How To Use KineMaster On PC?

Many great video editors are available, but they are not so easy to use. Therefore, KineMaster is a convenient tool for video editing and can easily be used on android devices.

It is also available on the play store, but you may not find it quickly for PC, so here is a complete guide to downloading KineMaster. Below we will tell you the steps for KineMaster PC Download.

Overview of KineMaster

KineMaster is a great and easy video editing software that is available on the play store, and you can edit HD videos from it. KineMaster was launched by KineMaster corporation on December 26, 2013. It was last updated on 11-January-2022 with unique new features.

It has all the editing tools you need like you can do green screen editing and after effects editing from KineMaster.

Video editing is enhancing day by day, and new editing tools and ideas are coming, so KineMaster PC also updates to make it better for the users. Since it cannot be downloaded on a PC from the play store, we will tell you alternative ways to get it.

KineMaster On PC

Download Kinemaster

The Uses of KineMaster PC

KineMaster PC Download can help you in editing HD videos on your PC. Furthermore, you can do trim, add, and voiceover from it, and it has all the features similar to Adobe Premiere Pro, so you don’t need to buy Adobe; just download KineMaster for free!

After Effects Editing

After-effects, editing is a complex type of editing, but KineMaster has made after-effects very easy. Because of its simple options, this editing has become easy and faster. So we don’t have to work hard for editing; we just work smart with KineMaster.

Green Screen Editing

Green screen editing and removing the background clearly from the videos is another challenging task.KineMaster has also made this take easier with excellent tools. We don’t have to waste much time struggling with complicated editing tools, but we can efficiently complete the background removal and green screen editing within minutes.

Altering Vlog

Now you can alter your Vlogs using exciting themes provided by KineMaster. You can add unique transitions and filters to the Vlog. Furthermore, you can also add stickers and items according to Vlogs.

Voiceover Editing

You can also add voiceovers to the videos, and other voice effects can also be added. You can easily do a voiceover on the videos and insert songs also. Further, you can skillfully edit engaging videos with excellent voiceovers.

Combining and Cropping Clips

You can combine two or more videos to make one fantastic video. Combine, trim and add more effects! A straightforward and helpful tool for any type of editing.

You can also rotate and crop the video. It also helps to overlay one video on another, and it has many more features to be explored.

Add Captions

Are you looking for an easy editing application by which you can add captions? If yes, you are at the right place because I will tell you about KineMaster.

This is a great editing tool, and you can simply add captions to the video by using it. Add captions of different styles, colors, and fonts. You can also choose caption languages.

KineMaster On PC
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How to Download KineMaster On PC?

Here are some quick and easy steps for doing KineMaster PC Download. As we all know, KineMaster is available on every device, so you need some best and easy steps to get it. So follow these steps if you also want it.

  • Go to the link given below, click it to open, and then wait for a while.
  • After opening the link, a screen will appear with downloading option for KineMaster, then click it.
  • Allow the permission for installation of KineMaster PC Version.
  • After a few minutes, you will be set to use KineMaster on your PC. Hurray! Now you can enjoy unlimited video editing tools for free!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use KineMaster?

A. Open KineMaster, click on the plus button and select the video you want to edit. Now enjoy the exciting editing tool for free!

What Are the Features of KineMaster PC Download?

A. Following are the features of KineMaster PC Download:

  • Handy Tool
  • Theme Editing
  • After Effects
  • Automatic Background Removal
  • HD Video Editing

How to Download It On PC?

A. You can easily download the amazing KineMaster on PC from our website. Steps to download are given above.

Is there any alternative app to inshot

Yes, there are a lot of apps available but Alight Motion Pro is the best you can use it.


KineMaster PC Download has become very easy because we are offering you a great helpful tool for free, and you can install it from our website without any problem. Now you can enjoy all of its features on your PC, so what are you waiting for? Grab it now!

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