Poppy Playtime System Requirements

Poppy Playtime does not require any introduction. Its unique concept and excellent graphics have already become popular among players worldwide. Now Playing Poppy playtime on mobile is somehow ok. But if you have your PC or Laptop and still haven’t tested the game on the large screen, then you are missing something unique and unforgettable. But when it comes to PC, players often get confused about the system they need to play the game. Here in this article, we will tell you about Poppy Playtime System Requirements. But before that, we want to notify you a little bit more about Poppy Playtime and why after following the minimum requirement, you are unable to play the game on the pc.

Poppy Playtime System Requirements
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What is Poppy Playtime? 

Poppy Playtime is a unique horror game suitable for all age groups. It was released by American indie developer MOB Games back in October 2021. The concept is based on an abandoned toy factory where the player will need to solve several puzzles to solve the mystery of the missing staff. Now the game was first released on Steam and Microsoft Windows. But later, the game was released for Android and iOS.

Why Does Your PC Run Slow During the Game?

Many players cannot play the game on PC though they followed the requirement. Some people often face issues with loading the game. It is because every game has minimum pc requirements, which will somehow load and let you play. But the experience is not swift. But experienced gamers reveal the secret. They do not stick to the minimum requirement but upgrade their system to get a speedy experience.

System Requirement for Poppy Playtime-

Minimum System Requirements- 

  • CPU: Intel Core i2.
  • RAM- 4GB.
  • OS- Windows 10; 64 Bit.
  • Graphics Card- AMD Radeon RX 580/ Nvidia GeForce GTX1060.
  • Pixel Shader- 5.0.
  • Vertex Shader- 5.0.
  • Free Disk Space – 20 GB.

That is the minimum system configuration a person should follow to play Poppy Playtime. This Poppy Playtime System Requirements will let you download and install the game on your PC. But this configuration will load the game, but it will make your game slow and even delay loading. That is why we have suggested a system-requirements list here.

Suggested System Requirements-

  • Processor: Intel Core i5.
  • RAM- 8 GB or Higher.
  • OS- Windows 10; 64 Bit or Higher.
  • Graphics Card- AMD Radeon RX 580/ Nvidia GeForce GTX1060.
  • Pixel Shader- 5.1.
  • Vertex Shader- 5.1.
  • Free Disk Space – 20 GB or More.

Because the file size of the game is 10 GB so you can download the game with 10 GB of free space, but to install and run the game, you should follow the required free disk space, which is at least 20 GB. The Graphics card, Processor, and OS can remain the same, but Ram should be 8 GB, and higher quality RAM is even better.


These are the ultimate Poppy Playtime System Requirements for windows users, but if you use Mac OS, you can use BlueStacks to play the app version of the game on your MAC system. This suggested System Requirement is applicable for both steam and installation. And no matter if you are playing chapter 1 or chapter 2, it will work on both.

You can still face a slow loading even after following the suggested requirement. That is probably for your Internet service. In this situation, you have to check the Bandwidth and the ping. If your computer is receiving a slow ping, you should switch off the internet connection, let the machine cool down, and then turn it on again. And if you are still facing the problem, you must contact the service provider.

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