How to Build a Japanese House in Minecraft

Building an architect in Minecraft is exciting and relaxing and has several other benefits. It also enhances your creativity, calculation power, and concentration power. And once you learn how to build architecture in Minecraft, you will be more motivated to create different types of buildings. Now, if you are in love with art crafts, then you know how important it is to expand your collection. And if you love the architecture of different civilizations, you must include Japanese buildings in your collection.

However, building a Japanese-style house is quite difficult. Here we will discuss many Minecraft Japanese Building Ideas.

Japanese House in Minecraft

Difficulties of Japanese Buildings-

As we said, creating a Japanese house is very difficult. You have to do a lot of practice to create a perfect one. The main issue non-Japanese players face is creating curved roof with squared blocks. Again, Japanese architectures have many more variations and detailing work along with small features that are almost impossible to create in Minecraft. And in case you are trying to create a small building, you can only imagine doing so using the blocks. Here we will provide a quick tutorial on a small Japanese building in Minecraft. You can follow our guidance or use it as a piece of base information to create your version.

Materials for the Building-

Here you will need Cobblestone, white wool, dark wooden planks, logs, and fences. However, you can choose your favourite material as well. We are using white wool for the colour here, while you can also use red. The colour red is very common in Chinese architecture, and because the building styles almost follow each other’s styles, it can give you the same look. Here almost every building follows the same style. To make them look different, you must be very specific with the exterior and the interior.

Here we will keep the style less complicated. The building will be single-floored here. However, you can build more floors by following the same process by doing a little this and that.

Creating the Building-  

Creating a building in Minecraft will be easier for any architect if you create a layout in the beginning. Now, you have to place the dark log on the four blocks. Later the layout will work like edges and dividers for wall sections. Here you can leave a gap between 2 wood blocks to create a door. Once you have done with the layout, add two more blocks on top of each block. Fill the gaps between the block with white wools; you can switch them with fences. You can skip adding an extra door inside the house to follow the original Japanese style. In Japan, people usually install sliding panels instead doors.

Wall of the Building-

 In the next step, we will create the wall. Here you can use white wool or dark wood, whatever suits your budget and style. However, Cobblestone will work great as the base.

Here, we will use trapdoors to create the rice paper wall. But there is a back draw to create the wall with rice paper. You can only place a trapdoor in the meeting place of two corners. Now to hide the two corners, I plant sugar cane plants, which look even greater. Now, people also use ladders or fences to create the effect of a rectangular shape. If you want, you can do the same but remember to hide them as well; otherwise, they will damage your creation’s look.

Design of the Roof-

There is a special detail that you must follow to create a Japanese roof. The roof must be flat initially and gradually end in a perpendicular curve. Again, the original architecture follows several roof layers that stay very close. But following the same technique in Minecraft is not so easy. However, you can create layers like pagodas to achieve a closer look.

Or you can exchange the position of the curve to achieve a wavy look. For example, you can create the corner of the roof in an upward direction. However, the upward curve is not very usual in the real world. Usually, people create two to three blocks of overhang, but if you create more floors, leave the roof hanging over a single block.

Protecting Fence-

You cannot expect your building to look exactly like a miniature version of a real Japanese house if you have not created any protecting wall. Now here, you can create two different walls- one for the city and the other one for buildings.

The outer wall should be created with cobblestones, dark wood, and wool to provide a strong base and protection. And for the inner wall, you can use logs, cobblestone stairs or blocks, and wool.

Exterior design-

Before you start creating your Japanese building, remember to be very crucial about the exterior, as Japanese people love houses that have trees, gardens, a pond, a small bridge, a place to have tea, or practice music, a place to enjoy famous cherry blossoms and doing picnic and many more. You can use pink wool to create the cheery tree and green wool to create other trees. Or use water resources to create the pond and other small sections by using ladders and fences. However, they do not look great when you get closure. But from a distance, they blend perfectly with the overall scenario.

Again, if you are looking for an easier one, go with a rock garden. It is easier than other styles, and you can create it with stone blocks. You can let the ground feel with clay or place sand on the top to give it a more natural look.

If you want, add other details to the house and the city. Please do not rush to create the whole city at once. Creating section-wise buildings will help you to create the city faster than usual.

Five Excellent Ancient Japanese Building Styles-

Now, if you are running out of ideas to create a building that will complete the look of your city, then here are some excellent ideas for you.

  1. Create a Japanese Tea Shop– Your city needs a tea shop. The design is exotic, exactly like Japanese tea. You probably have a Japanese tea café in the movies with two floors if you are not Japanese. Anyone can sit and enjoy tea on the ground floor, while the upper floor is reserved only for reach VIPS. The floors are connected with stairs, and the tables and chairs provide a retro-type look to the café.
  2. Small Two-Floored House- Here, you can create as many houses as you want because this type of house does not consume a huge part of the land. Again, the materials are basic; you can follow the provided guideline or click on the name to see the tutorial. Therefore, the colour scheme and the design used to create the look compliment the entire house. You can add several lanterns to lighten up the house at night.
  3. Tall Architecture– If you want your city to look like an 18th-century or 17th-century type city, do not forget to add a Japanese tower. The tutorial shows a huge tower-type house only reserved for the king, queen, or a VIP person. However, creating a towered type house required a lot of time as the interior of every floor differs. The entire house is covered with lanterns which make the building more attractive.
  4. Japanese Place– To create the whole city, you must add a palace where the king will stay. Several layers, pillars, doors, walls, and exterior elements should be added to make it look exactly like a real one. The design of the house is so unique that we can not cut it off our list. Special while we give you an idea to create a city from an ancient period.
  5. Underwater Castle- Because you have a king in the city, you must have a castle. And if we consider the intelligence of the Japanese people, then we have to add this to our city. An underwater castle, how unique the idea is. However, creating a Japanese castle is probably the toughest creation. However, we were hoping you could explore the tutorial and add it to your collection. Because, in our opinion, an underwater castle is way cooler than any other creation. And to protect your city from zombies and other enemies, you need a place to hide your army.

Final Words-

Here we are providing you with only five tutorials on Japanese architecture. But trust me, you can add as many as you want. I found many other tutorials on castles, houses, gardens, and many more when I explored all the tutorials. Examples include the ancient Himeji Japanese Castle, a Japanese Compound house with trees and gardens, a Japanese Lord House, Emerald Japanese Dragon, a Small Japanese Shelter, a Green roof castle, and many more. Once you learn the technique of breaking the blocks to create a curve, you can create as many as you want.

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