Take a Screenshot on Chromebook Using Snipping Tool

Take a Screenshot on Chromebook Using Snipping Tool:- Are you using a Chromebook? But, not having an opportunity to save a piece of information quickly is making you delay with work? Yes, we understand that you are facing the same problem that we did. Trust us this piece of information is just for you. And after taking a quick look you can save this piece for later use.

Let’s learn about the necessary tool first:

You cannot save a part of your screen or the entire screen in any OS without a tool. For Chromebook, you need some special tools called snip tools. Every Chromebook has this option. In case your Chromebook is not letting you use it or you are unable to find it check the hidden options or disable options.

Take a Screenshot on Chromebook

Activate snip tool:

Depending on the subject, what makes us more worried is- “how to use Snipping Tool for Chromebook?”. Well to use the snipping tool first you need to activate it. Use “CTRL + Show Windows” keys together to take a shot of the entire screen. Again, if you want to take a partial shot use “Shift+CTRL+Show Windows”. After using the keys, you will find a crosshair icon appeared on your screen. All you need to do is drag the icon to the portion where you need a snip.

Default Snip Tool:

Chromebook does not need you to download a third-party tool. The extension app that comes with Chromebook has some basic features. It allows you to crop a snip, or let you save it on the clipboard for later use. You can also copy the screenshot and paste it somewhere else. And you do not need to pay any extra charges for it.

Other Sniping-tools:

If you are looking for some extra feature or just get a little curious about the snipping tool use the one Google Play store to get one. Apps from the Google play store will work perfectly on a Chromebook. This means you can record any other apps running on your device. Most gamers and YouTubers use this kind of app to record their screen during their work. And later they used these screenshots to create their amazing videos.

Sniping on Google Chrome:

You have already learned the command keys to use snip tools on google chrome. There are two commands. One for the entire screenshot, and the other one for the partial screenshot. And I believe you have already tried that. Well, let us check how to use Snipping Tool for Chromebook or google chrome. See this is easy.

Let’s go through an example. Suppose you are doing some homework for your school presentation and you liked google slides or power presentations. You liked their technique and approaches but that particular website is not letting you download it. All you have to do is take a quick screenshot of that running presentation by pressing the shortcut keys.

 Again, suppose you need to write down a 100+ word paragraph related to your research. But taking a screenshot of that page will save a lot more time. Do not wait for it, just snip it. That is just two random situations. You can use it every single time. From books to pictures, tutorials to recipes, and whatnot. Just do not forget to save them before you use your snip tool again.

Issue related to Google Docs:

Though google docs run through Chrome and extensions that are added to your Chromebook or google chrome should be able to work on Google docs too. But earlier google Docs did not allow right-click menus or any regular command to cut, copy, or paste. But later the right-click problem has been solved by Google. And Unfortunately, docs do not have such an extension to clip a screenshot.  

Other Extension tools for Snip:

If you are using a Chromebook you can have as many extensions as you want. You just need to download them from the Chrome Webstore. But instead of choosing any random one, use our experience to save time. But before that, if you want to take a deep look at the entire topic, just google “How to use Snipping Tool for Chromebook?” it will show you a detailed briefing about snipping tools and a list of best extensions.

Best Snipping tools according to google:

Before we tested them all, we searched on google chrome to find the best extension and a list appeared. so technically the list is suggested by Chromebook itself. All we have done is checked the review, downloaded them one by one check the quality, and added to the list.

  • Light Shot

on this list, the first place is secured by LightShot. It is a free snipping tool. It can work as an extension or as a program. The simple drag and drop option will allow you to take a snap, edit it and send it directly to google drive. You can also use it on your windows or mac device.

  • Share X: 

The tool that followed Light Shot right away is Share X. It’s mostly used to make GIF files. This particular tool can also record your screen, edit, and annotation. You can also use it to add text or your shot.

  • Fire Shot

This tool is on our list for its quick and easy behaviour. In addition, its editor allows you to enhance your screenshot with effects, arrows, watermarks, and many more.

  • Awesome Screenshot

This particular tool can record both screen and camera together apart from taking a screenshot you can do many more things in case you are a YouTuber.

  • Nimbus Capture:

Nimbus Capture is one of those tools that allow multitasking. You can use it for drawing, marking, or recording your desktop using a webcam.

  • Flamory:

You can create snapshots by just double-clicking on a page with this tool. It also allows you to add a bookmark or thumbnail.

  • Gyazo:

Gyazo is very useful when it comes to taking screenshots of another app, action, animation, GIF, or even videos.

Other models of Chromebook:

Other models of Chromebook also allow this extension to record your screen. Device Like Samsung, Dell, and HP share the same OS.

What if it is not working:

Well, it should but if you are not convinced with the answer to the question “How to use Snipping Tool for Chromebook?” just update your Chromebook. And reinstall your favourite extension. You will find them working great. Just try to avoid using too many tools together.  

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