Mythpat’s Free Fire ID, Stats

Free Fire has been in the limelight for a long time; however, many pro-players also love it because of its challenging matches and 3D fights with strong & cool weapons.

Similarly, many Indian pro-gamers enjoy Free Fire and show their tremendous fighting skills. The game attracts our gamers, and many prominent YouTubers also appreciate it.

Mithilesh Patankar, aka Mythpat, is one of India’s most prominent YouTubers and Gamers, having 11.6 million subscribers. He also tests his pro-gaming skills in Free Fire matches with great battles and proficient moves.

Here I will tell you further about Mythpat’s Free Fire ID, so read till the end if you also want to know.


Wealthiest BGMI Players

Free Fire has over 150 million active players across the globe; hence it is said to be the most played game worldwide.

Mythpat is also considered the wealthiest BGMI player, and his monthly earnings are approximately lacs/INR, which is an astonishing amount for a content creator, but it is not earned only from Free Fire.

The Basic Characteristics of Mythpat’s Free Fire ID

Mythpat is a very famous YouTuber in India and also a dexterous gamer. The player has proficiently played 27 matches which include two solo games. Some essential characteristics of Mythpat’s Free Fire ID are given below.

Free Fire ID of Mythpat

Mythpat’s Free Fire ID number is 2276730840, and his IGN is “Mythpattttt“, one of the well-known Free Fire IDs among Indian Free Fire gamers.

According to the preview of his ID, we can see that he has played two solo matches, from which he won 1 solo match.

His total played squad matches are 5, of which the winning percentage is 40%. He has played 27 games, including ranked, solo, and squad matches and the average damage is 214/match with an average of 5 kills.

Youtube Channel

Mythpat started his YouTube channel on 29 June 2018 by broadcasting GTA 5 and PUBG gaming videos which were engaging and entertaining.

In the beginning, didn’t show his face to the audience but later, on 16 November 2019, he did a look reveal video. Before it, he used to wear a horse mask to hide his face.

Now he has 11 million subscribers, and he is known as one of the most prominent YouTubers in India. Mythpat has also teamed with many other YouTubers like “Simon Says”, “Triggered Insaan”, e.t.c.

Spotify Podcasts

Recently Mythpat has introduced a vast collaboration with Spotify launching Mythpat Podcast, the first-ever gaming Podcast of India on Spotify.

He has also done some Free Fire Podcasts on Spotify in which he talked about his Free Fire Games and other ongoing game events.

Very Entertaining Free Fire Videos

Not only a skilful player, but Mythpat is also a very entertaining gamer. His Free Fire gaming videos are very engaging, and he produces entertaining gaming content.

Furthermore, his Free Fire series is fun, and enjoyable competitive matches make them more attractive. He shows his proficient Free Fire gaming skills and many entertaining scenes.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number and name of Mythpat’s Free Fire ID? And what is his Youtube Channel name?

Mythpat’s Free Fire ID name is “mythpattttt”, and his ID number is 2276730840; you can find it easily on free Fire. Similarly, his official YouTube channel name is “Mythpat”.

How many subscribers does Mythpat have? What is the content of Mythpat’s YouTube?

A. There are 11.6 Million subscribers of Mythpat, and his content is mostly about entertaining and funny gaming videos and time he also posts reaction videos.
He also does live streams, and he started gaming with GTA 5 and PUBG, but now he is also posting other games.

3. Since when did Mythpat start playing Free Fire? How many videos of Free Fire are there on his channel?

Mythpat officially started playing Free Fire on 1 December 2019. His first Free Fire Video was with Triggered Insaan, which is titled “FREE FIRE TUITIONS by Triggered Insaan”, and he has posted a total of 7 videos of this game.In his last Free Fire video, he collaborated with “Total Gaming”, in which he pretended to reveal his face and pranked the audience as an April Fool’s day prank.


Mythpat’s Free Fire ID name is “Mythpattttt”, which’s ID number is 2276730840. He has posted seven videos of Free Fire on youtube and has played a total of 27 games. Further details are given above, and share this with your friends and family. Thanks for visiting our website

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