These Ideas Will Take Your Minecraft Barn To The Next Level

These Ideas Will Take Your Minecraft Barn To The Next Level:- If you are a fan of Minecraft, then probably you love to create things. Building anything is easy in Minecraft. You can create large structures, castles, cattle, and even an entire village. That is why we love to create things on Minecraft and feed our imagination. Minecraft is a game that lets you enjoy your free time and teaches you many other moral things like determination, creativity, calculation, concentration, and many more. However, creating things on Minecraft is not that easy. You will need proper guidance if you want to create a barn and have only a few materials. Here, we will provide you with Top 30 Minecraft Barn Ideas and a guide to building a Minecraft Barn.

Minecraft Barn

How to Build a Barn in Minecraft?

There are various types of barns you can create in Minecraft. But for this tutorial, we will create a simple yet strong and elegant structure. Again, creating a Barn is not easy; before you start, you must gather all the necessary materials. Remember, if you are creating a large barn, you will have to get more materials. Sticking to a smaller house would be better if you are a beginner. Again, you must remember that a barn needs a water source. And a farm near the barn will protect and provide supplies.

No, to gather necessary material, you can use “Silk Touch Enchantment” and “Fortune Enchantment.” Use any spells you have to mine and bring all the blocks.

List of Material-

Here we will create a 17× 21 Blocks Barn. To build these types of blocks, we need-

  • 317 Birch Planks
  • 312 tripped Spruce Log
  • 298 Oak Fence
  • 209 Stripped Oak Log
  • 189 Spruce Slab
  • 164 Oak Stairs
  • 136 Oak Planks
  • 123 Campfire
  • 119 Oak Leaves
  • 106 Spruce Fence
  • 99 Birch Slab
  • 89 Stone Brick Stairs
  • 68 Spruce Trapdoor
  • 53 Stone Bricks
  • 40 Stone Slab
  • 32 Lantern
  • 31 Stone Brick Wall
  • 29 Spruce Fence Gate
  • 21 Stone Brick Slab
  • 19 Book Shelf
  • 19 Glass Pane
  • 15 Birch Stairs
  • 15 Pot
  • 13 Spruce Stairs

Step-By-Step Guide

Now create your Barn by designing a rectangular foundation with blocks. The area should be 17×21. Now before you go any further, build the stairs first. Create another stair on the opposite side of the first one, join both ends, and form a structure. Do the same thing to the opposite side of the rectangular foundation.

Once you have finished the roof structure, start placing stone bricks and join the two stair-typed structures. Continue to place the walls until they join at the top. Once you have finished doing the roof’s outer structure, fill all the gaps with blocks. Once you have done you will see a barn without the door and window has been created.

Now on you have done with the entire outer structure, break some blocks. By breaking some of the blocks, you will be able to create doors, windows, and other designs for the house. Use different types of blocks to make the design more attractive and creative.

 Once you have learned how to create a barn, it is time to encourage and influence your creativity with ability. Here we want to provide you Top 30 Minecraft Barn Ideas for your Minecraft barn house collection.

