Top 10 Best YouTube To MP3 Converters

A YouTube converter is crucial for downloading videos and transforming them into a conventional format if you are a music lover. On the other hand, if you are a YouTuber, it is essential to have trendy pieces of music in your library. But downloading from YouTube is not the same nowadays unless you know about these fantastic converters.

Today I’ll tell you about the 10 Best YouTube to MP3 converters. All of these converters have unique features and excellent quality. But before that, we must know why you need YouTube to MP3 converters.

YouTube To MP3 Converters

Importance of YouTube to MP3 Converter

There are hardly any people who do not listen to music or do not like to listen to it. But these days, looking for different websites and searching for a favorite song is not a convenient option. On the other hand, YouTube’s expanded library allows you to search for any song instantly. However, the process is data-consuming and often reduces the battery power more than usual. At least it happens with me. So, I feel comfortable downloading all my favorite songs and listening to them throughout the day.

Apart from my reason, there are a few other reasons why people worldwide feel more comfortable using YouTube to MP3 converter. Later we will tell you about the 10 Best YouTube to MP3 converters.

  • Save Data

If you use mobile data, you must have faced the same issue, just like me. Playing songs directly on YouTube requires a lot of data. On the other hand, downloading video files from YouTube also consumes a considerable amount of data. In contrast, a YouTube to MP3 converter can do the same with fewer data and save time and space.

  • Save Power

We all know that playing MP3 songs requires less power. But even downloading them requires less energy than downloading a video file or playing them directly on YouTube. Especially if you listen to your favourite songs throughout the day, you must have something to convert your video songs into mp3.

  •  Save on Space

Obviously, maximum video files come in large sizes because we like to watch movies in higher resolution. While on the other hand, the mp3 files are way smaller than the video files. Again, we cannot watch a single song for the rest of the day. And MP3 allows us to have more space on our device to manage to download more files. To download mp3 files, we need a lot of time to search and effort. In comparison, a YouTube to Mp3 converter is somewhat easier to do the same job with less effort.

  • Sound Quality

The first thing that comes to mind is the file’s quality when downloading a video clip. Most of the downloaders damage the file quality while downloading a video. When we download a file from a downloader, it reduces the file size to save space and data. As a result, we have to compromise on the quality. In contrast, a YouTube to Mp3 converter will allow us to not compromise on the quality. Moreover, it saves both time, data, and space.

  • Speed

A video requires larger bandwidth in comparison to an mp3 file. When you convert the file, the rate of the load becomes higher. Usually, YouTube video needs a larger space, reducing the load’s speed. On the other hand, MP3 load instantly.

  • Portability

No matter what type of devices you use, Mp3 suits all of them. On the other hand, Videos have several qualities that might not suit your device. When you download a video from YouTube, it requires a downloader that will convert the file according to your device. This transformation also reduces the quality as well. Again, it will need an external video player if it has not transformed the video file.

  •  Offline Service

As we said earlier, watching videos on YouTube or downloading them requires a lot of data. But a YouTube video to Mp3 converter uses a small amount of data to download and convert. Again, you can store all the mp3 files so that you can listen to them whenever you want without using your data.  

I only include the reasons I feel necessary when I downloaded a YouTube to Mp3 converter for the first time. Here I will talk about the 10 Best YouTube to MP3 converters. You may wonder why I am listing ten converters. Since I started using an MP3 converter, I have been experimenting with many applications. These applications are unique and provide the best quality mp3 file within a second.

Top 10 Best YouTube to Mp3 Converter

1. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is pretty famous around the internet and ranks first among the 10 Best YouTube to MP3 converters. The application is fast, easy to use, ad-free, and does not require extra charges. Moreover, along with YouTube, you can also download videos from several other sites, including Vimeo, Facebook, Daily Motion, etc.

Key Features of the AppAdvantagesDisadvantagesPricing
The app allows you to download videos and extract them into audio clips. One can use the app on both computer and mobile.The app allows you to download any type or any quality of videos. The app supports almost 150 formats, including MP3, FLAC, OGG, and M4A. You can save the video and watch it later if you do not want to convert a file.If your internet connection is not fast, you can use the unique “Special Mode.” It will automatically choose the settings for the device and will follow the settings.  The Tool will let you download the videos, edit them according to your choice and create slideshows. The application is free and quick.You can use the tutorial to learn everything about downloading and conversion if you are a newbie.The Tool allows you to download videos with higher resolutions.The app does not put any limitations during download from YouTube.You can even extract the YouTube subtitles and save them in SRT format for later use. Virtual Reality videos can also be downloaded using the Tool.The inbuild proxy setup will let you cheat any bypass geographical restrictions.The Tool is compatible with Devices and computers like Mac, Windows and Linux.The tools support formats like MP3, MP4, MKV, 3GP, M4A and many more.The app comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee if you have purchased the license from the official site. The app is not free. 4K video downloader offers four different types of plans for the user. Lite OffersCost only $ 10 and comes with limited featuresPersonal Offer you can buy some extra features and all the features of the ” Lite ” pack for $ 15.Pro OfferMaximum users use this pack. It charges only $45.Bundle OfferThe package allows you to use all the upgraded features of 4k download for just $ 65.

