100+ Random Kahoot Game Pins (Codes)

100+ Random Kahoot Game Pins:- The relationship between teacher and student is different. Without a teacher, we will not be able to learn anything. But not every teacher knows everything. Again, not every student can learn everything. The modern age and technology are a blessing that allows us to connect to people worldwide. The blessing of modern technology is that we get to know so many things. Internet and websites not only raised our source of income or expanded communication. The Internet has also expanded our knowledge and learning ability.

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The problem of the Old age Education System-

Looking back, we will notice that millions of students left their studies because they did not understand the methods. Again, many teachers know how to teach a student and have invented their technique, but students are limited there. Education technology has removed this large gap between students and teachers. Due to the corona pandemic, every kid had to take online classes. They learned to study out of their classroom. This process forced us to take a look at our regular education system. However, we are not against the regular education system. But, indeed, many kids do not find them engaging at all.

How does Education Technology work?

Anyway, we were talking about education technology. Education technology is a method where IT and education mix together to make a new learning process. This process teaches a kid all their subject but in a new way. You have often heard from people who used to have fun in middle school. Because teachers used to teach them through different games, but later this process got lost somewhere in the middle of traditional educational methods. And this process brings that years-old technique back with the help of technology.

A Platform for Education Technology-

Kahoot is a platform that uses this technique to create a contrast between technology and education. They broke the ground and mixed games and study material to form a new syllabus. If you are not familiar with Kahoot yet, let us briefly tell you about it. Whether you are a student, teacher, or caring parent, Kahoot has something very special for you. We will also tell you how to use Kahoot codes for your benefit.

Kahoot Combined two different things

As we said, Kahoot is a platform that uses a combined study technique. They teach students the regular syllabus with the help of interesting games and activities. You have probably heard the word “paperless.” It means whatever we used to have on paper will be available on the Internet. 1.7 million books are published worldwide each year, which is a harmful impact on the environment. But even to save the environment, we need to learn. And to learn, we need books. That means we need to cut a few trees to learn how to save a few trees from cutting.

Kahoot change the process of learning-

Kahoot redoubled the use of digital books and digitalized the entire subject material. They used reformed technology to remove the dark patches of the education system. Students’ games on this platform are pretty different from regular games. Here they answered multiple-choice questions teachers create for their students in the brick-and-wall classroom. But where we used to answer them sitting in the boring classroom, our kids use a digital platform to learn the same thing more quickly.

Anyone can use Kahoot-

Kahoot is not a platform with limitations. Whether you are a student or a teacher, a parent, or a quiz buffer, you are more than welcome here. You can enjoy learning here. Or you can promote your institute here. Suppose you are a student who needs extra class for your next exam; we will get all your study material here. Again, if you are a teacher with these amazing teaching skills and ground-breaking study material for an exam, you can promote your skills here. If the parent wants to know more about their children’s education, they can also use it.

When did Kahoot start?

Kahoot started its journey in the year 2012. It gets popular a few days after its launch. But COVID-19 boosts the market for Kahoot. At that time, everyone was looking for a reliable platform for education. And Kahoot gives a chance to meet the students with the teachers. Back then, Kahoot used to be a free medium, but now a paid version of Kahoot has also been launched.

Why did Kahoot shift to a paid platform?

Well, there is a little explanation required. Kahoot does not change their motive. There are a few higher studies that require a little amount of investment. Again, Due to Corona, many teachers lost their job. Though education is worth money, one needs money to survive. Besides, every organization needs money to run efficiently, especially when using a digital platform. Kahoot also needs money to host, create and deliver programs. That is why they charge fees to the users. But the best part is that many Kahoot codes are available on the Internet. You can redeem them for your use.

Kahoot Plans-

Several plans exist in Kahoot. It is upon the user how they want to use the tool. However, one can divide it into three categories.

Educational Plan-

Many schools signed up on Kahoot during Covid and pre covid times. Not to expand their plan but to utilize the new teaching technique. However, a school can have free services from Kahoot. But a free service will limit their limits.

Whereas normally paid plans allow them to use the quizzes section. Students can access here and play quiz games for free. It will allow the user to use some basic features provided by the authority. But there are some charges also applicable. It costs almost 36 dollars for each teacher per year to host quiz games with multiple answers. But there are many Kahoot codes available that can reduce the charges.