Ideas for Barns-

  1. Barn of Oak Wood– Now, it is easy and amazing to create a Barn using Oakwood. Here our design is inspired by YouTube videos. You can find the link to create your Barn of Oak Wood. Now at first, start with two rectangular layouts joining each other. Start the layout, but the oak logs on the ground, and lift them by four blocks. Now connect each log from the sides. Once the logs are connected, create a frame for the roof by lifting it diagonally from the sides. Once you have finished, create the walls with oak blocks and  
  2. Ultimate Barn– Here, the player is creating a huge barn that is quite different and unique from a regular one. In our Top 30 Minecraft Barn Ideas list, it takes place because of its extraordinary idea. You have to create more than 2 or 3 walkways inside the barn. Here to create this barn, you have to complete multiple levels. However, you can customize it. Now you can follow the tutorial or take inspiration and continue to build a barn of your own. And do not forget to add a large stable to keep your animal safe.
  3. Stone Barn– If you do not have any Oak Wood Blocks or finances, you can also create a stone barn. A stone barn will allow you to store all the necessary items and subjects you can use later. Because the barn is massive in size and space, it will be very useful for the entire game. You can add your elements to decorate the interiors and exteriors. Moreover, you can also make a cooking station with the help of the tutorial.
  4. Aesthetic Animal Barn– No matter if you are in the Minecraft game or real life. Protecting your animal and creating a house for them is as important as creating your own house. Now you can create the barn and make it like a farmhouse. You can create many separate sections for your horses, chickens, cows, pigs, and anything that you have. The Barn comes with a large outdoor space where you can grow fruits and vegetables.
  5. Cobblestoned Barn- Again, if you are a fan of stone barns, you can create your Barn with cobblestone, and to give the structure support, you can create the frame with woodblocks. Here in this barn, you can also make different sections of animals. It is one of the easiest barns, and if you are a beginner, you can create a cobblestoned Barn easily. However, we could not find any tutorial, but you can still be inspired by our idea and create your own. Maybe we can include the tutorial idea in our Top 30 Minecraft Barn Ideas list.
  6. Animal Barn– If you are looking for a secure place to shift all your animals together, so they do not feel alone or insecure, this tutorial is just for you. We know how much you care about your animals. And to protect them, you have to create a barn. A strong, cute, and comfortable Barn with enough space to fit all your animals together. Even
  7. Classic Barn– Isn’t it great to have a red-coloured classic barn in your collection. A Barn  provides you space and shows your creativity and talent. Moreover, it gives you a secured storage area for your items and residence for your animals. No wonder the barn is included in our Top 30 Minecraft Barn Ideas list.
  8. Spruce Barn– This tutorial will surely inspire you if you are looking for a storage area and searching for ideas. You can create a barn with different rooms and a strong roof. A section for cows, a place for a horse, an open area for them, a chicken cage, an enclosure for pigs, and many more. You can also create your design and make a new barn that follows the process of spruce barn only.  
  9. Medieval Barn– Are you a fan of the Medieval age and architects. You can follow the tutorial, add some lanterns, and create a horse-stable and a few decorations to make an amazing exterior. You can choose to create two floored barn houses to make them more useful. Both your items and animals can fit in the same place.
  10. Horse Barn– If you have a horse herd or want to hatch the horse eggs in a secured place, it is time to create one. Creating a horse barn using this tutorial required only 120 blocks or a little more. The barn is quite easy to make. You have to have concentration and calculation to create one.
  11. Animal & Horse Barn– Another Barn where you can keep all your horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and many more. You can create a separated food section, a separated rest area for the animals, and an open space stable for the horse. You can create a smoker to make the barn secure. However, do not forget to put the smoker in a closed place so you can avoid any circumstances.  
  12. Small Barn– Another idea for a beginner or those who dislike spending excess time creating a barn. Here in this tutorial, you will learn to create a simple and small barn. You can use even the smallest barn in Minecraft. It would help if you used wood blocks, slabs, doors, stirs, and a little decorative item to decorate the interior and exterior. And if you are creative, you can use the barn space effectively.
  13. Ultimate Barn– the tutorial will let you build a massive dark oak barn. Have you ever desired to build a barn that exactly looks like a barn from the fairy tales? With lanterns, pillars, stairs, slabs, and everything, you can create an extraordinary barn you have ever imagined. It is made of two sections.
  14. Giant Barn– In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a giant barn. In fact, by following the tutorial, you can create a massive walkway. Here you can create a separate animal section in the row. The barn is big enough to handle the baby animals as well.