2. YTD Video Downloader-

One of the most straightforward tools I have ever used. Millions of people use YTD Video Downloader. The rich function, regular updates, incorporated technology, and smooth and uncluttered interface make it more valuable and famous.

Key Features of the AppAdvantagesDisadvantagesPricing
The Tool can download and convert videos from YouTube in formats like MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, and more. And what more important is the Tool can download and convert your favorite music into MP3.The Tool comes with an advanced Panel tool which will allow you to monitor your activities on the apps. You can check all the downloads and conversions in the panel.Even the Tool can allow you to download and convert HD qualities into MP3.The Tool will allow you to play the videos and choose from the list directly through the app.You can choose to pause and resume your downloads whenever you want.The Converter not only lets you download from YouTube but also lets you download from several other sites like Facebook, Vimeo, and Daily motion. Moreover, the app is advertisements-free.The Tool also provides email support. That means you can email the support team whenever you need.You can also enjoy batch downloading.The free version will not allow you to batch download and convert simultaneously. The monthly Plan is higher than the yearly Plan. YTD Video Download provides three plans.1-Month Plan- $ 9.99/ monthly.2-Years Plan- $ 2.99/ monthly.2-Years Bundle Plan- $ 5.99/ monthly.

3. Wonder share Uni Converter

The Converter may look the same as other Converters, but the safety provided by Wondershare is more significant than anything else. Moreover, if you are a video maker and mostly use your pc to download videos and convert them into mp3, this Converter will work best for you. Even, Wondershare claims that the Tool’s service is 30x faster than its peers. Even the Converter supports almost every type of video quality and format.

Key Features of the AppAdvantages of the AppDisadvantagesPricing
The Tool provides flexible features and a customizable panel that offers advanced editing.If you are looking for an option to edit DVD files like Blu-Ray, then let me tell you that Wonder share’s Uni Converter will let you create and edit DVD files.Along with all these features, Uni Converter offers several other tools like a video compressor, image converter, screen recorder, GIF maker, VR converter, and many more. The App download and convert videos from all the famous platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and many more.The interface of the app is highly qualified and user-friendly.You can use the app to convert photos into GIFs along with videos.Even the video compressor tool delivered high-quality videos by enabling compression.You can choose any templates from the in-built templates.The app is so user-friendly that you can stream all your videos from your PC to any other device. And the devices include Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation and many moreThe DVD toolkit is only available for Windows systems users. Wonder share Uni Converter does not provide any monthly plan. Uni Converter offers three annual plans-Annual Plan- $39.992-Years Plan- $55.99Perpetual Plan- $79.99 

4. Snap Downloader

YouTube to MP3- If you ask me to compare these converters with each other, then trust me, the only downloader and Converter that can compete with 4K Downloader is Snap. The best thing about Snap is that it delivers the highest audio quality. Moreover, this is an all-in-one tool that downloads your videos and converts them into your preferred format.

Key Features of the AppAdvantages of the AppDisadvantagesPricing
Automatic Video Converter- If you are tired of Downloading and converting your videos one by one, then it is time to relax because Snap will download both the video and the audio file from the website.The Converter lets you download the file from over 900 platforms along with YouTube and convert the file together.The Converter comes with a search tool that will allow you to search video files without quieting the platform.You can convert your videos and reduce the size of the videos.The video converter comes with a user-friendly interface.If you want to convert your videos into different formats, you can choose from 7 other designs.If you face any issues, you can contact the support team that offers 24/7 support.You can download up to 15 videos at once.No features of the product are free. To use the Tool, you have to buy it. The Software provides three plans-Monthly Plan- $ 7.99/month.3-Month Plan- $ 16.99/ 3 months.Annual Plan- $ 29.99/ year.

5. aTube Catcher

This one is also a popular YouTube to Mp3 converter. But we have included it in our 10 Best YouTube to MP3 converters because it can also record the screen. Many YouTubers and other content creators use the app to save valuable work. And the easy-to-use tools are excellent for both beginners and pros.

