How to Change Name in Pubg

Pubg is one of the best and top-rated Action games in today’s time. All the rated features and quality appearance will allow you to change your name in Pubg.

All the rated service and quality features will allow you to do the best-rated things. But, you need to follow up on several steps to change your name in Pubg.

No doubt about the popularity of the game. You’ll get to explore everything, including name, appearance, weapon customization, and others

One can play this game by using a real name or fake name. Now, it’s all about your choice that will help you in choosing all the rated things.

What are those ways that help you to change name in Pubg?

How to Change Name in Pubg

How to reset your appearance?

The good news is you can simply reset your overall appearance and others. It’s exceptionally rated and surely helps you reset all the things, including the name and appearances.

Just follow up on all these steps to reset your appearance and others.

  • Open the app to the home screen or home page,
  • Now, select the inventory from the menu of the bottom,
  • Tap the rest appearance button, you’ll get to reset all the things after landing on that particular page,
  • Make the change that you want to make over there and click on OK.
  • Tap purchase to confirm that you wish to spend the BP to make the change. The exact difference depends on your desire and all.

How to change your name?

Back to the original point,

How to change the Name in Pubg?

To get all the rated services and edit the name, you need to follow up on some steps. These areas follow;

  • Open the app on the homepage,
  • Select the Inventory from the menu of the bottom,
  • Click on the Crate ion on the right-hand side,
  • Tap on the rename card to edit the name over there,
  • Enter your new name and update that name over there.

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How to get Rename Cards?

Rename card availability depends on your functionality and level up. If you play significantly, you’ll grab all the rename cards according to your level development level and others. So, this will help you in renaming cards.

Does this Process or Steps Effectively Work?

Yes, all these steps effectively work, and it’ll surely bring the rated result, and the ultimate change will surely enhance all the things at the time of updating. So, you need to focus on all these things to clear all these changes.

Your name change depends on the number of cards and others. If you get more name change cards, you can redeem them according to your needs.

Closing Thought

It’s all the process of changing the name in Pubg. If you want to get all the rated results or change the name in Pubg, using these steps will surely provide you with a decent outcome.

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