

Adobe Animate is here!


Subscription plans start at $20.99 per month.

DoodlyEasyBigNo free trialWindow/MacSubscription
VideoScribeEasyDecent7-day trialWindow/MacSubscription
ExplaindioHardDecentNo free trialWindow/MacOne time fee or Subscription
FilmoraProHardSmall30-day trialWindow/MacOne time fee or Subscription
RenderForestEasyDecentNo free trialOnlineSubscription
AnimakerEasyBig30-day trialOnlineSubscription
VyondModerateDecent14-day trialWindow/MacSubscription
Adobe AnimateHardSmall7-day trialWindow/MacSubscription


We see different kinds of whiteboard animation software here. Some are for general purposes, like Filmora, and some are made specifically for whiteboard animation, such as Doodly. 

Different whiteboard animation software has different features that appeal to users. We hope you found the best one for creating your whiteboard animation!

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