Key Features of the AppAdvantages of the AppDisadvantagesPricing
The Software offers you video format, compatible with almost all devices. For example, you can download and convert files into a form that can play on iPad, iPod, GPS devices, Mobile, DVD, VCD, and storage devices.The Software offers a high-quality audio format without hampering the quality of the file.The Software can be used to watch many types of videos.The Software will allow you to choose your preferred language.The Software will let you burn DVD/VCD.The Software offers a screen recording tool.Another tool present in the Software will let you capture snaps.The Software can download from several platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many more.You can convert the whole batch of files. The Mexican Government controls the Software and all its T&C.The Software works great with YouTube in comparison to others. The Software is completely free.

6. Freemake

More than 90 million people used this Tool because of its key feature that allows you to modify and convert videos.

Key Features of the AppAdvantages of the AppDisadvantagesPricing
Freemake allows you to download from all the renowned platforms and convert the files into your preferred format.The Software can change files into various formats, including AVI, MKV, MP3, MP4, etc.The best part of the Software is that it lets you edit, modify, split and join videos with built-in tools.If your file contains subtitles, it will convert the file without hampering it.The in-build tools of the Software can burn DVD/VCDs.The Software can provide services in four different languages.You can use the Software to convert high-quality files.The Software can save almost 500 clips in its library.Even the Software allows you to control the speed of the download. The Customer support facility is not as expected.Users often face lower conversion speeds.The Software comes with a watermark in case you use the free servicesIt is Free Software

7. YTMP3

The full name of the Software is YouTube to MP3 Converter, and millions of people also use it. The best thing that forced me to include the Software in my 10 Best YouTube to MP3 converters is its compatibility. The Software is compatible with all the devices.

Key Features of the AppAdvantages of the AppMajor DisadvantagesPricing
The Software supports every device and OS, including Mobile, Tab, and PC.The Software offers two types of formats, MP3 and MP4.It will allow you to change the file’s name according to your choice.The Software offers high-quality conversions. The Software supports every device and OS, including Mobile, Tab, and PC.The Software offers two types of formats, MP3 and MP4.It will allow you to change the file’s name according to your choice.The Software offers high-quality conversions.The Software is suitable for personal use.It does not change the quality of the audio.The Software limits the time of the video.You can download and convert videos only from the public domain.It is also free.

8. Y2mate

This one is also user-friendly and enriched with unique functions. The inbuild protection tool of the Software provides security against malware and virus.

Key Features of the AppAdvantages of the AppDisadvantagesPricing
The Tool supports multiple video formats.You can download videos from several streaming platforms and websites along with YouTube.The Capacity of the Tool mainly attracts users to use Tool.The Software is compatible with all browsers.The Tool offers protection from viruses and bugs.You can also use browser extensions to do the job quickly.You can avoid any pop-ups and ads.The Tool offers multiple languages. Conversion requires time according to the size of the file.Sometimes the Software can take time to respond. It is a free tool.

9. AVC-

Any Video Converter, as the name suggests, can convert any video format. And the easy-to-use tools give millions of people a reason to switch. Above all, the Software is advertisement-free of spyware, bugs and malware.

Key Features of the AppAdvantages of the AppDisadvantagesPricing
The Software is compatible with leading platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.You can convert videos and burn them directly to the DVD.Another feature also controls the quality of the videos and conversion files.You can download, convert, modify and edit your videos according to your preferences.It supports more than 150 video formats for input and output files.Screen recording is also available in the Software.The Software provides a free trial and customer support.The free version does not offer DVD templates. Two types of plans are available. Free Plan for personal use.$ 49.95 for a premium version.

10. DVD Video Soft

The regular updates and critical features of the Software makes the Software included in our list.

Key Features of the AppAdvantages of the AppDisadvantagesPricing
The Software supports multiple formats.You can download the subtitle along with videos.You can convert your videos suitable to streaming formats. The Software allows you to download and convert files by only copying and pasting the URL.The tools allow batch downloading.The Software is highly compatible with different OS.You can download and convert videos according to your preferred quality. The Tool allows downloading from YouTube only. The Software is free, but you can also choose the paid Plan if you want advanced features


All of these applications are used by millions of people around and provide positive feedback. When creating the 10 Best YouTube to MP3 converters list, I used all the features of these tools and followed the feedback. Though they are listed individually, I have not ranked any of them. All of them have unique characteristics, though not everyone provides free services.

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