  15. Animal Barn– Making a barn for multiple animals is not easy; you must keep several things in mind. Different types of appropriate fences for animals, ladders, and tap doors. You can create a storage area for animal foods and other required items. In fact, through the tutorial, you will learn to create a barn with cross beams, fences, and planks.
  16. Barn of two Materials– The tutorial is very informative, and you can get many instructions. Creator has used different materials like wood blocks and stone blocks to create the upper and lower sections. Because the lower section will be a resident for the animals, it needed to be strong. Beside this section will be the base of the entire barn. So, you have to create it with stone. And the upper section will be created with wood blocks.  
  17. Starter Barn– Suppose you have only a small section to create a barn, or you want to create separate barns from animals, then you can follow the pattern and create your barns. You can create a storage barn for yourself following the tutorial.
  18. Protecting Barn– The barn that you will learn from this tutorial will teach you how to protect your sheep, cows, and other animals from zombies. The barn is unique in its design. It has only a single door and three windows that will not let the zombies enter the room.
  19. Minecraft Barn– This tutorial shows you how you can use modern interior creativity in Minecraft. Here, you can create a small barn to help keep your animals safe and a food storage area for their food together. The barn is only 18×22 blocks wide and ten blocks tall, but it still can let store all your animals.
  20. Red Barn– Though you have so many barns, you need another expensive and lavishing in your collection. And here you have a tutorial that will let you to a glamorous barn where you can keep your animals safe and a storage area. You will be able to lighten up the barn so that animals do not get afraid.
  21. Barn on Plane Grass– If you have a piece of grassland and want to create a barn for animals, this tutorial is for you. Create a simple and comfortable barn for your cows, sheep and horse, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and any animal you have. You will be able to learn how to add water sources and feeding areas.
  22. Simple Barn– If you want to make a simple barn and give your cows a separate shelter. Your cows can rest for a few times during their walk and breed. Again, you can keep them there at night as well. You can decorate the barn and create extra storage for your animals.
  23. Biggest Storage and Animal Barn– This tutorial is just for you if you want a huge store and a stable for your animals. You can create a big yet beautiful huge barn. It would be best if you created this barn with a lot of storage and animals. The barn has two sections. You have to create a stair to connect the two sections. You can also customize the entire interior according to your preference.  
  24. Peaceful Barn– One of the simplest yet fastest barns you can create using only a few blocks, fences, and planks. But because the barn is so simple, you must remember to surround it with a fence and lighten it up with lanterns.
  25. Decorative Barn– If you are a fan of interior and exterior decoration, this tutorial is for you. Learn the pattern to create the sections for a different reason. You can stoke the animals’ food, eat them there, hatch the eggs, and do other necessary things to make your farm work easily.
  26. Wooden Barn– The Barn in the tutorial is made of wood and logs. You can create a beautiful natured based barn with beautiful plant decoration. And you can also create a surrounding area for your cows and sheep.
  27. Elegant Barn for Animals and Farm– The tutorial will give you an idea to create a beautiful barn along with different animal living, food, and water sections. It will also guide you with decoration and a strong oak wood entrance gate. The barn has a large outdoor area as well.   
  28. Barn with Farm– If you want to create a barn with arable land where you can grow foods and vegetables and store them along with the animal, then this barn is just for you. The tutorial will teach you how to create a two-floored barn where you can store all your crops and animal together. The barn has a beautiful entrance gate, and you can also surround the entire land with a fence.
  29. Rustic Barn– A rustic barn is about creating a strong barn to protect the animals and other storage items from circumstances. As shown in the tutorial, you can install trap doors, entrance doors, fences, lanterns, food serving areas, and food storage areas. Although the barn looks small outside, it is just like an old American barn with extra space in a small area.
  30. Cow Barn– When you need a specific area for your cows to keep them safe, breed them and give them a place to roam around, then you need to create this barn. The barn will let your cow stay indoors at night and give them a place of confinement, so they do not run away. You can create a food storage area for your cows at the top of the barn.


All Top 30 Minecraft Barn Ideas inspirations have been taken from YouTube. The players put in all their efforts and invent new ideas for the barn; you can click on the name to reach the channel. Minecraft is a great game where you can explore and create architecture with your imagination.

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