 A premium user needs to pay almost 72 dollars per year. They get the access to make multiple types of questions. They get the service of distance learning apps. Even up to 2000 students can participate in their games. And the premium services do not only end here. As a premium membership holder, you will be provided with a custom tool for your students. This tool automatically records their past results and helps them with further preparations.

A premium plus member gets all this service with a few additions to import presentation, extra support, and a few customized tools by paying 108 dollars per year.

There is a disadvantage that many educational plan holders face. They cannot buy their plan every month or do not get any installment services. But as we said earlier, they can reduce the charges with a few Kahoot codes.

  • Business Plan

Usually, business plans are made for those who want to host healthy educational games. Standard account holders spend 15 to 120 dollars per year to host games. More or less twenty players can participate in each game. In comparison, a pro member can host a quiz for 50 players. They can also host a few different programs and games like puzzles, polls, etc., paying 300 dollars annually.

But if a host wants to expand their creativity, we recommend buying a 468 dollars plan. This plan not only allows them to host games for almost 100 players but also allows them to use some engaging facilities for players. This plan is known as 360 plus.

Another plan costs almost 708 dollars annually, allowing almost 2000 players to participate. These 360 pro plans also use a blockchain system to track and record players’ activity for later use. You can also promote your brand name with this plane.

But honestly, Kahoot every plan holder uses Kahoot codes to reduce the charges. But, do not get worried. These Kahoot codes will only reduce the charges, not the features.

  • Personal Plan- 

Kahoot does not charge higher fees for a personal plan. Because the platform was made for the student, they try to reduce the charges in every possible way. Almost every teacher can use a free account to host quizzes and teach their students, but if they want a few extra features, they need to pay a few charges.

A free account member can have all the necessary tools to create and host quizzes for ten players. But do not take these features lightly, as they allow you to create multiple choice patterns and an answer card for each question.

A home account that costs six to sixty dollars allows a few extra features and 20 players to participate in the game. At the same time, a family account takes almost 9 to 90 dollars per year to use a learning app, along with a few other features.

But a premier plan is best among all as they allow 50 students to use and learn from your platform. This typical plan also allows students to type answers on the whiteboard.

How to create quizzes using Kahoot tools?

Creating quizzes game is extremely easy. If you have used MS PowerPoint or google slides for your students, you will learn the process in a minute. The app will ask if you want to create any template for your quiz. Once you open the quiz maker, you will be asked to add questions. But you will be able to use only one slide for each question. A single slide consists of three sections- a question, a reference, and an answers table. But there is a restriction that the host needs to follow. They can insert only types of questions with 120 words. Then in the middle section, you can add any referral images, charts, or tables for your question. In the third section, you can put multiple possible answers to your question. You can also add a time limit for each question.

Kahoot helps to expand the business-

When you have a business, you need a training session for your team. But a regular training session often gets failed to teach the process. But if you can engage your team with a training game, it will deliver an effective result. You can also host different programs such as presentations, feedback polls, surveys, etc. As a business owner, you can use Kahoot codes to reduce charges.

Kahoot Content-

an enterprise and an institute both can use Kahoot content. This content allows you to take inspiration for a design program. You can use them for your knowledge and your classroom. This feature allows an institute to search for relative subject material belonging to their chosen topic. You can also use the Kahoot tool to identify the accuracy of the content.

Kahoot as a medium of the game-

Kahoot is not only famous for hosting educational games. It is also famous among students for its easy and exciting features. A student can participate in various quizzes with little investment. They can find quiz games related to any topic. Whether students want assistance with their medical studies, law studies, or just a regular syllabus, they will get it here. Besides, they will get various study materials related to the topic. They can interact with renowned institution teachers for extra attention. But as we said earlier, brainstorming supports students in various ways. A student can use  Kahoot codes to reduce charges and simultaneously participate in various quiz games.


So, no matter who you are, a business person, a student, or a teacher Kahoot platform has everything to offer you. Learn, teach, play or earn; education technology will allow you to do them together. Suppose you are a medical science student; you can learn from the Kahoot platform. At the same time, you can teach several medical aspirants who are also visiting Kahoot for knowledge. And you already know that learning and teaching are fun on this platform.

 Investing a small amount per year can promote your business, institute, or expand your knowledge. But if you think a little discount can help you use the Kahoot platform effectively, then Kahoot will allow you to use various Kahoot codes provided by the authority.

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