Hostgator Review: A Top Web Hosting Provider (Updated Info)

Website marketing is really catching up and this is the time for web hosting companies to prove themselves. There are thousands of web hosting companies and all of them claim their service to be the greatest. They wish to attract internet customers by providing different services but they fail to respond whenever there is a challenge. So I will advise you to read the Hostgator review prior to choosing your web hosting company. In this Hostgator review, you will not only discover HostGator benefits but also realize that they are the best web hosting company.

HostGator Review

A Reputed CompanyHostGator

HostGator is already a very well-known name in web hosting industry with many years of experience. They are here since 1992 and therefore are providing commendable support till date. With the help of HostGator review, you will realize that this web hosting business is helping online marketers and customers to achieve success. They have 99.99% uptime, so there is no chance that you will be left without their support or all of a sudden company gets closed.

Internet Users who have already utilized the service of HostGator have provided great HostGator reviews for their top class customer care support. With lot of computer professionals in their team, they are capable of solving any technical problem in real time keeping your website up all time and your visitors don’t even come to know that there was any problem. Problems are immediately fixed using a phone call or e-mail.

HostGator provides same type of services to newbie as well as expert users. To help make their webpage simple and user-friendly, HostGator offers free site building tools, website themes and so on. These power tools may help any non-technical users to develop their internet site very easily.

As a basic need, any client would like their website to go online and render the best experience to its users so that every time customer gain access they should be able to get whatever they need in no time. There are many responsibilities of best web hosting company to help keep your web site in a proper condition.

Why Hostgator is the best web hosting company

  • Best Web hosting service – Great interactive and transparent web hosting service is provided, as a result, you could easily discover amount of resources that are consumed, and depending on your requirements, you could determine type of server needed along with hosting space that you may require.
  • Technical Support – Amazing user-friendly tech support is provided for the benefit of customers, this will provide solutions to all your problems. Additionally, there is also live chat accessible using which the on duty customer support group can answer all your questions that you will probably have in real-time. I will highly recommend it from my experience!
  • Top Class servers – Web servers that are being utilized by HostGator are the best and they have many reliable web servers all over the world. HostGator has more than 850 specialized web servers; therefore, you will not have any issue of trustworthiness, space or any other constraints when you choose HostGator as your web hosting service provider.
  • Unlimited Space – Yet another amazing fact about HostGator is that the company is giving unlimited space and data transfer or bandwidth of 45 times with money-back guarantee. This is to ensure that consumers are happy with the investment they have made. In case you change your mind after you have purchased the web hosting service or if you are not satisfied with the service then your money will be refunded with no questions asked.
  • 99.99% Up-time – Downtime virtually does not exist, as HostGator is known as a web hosting company that is highly dependable with an uptime of 99.99%. The business insists on the reliability of their web servers as well as services, therefore you might expect minimal inconvenience and down time troubles when you choose the HostGator.
  • Ample Resources – HostGator also has a training university, mainly because it delivers coaching in the area of web hosting in addition to hosting internet sites. Complete some of this training and you can even become part of this business. Training includes managing dedicated web servers as well as reseller hosting solutions.
  • Reseller Hosting – HostGator delivers reseller services for people who demand them, and this allows the hosting of 12 internet domain names within it. This results in huge savings for you, which would in turn reduce the cost to effectively run your business.
  • Great Customer Support:-They already have the very best customer support, which you can demand any time. They are very swift in rendering live chat, phone support and email help using their support staff to respond to buyer issues.
  • Low-Cost Web hosting service:-If you would like to go for web hosting account, the 1st thing you try to find is the price. How much would it cost you each month? Hostgator provides wide range of internet hosting programs at extremely affordable prices.
  • HostGator provides several web hosting plans while the cheapest of all is USD 4.95 per month. Some of their other popular hosting plans are – VPS Web hosting (close to USD 19.95), Dedicated Web servers (USD 174).
  • Reliable:-This company has been around in this web hosting business since many years and it has gained global recognition due to high-quality service they give to their consumers. They have the most reliable web servers with 99.99% up-time mainly because they own a data center to make sure that you will have no downtime for your internet site. Hostgator also offers unlimited data transfer rate and space and as I already mentioned 45 day cash back guarantee to assure customer satisfaction.
  • cPanel or control panel:-Consumers of HostGator can use their popular cPanel or control panel. By using this, end users can manage their websites and subdomain names effectively from one point. With the extra scripts like Fantastico, end-users will be able to make better use of their web hosting account.

Some of the more features of Hostgator

  • Free Adwords credit
  • Free FB Marketing credits
  • Unrestricted MySQL databases
  • 99% server uptime
  • 4500 free web templates
  • Skilled Customer support available 24/7
  • One-click easy installing of popular CMS resources
  • Joomla, Magento, WordPress as well as Drupal integration

Summary – Hostgator Review

HostGator is one of the most trustworthy web hosting companies on the web. Just make sure that your website has enough resources else, you will have to go for a higher web hosting package so that your website or blog gives optimum performance. From the above Hostgator review, it is very much apparent that Hostgator is undoubtedly the best web hosting company on the internet.

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