Hydra Dynamo’s PUBG Mobile ID, stats, K/D ratio

The users did not ignore the publicity of mobile games, most specially Pubg. The crowd of Pubg lovers exists around the world.

And the same crazed for the game is found in India. With the popularity of Pubg gaming, the new content creator is also coming forward with a reason to introduce new and advanced content for the users.

The India famous Battlegrounds Mobile games India is respected as India’s most famous mobile game created by Aditya’s young creator. This content is known as Dynamo Gaming Pubg.

Which is performing its process on ID no. 591948701. Dynamo is also the director of Hydra’s official clan.

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Wealthiest BGMI Players

Pubg content creators are the wealthiest BGMI players worldwide due to their stream of users and content creators. Dynamo Gaming Pubg is also supposed to be the wealthiest BGMI player. The monthly earnings of the creator are approximately 5 lack/month, which is a huge amount for the content creator in Pubg gaming.

Hydra Dynamo's PUBG Mobile

State and Ratio for Dynamo Gaming

The state and ratio matter a lot for every Pubg gaming. It demonstrates the level and position of the game in the gaming world. The same values for Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID are given below;

BGMI Id591948701
Played Matches54
Matches Wins13
Ratio for F/D3.20
No of Headshots50
Percentage for Headshots28.9%
Win Matches Ratio24.1%
Top 10 Matches36
Ratio for top 1066.7%
Average of Damages539.8
Highest Damages1342

The Basics Characteristics of Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID

Dynamo Gaming Pubg is popular in India due to the first Indian content creator, Pubg gaming. The creator included some modern and unique features, due to which it became the favorite game among Indian games lovers, and they played it very heartily.

Some of the basic characteristics are given below, which help users understand Dynamo gaming very well.

Pubg Mobile ID for Dynamo

The basic characteristic is that the ID for Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID is 591948701, which is considered a very famous ID among millions of users worldwide, specifically in India.

YouTube Channel

To announce other features or educate other Pubg lovers about the gaming world or about Dynamo Gaming Pubg, the content founder creates a YouTube channel to share videos regarding new developments in games.

The creator also conveyed battleground videos, DOTA, Rainbow Six Siege, etc.

This YouTube channel was created 5 years. Today it has approximately 8.09 million subscribers with 626 million viewers worldwide. This is considered one of the outstanding channels related to Pubg gaming.

PC Specification

Another advanced feature of Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID by delivering a PC specification.

The creator provides the details for PC specifications are that the Monitor should be BenQ XL2430T, PSU: 700W Corsair, Ryzen 5 2600x should be the processor information, and HDD is 2 TB.

Rated in Crown 3

In the recent C1S1 classified season, Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID is rated in Crown 3 because no proper matches were played by Dynamo solo or duo mode. Accordingly, the solo mode is present in Silver 3, while the duo mode is in Gold 4.

Advance Graphics

The young creator made the graphics for Dynamo Gaming Pubg is very advance and unique that will be loved by the users. The multi-color combination as well the natural effect of the background is used.

Pubg publicity among the users is due to its realistic effect graphics used by the developer appeal to the sight and attention of the users. And make it favorable to them.

Social Media Details

YoutubeHydro Dynamo
FacebookDynamo Gaming

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID? And Who Is the Creator of It?

A. Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID is the prominent Pubg mobile dynamo gaming in India. This was created by an Indian Young developer named Aditya.

He is also a game streamer on YouTube and provides detail and new techniques related to Pubg or Dynamo gaming through his videos.

He has 8.09 subscribers across the world with 626 viewers. These are regarded as the wealthiest game player with advanced graphics.

2. What Are the Main Characteristics of Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID?

A. The main and basic characteristics due to which Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID has become popular among the users of Pubg.

The ID for Dynamo gaming is 591948701, while for its promotion YouTube channel is available, having advanced graphics, and the element of PC specification makes it more attractive for the users.

3. What Is the State and Ratio of the Dynamo Gaming?

A. The state and ratio for the Dynamo gaming matter a lot. This is regarded as a piece of basic information that helps users understand clearly.

  • Played Matches Are 54
  • Win 13
  • Finish Matches 173
  • The Ratio for F/D Is 3.20
  • The Win Ratio Is 24.1

What are the popular Dialogue of Hydra dynamo?

✓Kar98k meri rani

✓ Beta Baap se panga nahi lete

✓Paat se Headshot


Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID is 591948701 is created by the popular game streamer Aditya from India.

This is regarded as the wealthiest player in BGMI. This content creator is built up as how the Pubg lovers should achieve various levels by providing videos on YouTube channels.

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